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I'm Not Dieting - I've Changed My Lifestyle

Monday, April 30, 2012


Hello everyone,

First I just want to thank all that commented and messaged me. You all truly made me feel a bit better.

You have to understand that my life is not and has NEVER been a bed of roses. Ever since I was born actually. But I dredge on and try to make the best of everything or just learn to accept that this is my life.

This is MY place to say whatever I want!!

When I first started blogging it was to be accountable for myself while I was trying to lose,
Then it was a great place for support while I was trying to lose,
Now I do it to help and support others while they are trying to lose.

My Husband always tells me to not say anything personal on here - and I tell him I have to let people know that I am a real person and I NEVER say everything!

Yes this is a open forum to say what you want about our DIETS - not to personally attack and kick someone when then are at their lowest. 

I am sorry that my life SUCKS and I don't have a Fairy Tale LIFE like in the movies. 

Well - Guess what?? This is the life of MANY of us!

So for almost 2 weeks of no sleep, having a dog that to care for that I demanded to my husband that I did not want to do, 

Which by the way I got the dog crate 2 days ago and she went right in and slept in there for the past 2 nights w/o a peep. She like it!!

Plus as Minichick kindly pointed out - my pre-menopause, and Middle-Heimers (that really made me laugh), my ET's which I have real bad today - Then someone telling me to actually get rid of one of my own dogs to make room for Olive, Then - that anonymous person telling me that: NOW THAT I AM THIN - I am tired, irritable and angry!!

The this was that straw you were talking about: My Step-daughter, posted a comment to me on facebook saying that what I said about her was hurtful and if I don't want to take care of Olive she would find someone else to.

I snapped and realized that my husband has NEVER - EVER told her how I EVER feel about anything. By that comment I realized he never told her I don't want that dog and why. I JUST don't want 3 dogs, and especially a little one that is very needy and spoiled and looks like a cute little rat.

I am very upset with him for never telling her how I feel and its not her fault - its all his. For always putting her in the middle. Its not fair for either her or me.

Yesterday I just laid on the couch all day crying and got up to eat and do laundry and my walk with the dogs and that was it. I feel very alone. Then I started reading all your messages and comments and I know that I must continue this for all of YOU!

I don't know if you realize how hard I worked and continue to work every day to look like this. I never expect anyone to ever feel sorry for me - this is my life and sometimes you just need to vent, because I don't have any friends to hang with.

So my new rule: I am changing the way you can comment on here. No MORE Anonymous commenting. You must log in to do so. No more feeling bashing. If you don't like what we say - then don't read it.

We are only here to support each other and to help not to bring us even lower than we already are.

By the way - was it SANDY?? Who told me to mix, coconut oil w/butter and cinnamon??

I made some this morning and put it on my flaxseed muffin, it was awesome!! But I feel like it was fattening. 

This picture is for MI - These are the new jeans I got from OLD Navy and you paid for half of, in a size 4. Yeah I was just as surprised. Hubby asked me how do I go from a size 10 to a 4?? I have no idea...

 That's it for now - have a great day.


  1. Hi,
    I read the rude comments and those people have not been following you and have no idea that you are a happy person. But when things go wrong you tell it like it is. It's called venting and we ALL do it. I love hearing about your dogs and the new problem dog! You continue on writing what you want and just delete the poop heads that say bad things to you. Don't change, I like you just the way you are.

  2. Ok, I hope I can learn to quit being anonymous!
    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGg....a size 4??????????????????? I am green! You are "INspiration" (hear it said as the Sweet Genius does on his show). Not even when I was a fetus!!!!! I think the smallest pant size I've ever been was a size 9...but wore a large blouse because of the broad back. OMG...you are lovely in and out! seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya know something Rosalie...piss on those who can't be nice. Ya know something...what goes around, comes around. You keep up being you and we are here if ya need us for any reason!!! xoxoxoxox ~melody in oregon~

  3. I did see the comment from your step daughter and figured that you were not happy:( I'm so sorry! What the heck was the "just stay with party and Kay" comment???
    I'm glad you can find humor in all the chaos. You are an inspiration to so many of us! Remember....what would Rosie do?
    That is freaking amazing that you are a size 4. I am 2 inches shorter than you and I can't fit into a size 4. AMAZING!!!
    I'm glad RS is sleeping in the crate, and you were able to get some sleep.
    Final words...if people are going to be bitchy, you don't want them reading your blog anyway. Her comment about now that you are thin...was kind of one of those "reverse discrimination" things I talked about on minichicks blog. Some people:)

  4. Oh and size 4 !!! Way to go! That is fantastic...You look great.

  5. Oh, Rosalie, your post brought tears to my eyes! I am sooooo glad you are going to continue to blog. I think that those who don't get you simply need to hang around longer and realize that you are probably too nice. Yes, you have your issues with those in your life, but don't we all? Despite those issues though, you STILL do whatever you can to help them out however you can, even if you don't feel like it. I would not put up with half the crap that you do. Maybe that's the next change you need to make in your life. Let me know if you need help in that area; that's one area of life that I have learned something about.

    I haven't even begun to point out how much you do for everyone here in our little blog group. You go out of your way to help everyone.

    I hate to stop now, but I have to go pick my son up from school. Talk to you later.

  6. Okay, I'm back.

    Size 4! Whoot, whoot! I used to be a size 4/6, and I WILL get back there. I know that the actual number is not what matters, but size 4/6 happens to be the size I am at my normal weight and where I feel best in my skin.

    1. PS - I have officially stolen your term "middle-heimers". :) I love it; I think it's so funny! I glad to hear that it gave you something to chuckle over in the midst of all this stress. Hugs to you!!!

  7. I have followed you on this journey for a long time and I know you are an amazing person. I know this has to be difficult everyday especially when you are upset..I know this because I quit smoking on Jan. 1st after almost 40 years of smoking. Tomorrow will be 4 months without a cigarette and everyday I have to tell myself, not even a puff. Some days are easier then others. Now, of course, I see that I have gained some weight. Now only do I get depressed because I don't smoke but now I try not to eat and it's so difficult. See even when I was small, I thought I was fat so I have never been happy. Now I look back and say "I wish I was that small again." I need to follow a routine and be happy with myself. I know "not eating" is not the answer as physically and emotionally I don't feel well. I have to get in the habit of eating healthy. It's difficult when you have a husband who is a meat and potato guy. Anyways, I'm very proud of you!!

  8. rosalie i have been following your blog for about two months. I read it every morning and find inspiration, ideas and motivation to get through the day. I am so pleased that you are going to keep blogging. I think you are funny, upbeat and most of all inspiring! I think you look amazing and I hope to join you in the size 4 club, size 12 today and out of just about every pair of jeans i own!! I look forward to many more days of motivation! keep up the good work rosalie, we love you!!

    1. Do we have a size 4 club forming? ;)

      Are you starting a blog, Kell? I went to check it out and there wasn't anything there yet so I wasn't sure if you were planning on starting it, or not...waiting to be a follower. :)

  9. Welcome back Rosalie! I'm glad you made the decision to stay with us. You are a beautiful woman and an inspiration to us all (the haters are just jealous!). xx

  10. Hey Rosalie, I just want to let you know because of you and your blog I am on the path to a healthy lean fighting machine of a body :-) Finding your blog was what put me on that path. I identified with you, your blog made me believe it was possible for me, when I had given up hope on myself. So please know you have touched my life as well as so many other with inspiration and support. Good call on making it so dumb anonymous bloggers can't comment! Hugs and Thank so much for everything :-) glad you're back

  11. Hey Rosalie, I want to thank you so much for taking the time to call me I did start my bfc,you are an inspiration to me it sure has been tough these past few day but I'm hanging in there, and you hang in there to. You are AWESOME!!!! you told me to write on your blog is this where I do it?

  12. I've been lurking for a while, being totally inspired by your success, and I can't understand what kind of person would feel comfortable being ignorant to you. Rude comments are unacceptable. Haters suck and the rest of us will keep following your adventures in life, cheering you on. Go Rosalie!

  13. Hi Rosalie! I've been away for a few days (in the US stocking up on some of my fav products). Just getting caught up on my fav blogs - sorry to read you've been having a few rough days. I can't believe anyone would suggest you get rid of one of your dogs so you can care for someone else's dog ... duh ... that makes NO sense at all. I too read your blog all the time and it is a great source of inspiration and ideas - which I think are so important when starting this new eating life. It takes a little while to figure out how/what to eat. Both you and Amber have been so helpful with your blogs that I'm tempted to start my own - I think a source for ideas and recipes is just SO helpful. Thanks for keeping up with the blog - I hope you continue for a long time – faithfully following from Ontario, Canada :)

  14. Rosalie,

    Thank you for sticking around. You inspire me daily with your positive attitude. Yes, positive. No matter what you day is like, you stick to your guns and follow the program. That is something I've been struggling with lately. Thank you & keep it up.


    p.s. I'm glad RS/Olive is sleeping well in her crate and you are finally getting some zzzzzzzzzz's. :)

    p.p.s. I just created a blogger acct so I could comment. :)

  15. Rosalie,

    I have been following your blog since day 1...I've NEVER commented, but I HAVE to today...you are such an inspiration and source of ideas that help me to continue the BFC lifestyle...don't ever give up because of a few haters. Right now I've lost close to 40 lbs (in the past 2 years), with 35 more to go. Thanks for your help for the past 2 years!!!

  16. Oh how i wish i had spell check on this tablet ! I love your blog it is what i end my day with and my BFC bible. I really love what you are doing.
    i am trying hard and want to be a part of a online community.

  17. Size FOUR???? You lucky DAWG you..haha! I'll be happy to make it to a FOUR-TEEN!!! LOL


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