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Monday, May 28, 2012

How Was Your Weekend??

Hello Everyone,

Well how was your weekend?? Did you all do anything special?? Tell us - we would all love to hear. How did you all do in the food department??

You know me - I'm kind of boring. I always eat good at least 99% of the time. When I am in a situation where I know there is gonna be bad food there, I will pick one thing and just have 1-3 bites of one bad thing - and for me it is usually something sweet.

I spent  my weekend sad and alone cause hubby had to work days and when he does he leaves around 4:30am and gets home after 7pm, that is if he doesn't stop any where. Oh well - such is my life.

I went to that movie I talked about on Saturday called, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. It was real good and kind of sad to think what will happen to me when I get old too.

When I go to the movies I always eat popcorn and probably too much of it!! Never butter. But I skip lunch and just take in some lunch meat w/cheese wrapped in the middle and eat it in the movies.  This is my way of feeling like I am cheating - even though I am not. Popcorn keeps me sane. LOL

Yesterday I made another batch of coconut butter. I am really liking the way it tastes.
 I add a whole bag of unsweetened coconut flakes in my food processor. Turn it on and let it go for at least 5 minutes - then scrape down the sides and keep doing that for about 20 minutes - I think, until it gets real creamy - like a sauce. Like this.
I then transfer it to a nice clean jar and store it in my pantry. After one day it gets real hard like coconut oil. Then when I want some - I just chip some out and put it in the microwave and warm it about 15-20 seconds before I use it. It tastes creamy like butter.

Here's what I've been eating;
breakfast Sunday - a flaxseed muffin and some ham and berries.

Lunch was a cauliflower crust pizza.
dinner was shirataki noodles w/broccoli, turkey medallions and a bit of butter and alfredo sauce
breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs w/onion, mushroom, turkey sausage crumbles, baby spinach and cheese w/oasis toast w/some of my coconut butter and natures hollow
lunch today before we left was; tuna,  celery, zucchini, croutons, bacon bits, and onion crunch w/a spoon of mayo and some Sprouts chipotle ranch dressing.
Then we went to Mom-In-Laws house for a BBQ. There was only a few of us, but it was very nice. I had a chicken drumstick, 1 rib w/ no sauce, 1/2 tiny ear of corn, and salad.

When we got home I had to have my sweets and made myself a chocolate-coconut flour muffin.

I am looking forward to hearing all about your weekends - good or bad, share.

Thanks for listening and lots of big - Mad Love for you all...

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Choose Peace

You have the power to choose in every moment. You can choose to react with feelings of fear and judgement or you can choose peace. The experience of your life rests in your hands.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Hi! We had been in DC, and got home Sunday about 2 pm. Tired as all get out. Ached head to toe after walking a minimum of 5 miles each day...in the flipping humidity.

  2. We didn't do anything special for the weekend, but we did get to spend lots of time together as a family, which rocks.

    Thanks for posting how to make coconut butter! I pay $16 for 16oz already prepared. I like to melt it a bit so it's all soft and pourable, and then put it into mini muffin papers to set so I have it all ready portioned out. Store them in tupperware or sandwich bags.

  3. I have been at the beach or the shore as we call it here. Relaxing but busy as all my kids and my brother and his kids were here. My dog got really sick and after a lot of tests and a lot of money spent at two vet hospitals we sadly found out he has cancer. Going to the University of Penn today to meet with the oncologist. I'm not going to put him through alot but I at least need to hear what his chances are since he's only three. I'm so sad about this. Hopefully I'll get a chance to write on my blog and update everyone. Take care

    1. Pattie,
      Noooo, I'm so sorry about your dog. Having just gone through losing our dog I know what how difficult it is. My heart goes out to you. I truly hope the vet has some encouraging news.

  4. Hi Rosalie~
    Had a great weekend. Placed flags at the cemetery on Friday with our sons' Boy Scout troop. Attended 2 graduation parties and 1 birthday party. Had a nice BBQ with the family yesterday. Did very well with the food ALL weekend - that is until I had a SMALL piece of cake last night and WOW.... It wiped me out - I swear it was like a sugar coma and it was only a small piece of cake! Well, that was a lesson learned!
    Thanks for the coconut butter recipes. I use quite a bit of coconut oil so I'm curious to try this as well.
    Have a great day! :)

  5. Hi Rosalie,
    Busy weekend here. Traded in our minivan for another minivan - which took ALL day Sat. Cookout at my brother's house Sunday and ate only hamburger(no bun) and veggies from his garden. Then had my in-laws up yesterday for another BBQ which I made, all BFC friendly of course except for a bag of chips for the boys. Tired!
    I didn't know coconut flour could be whirred into a butter! Think I'll try that.

    1. Beth its unsweetened coconut FLAKES - not flour.

    2. Oh my gosh Rosalie, talk about the middleheimers! If you hadn't said anything I'd be whirling flour all day wondering why nothing was happening! Coconut flakes makes much more sense!

  6. Well, it wasn't a long weekend here in Canada so it was business as usual yesterday :) My weight was holding steady for two weeks so I did some reading and started tweaking my diet a bit over the weekend and this morning I was down 1-1/2 pounds. Yeah! I read some interesting theories on low carb eating and weight over the last few days. I’m hoping to post some info on my blog if I can get it together.

    Popcorn has a lot of carbs and I CANNOT limit how much I eat - I need to avoid it like the plague right now. Happy you get to enjoy it once in a while - maybe I'll get to that place too.

  7. We went to a Memorial Day Function and BBQ's at our house. It was an overall lovely weekend.

  8. I had a relaxing vacation of 11days so 2 wonderful weekends..plus I would like to reset my posted weight to 225...yes I came back 2lbs lighter!! yeah!! relaxing is good! must do more of it.


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