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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Hello All,

Today is such a great day outside, 90. So we have been having this problem in the evenings in the back yard for a while now. As soon as the sun sets you start hearing this horrible, LOUD - EEEK, AARK, OOEEK!!!  All Night Long. Its coming from the trees behind us the house to the right.

The night before last I saw the guy trying to squirt the trees with his hose. It was funny to me because I was so happy that I am not the only one who wants to get a gun and shoot those DAM OWLS. I think it is at least 2 or maybe 3. I have to shut the windows its so loud and you know how I have been having those hot flashes. (OK so if everything works out - only 2 more weeks of that)

So last night we actually signed the loan papers and she sent them over to the underwriter. She says it looks good and we should get final approval by Friday. So like Carey said - It's not final yet until its done.

Breakfast this morning, Oasis toast w/cream cheese and natures hollow and turkey bacon and the few blackberries that were left.

I went this morning to get my temporary cap taken off and the permanent one put on. Good as new - almost anyway.

Then I went home and picked up Hubby and ran a few errands and then we ate lunch at Carl's Jr. I had this steak house burger. It had a burger, no bun for me-wrapped in lettuce instead, tomato, mayo, blue cheese, and onion straws. It was good but I have a feeling I should of left off the onion straws.

I hop everyone is doing OK with whatever nutritional plan they are on. Leave any comments or questions and we will all do our best to help you.

And remember - us ladies go up and down 3lbs over night - so don't freak out if that happens.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

I wish you all a great day tomorrow...

My thought for the day:

Goals and Dreams

goals and dreams, positive quoteA goal is a dream with a deadline. 

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Won't it be wonderful to have your own home again...I'm sure this has been unsettling for you. Take Care-

  2. Hope the house works out for you. You deserve it. I have problems with the critters waking me up too. Foxes in heat, squeal in the middle of the night, and the birds chirping so loud in the early morning. Sounds silly to complain, but they sing SO loud starting around 4:30. I guess I could be hearing gunshots and car mufflers, so I shouldn't complain right?? LOL! hugs from me to you.

  3. Ditto Pattie - I used to live in downtown Seattle, and got woke up by the garbage truck outside my dorm window at 5 am or something (early for a college kid, lol) and car alarms and sometimes suspicious bang noises. I have no right to complain about the birds that wake me up at 430. lol

  4. How exciting for you! I hope everything works out this time around and you're in your new home before you know it.

  5. So glad the house situation seems to be working out for you!! Really excited to here all about the new house when you move. I thought owls only made noise at night?

  6. Funny that we all have creatures that wake us up - for us it's the coyotes!! Still keeping fingers crossed that the loan process continues for you without a hiccup! Blessings to you Rosalie!

  7. One word for you....Earplugs! Haha. I sleep with earplugs everynight (the bright orange ones for kids... like silly putty... from Walmart) because I wake up from every little noise. We have a metal front gate and the newspaper delivery person always hits the gate early in the morning and wakes me up. Earplugs seem to have helped a lot, although I was very resistant to the idea at first.

  8. I listened to your video on facebook, but I couldn't hear that well. My hubby wears ear plugs because I used to snore. I know we had a flicker one time and I wanted to pull my hair out!!!


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