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Saturday, March 3, 2012

I got to Meet Carey today...

Hello Friends and the not friends too,

I started this morning with a great breakfast as usual.

I made another Flaxseed muffin but I put some lemon extract and lemon juice and chia seeds in and ate it w/cream cheese and natures hollow. I must say this was so good and easy.

I got to meet with Carey today. I wore a purple top so she could find me easier. LOL. We met at the Mothers Market in Brea. I told her I was disappointed that she was not wearing a cheerleader outfit and look 20 years old like her Facebook picture. LOL. That is actually a pic of her daughter.

She is very beautiful and a shorty like the rest of you girls. I guess I am the only tall one of our group. We walked over to my favorite lunch place: Chipotle and I showed her what I order when I go there and we both ate a salad and she loved it.

We talked and had a great visit. We have a lot in common and we both Love Kohls - Ha-ha. Oh how we wished that we could all do that. All visit together with our group. It was fun and I know we will do it again very soon. I say: that you all come over here to Southern California cause the weather is great! And there is Disneyland!! And I have a pool in the back!!

What do you say??

We went back to Mothers and went shopping. They had better prices than Sprouts and I just might have to make a trip over there every week or 2.

I got home and didn't really do much then decided to make a batch of cookies. I made a batch of: Almost sugar free Almond Flour-Chocolate chip Cookies. Can't wait to have some later with my tea after dinner.

snack; I had some Special K chips. They come in a box like this:

The serving is 30 w/23 carbs and 0 sugar and I ate 22 chips.

While the cookies were cooling me and the girls went for our 2.5 mile walk. It was such a beautiful day today about 80 degrees so I waited until right before 5pm to go. It was perfect.

So now they are passed out in the living room and I am just sitting here smelling the cookies trying to have self control and wait until after dinner. Which is almost time. It's 6pm so I'm gonna go now.

Thanks for listening and have a wonderful evening.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

East & West

In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be true. Buddha

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. this is from: Kay M Rasmussen
    Since I can't comment on your blog still, I will say it on here...I AM SO JEALOUS!!! I wish I could have met with you guys too. I'm in for a fun trip to warm weather! What airport are you close to?

    1. This is Carey. I'm very close to Orange County/John Wayne (SNA) airport. I don't know Rosalie's area well, but I would assume she is closer to Ontario?! I say we meet in Maui! I really need a Maui trip and I know of a great place to stay ;)

  2. So happy you had a wonderful visit !!
    I have a question. To make the 1 minute muffin it calls for flax seed MEAL ....well I have on hand some flax seed MILLED,is that the same thing? Can I use it instead of the meal? Sure hope so . Thanks !! always enjoy reading your blog!!

    1. It means Ground Flaxseed, so I am pretty sure that's what milled means. But sometimes you have to nuke it for longer than 1 minute. Just keep checking until it is not soft. :-)

  3. How fun! I'm glad you two had a good time. I'm in the tall-ish club with you. I'm 5'7".

  4. I'm a shorty too...5' 3 1/2.. Used to be 5' 4'' but I shrunk. Glad you two girls had a great time. Wish I was there. Hugs and love to you from me!

  5. glad you got to meet a fellow blogger. have a good night.

  6. 5'6" over here so I guess I'm medium height. Sounds like you and Carey had a great time.

  7. You had a great day-thanks for sharing with us.

  8. I had such a great time, too and you should always wear purple.....Such a great color on you! Also, I LOVE that salad! I think I've found my new fastfood fix when I'm running around for work and picking up kids ;) Did you try any of the new foods you bought? I like the Virgils Zero Dr Pepper (or whatever it's called). That new gum tasted good at first, but the flavor didn't last at all (kinda like the Spry). This morning I had my Jay Robb shake and only used 1/4 a cup of the Clemmy's......(oooops! I wasn't adding the sugar alcohols to the carbs) I think I will try the orange Zevia, today :)
    PS---Shhhhhh! Don't tell my daughter she looks 20 :) She's only 14......Going on 20. LOL! AND thanks for saying I look beautiful! So sweet! I think I will finally change my facebook photo with a picture of me (I don't have many because you know I"m weird about having my picture taken)

  9. Every day I wished I lived with Rosalie and that she was cooking for me…everything you make always looks so delicious! Thanks for always giving us such good ideas of things to eat.


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