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Friday, May 11, 2012

Nice day today...

Hello All,

Today is fantastic weather out here today in Southern California. Me and the girls just came back from a walk. Yesterday Maria and Lisa came out this way and we took Maria to see the Hunger Games. But when they got here there was a bit of commotion with the dogs. Mandy and Peaches always bark at them when they come over cause they hardly ever do and at first they don't recognize them.

After they calmed down a bit Lisa went over to Olive and reached down and picked her up. She peed all over the place cause she scared her I guess. Remember I don't pick her up or hold her on my lap because I have to treat her the same way as my other 2 and they are too big. I don't want them to kill her when I am not around because of jealousy.

Then the next thing I saw, Lisa had her on top of the counter. I flipped and screamed at Lisa - what the F-k do you think you are doing? Get her off there NOW!! What did I just tell you how I have been working on her to act better? Lisa said - well I do this to my dogs.. I got so mad because she has no care for anyone else's feelings but her own.

Well anyway we left and went to Chipotle and we took separate cars so they could go home after. So when we got there I tried to be the bigger person and told her I was sorry for yelling at her. I had my usual salad then we went to the movies and I had popcorn and water. I still loved that movie even for the second time.

During the movie our loan girl texted me and I went out to call her. She said she had to bribe the investor but they said yes. She didn't have the details yet - of how much we will have to put down and she said the interest rate might go up to 5%, but she will try to do her best to get it lower. We were supposed to get the details by the end of today but its 5 and no word so by Monday I guess.

But if you all know me at all, I am still nervous. I have been packing up some more stuff that we don't really need last night and today. Hopefully if everything works out, escrow should close by the end of this month.

When I got home last night I had a spinach salad and some of this;
I remember seeing this on Ambers blog once. Its a avocado and cocoa pwdr and truvia mushed together to make pudding. I am sorry it was disgusting!!! I threw the rest away. and ate some rediwhip instead.
My breakfast this morning, pancakes made w/1/4c almond flour, 1/4c flaxseed and 1tb coconut flour. This is the best way to me for pancakes. 3 left for tomorrow :-)
lunch today: I made a pizza w/shredded zucchini the same way as cauliflower. put a bit of pesto sauce and mozzarella cheese, canned chicken and goat cheese.

snack was a Virgil's Zero black cherry soda and nuts.

Dinner tonight - I have no idea yet, but for sure I will make a coconut flour chocolate muffin for after.

Well I hope you all have a great Mother's Day. And thanks for listening to me as usual.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Turn a Life Around

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest accomplishment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I haven't tried the chocolate avocado pudding, but I have read that you need to let it sit in the refrigerator over night for the flavors to meld. Supposed to be much better the next day. I'm not courageous enough to try it yet though.


    1. Seriously I don't think I want to try it again.

  2. I don't eat avocados so I know I won't be trying that pudding. Good for you for at least trying!
    I have seen the Hunger Games twice too. I loved it so much I would see it again.
    I think I want to see Dark Shadows. I raced home from school every day to watch that creepy show. Our paper said it was pretty good, but a little too long.
    Oh Rosalie...I ate my weigh today. Ugh!!!

    1. You are so funny - I'm sure you didn't eat yourself.
      I am for sure gonna see Dark Shadows - I saw it as a kid all the time too.

  3. Good news about the loan. I hope it all works out the way you are hoping.

    My husband and I just got back from watching Dark Shadows and neither of us liked it.

    1. Hopefully you'll like it. It wasn't what we were hoping so we felt let down. Maybe the same won't be true for you though.

  4. I've got my fingers crossed for you for the loan people to give you the perfect deal.

  5. So glad it looks like the loan will work out for you! Figures they make you wait the weekend though! Sometimes I feel like half my life is waiting for something! Wish I like avocados more, but that recipe really didn't appeal to me in the first place.

  6. haha! I saw that avocado pudding and Ambers blog, hilarious! I love avocados, but never ever will i try it. thats just going overboard! But I love that pizza, do you have recipe!?


    1. I make it the same as the cauliflower crust pizza. on my recipe tab under pizzas.

  7. Loved the Hunger Games and want to go see it again before it's gone! Hoping all goes well with the loan - fingers crossed!

  8. Good luck with the loan! I'm crossing my fingers and toes for you :) Here's to hoping they give you a lower rate than 5%, but compared to several years ago, 5% is still a pretty good rate (even though the rates are a lot lower now.) I LOVE avocado's, but don't think I will try the pudding....Thanks for being the guinea pig ;) Now go enjoy this weather. I just got back from my walk and it is warm out.....even at the beach. It's actually the first time I've worn short sleeves and not a sweatshirt while walking this year.

  9. Just catching up! Great news about the loan!! I cannot believe you didn't like that pudding?!? it sounds weird, but it doesn't taste weird at all. It does have to sit and be very cold though. A super skinny friend has an avocado tree and I shared the recipe with her. The whole family, even kids, love it! My kids do not eat it though, just me and the man.


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