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Sunday, January 22, 2012

I Made Sinful Cinnamon Cakes

Hello Everyone,

Here's what I ate on Saturday;
Breakfast; almond flour pancakes w/butter and natures hollow on top, turkey bacon an some berries ans unsweetened vanilla Almond milk.
I didn't eat lunch. I was w/Hubby, he was at a Starbucks meeting a family selling them a used Verizon cell phone. He does that on the side and makes a few bucks so if any of you have Verizon and need a used cell phone, let me know.

So after I said lets go to the movies. We saw Underworld in 3D. We give it 2 thumbs up. I was very hungry and ate like a ton of popcorn - w/o butter of course and a water. Then we snuck into Haywire. Mixed emotions about that one. I couldn't figure out what the idea was in that one. Would not recommend it.

When I go to the movies I will skip my carbs with lunch and usually make some turkey lunchmeat w/cheese rolled up in the middle in my purse to eat. But not this time cause we were out already.

I don't know if it's my imagination or not but, I think my ET's get worse every time I'm in the movies. Maybe cause of the Boom, boom noise - not sure.

So when we got home it was around 4:30 and I took the dogs for a 1.5 mile walk. Then Hubby wanted to meet a guy about another phone thing, and I went with him.

We were both kind of hungry from the lack of protein so we went to the Home Town Buffet. He doesn't want to go there cause he is scared of overeating. So I say then don't over eat.

I had water of course, a chicken breast, I get the one with the breadding on it and just pull it off. It's much more moister. Green beans, and a tiny pc of fish. Then I made a small taco salad;
Baby spinach, taco meat, cheese, olives, salsa, and of course Jalapenos.
Later on at home while I was watching TV I felt kind of hungry for some stupid reason and I had some RediWhip in a bowl.

My breakfast this Sunday morning;
Whole grain tortilla (on products page) w/cheese, avocado, berries, and I made a fritata omelet w/mushrooms, onion, turkey sausage crumbles, baby spinach, and asiago cheese and salsa on top. I made it with 3 eggs and split it with Hubby. He said I'm gonna eat the same as you today but not with that biscuit. HUH? what biscuit. LOL
OK so right now I'm off to make these - Sinful Cinnamon Cakes
They are muffins made with Almond flour but the recipe calls for honey so I'm gonna have to tweak it a bit and I will let you know how it came out.

Off to Bake :-)

OMG !!! They Smell GOOOOD!!!!!

I put them on the recipe page click here: http://purplerosy.blogspot.com/p/sinful-cinnamon-cakes.html
Finished Product
So I ate one and they are not real sweet, more like bread. Because they are made with Almond flour - a little heavy, but the butter makes it taste good. I think a few truvia's will make it taste better. Try them and let me know.

I just had a visitor;
Gina Wing
One of my BFC Blogging friends Gina Wing stopped by to visit. WOW! Can someone please photoshop that picture?? I look like hell with no makeup and NO SLEEP!! Yikes. But Gina looks beautiful and it was nice to meet her. She is so sweet - she makes candles and brought me one.

My Lunch:
A small piece of cabbage lasagna that was left and zucchini w/pesto sauce, ricotta cheese, and mozzarella on top
Then I started to make a batch of Pumpkin muffins and realized I used all the syrup on the cinnamon ones, so I went to Sprouts and got some and came home and made a batch.

Took the dogs for a walk. then sorry had another cinnamon cake.

Dinner; buffallo wings and a spinach salad and I'll probably have a pumpkin later for desert.

Well nothing else to say so - thanks for listening to me today. Lots of Hugs and love to all.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Pull Up

There are two ways of exerting one’s strength: one is pushing down, the other is pulling up.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Those cakes sound fabulous! Close to my muffins I made, but the butter would send them over the top! Putting on my list 'to do'....

  2. Hi Rosalie, I wasn't expecting to get below 200 pounds until next week, but it turned out this week was a big weight loss week for me, and as of this morning, I weigh 198.2 pounds (15 weeks in, 104 days). I am soooo excited! I went and got two pairs of jeans (sizes equal to 14 and 16) since my old jeans were far too big. I am grateful to you for all your help. It is GREAT to be able to buy clothes at a "regular" store, rather than a Plus Size store. I still have a long, long way to go, to get down to 130, but for me this is a major triumph. Thank you, thank you for your fabulous blog and for your support. Already I am so much stronger and healthier, and your wisdom, encouragement and advice helped me get this far.

    I like your newish post on tips for new BFCers. I have one of my own, if you think it is worth sharing:"While on the BFC, if you aren't losing weight, even when following the diet, try eating fewer starchy carbs, without necessarily eliminating them completely."

    For me, after my first week, I lost less than a pound in total in the following two weeks, when I was getting 80-100g/day of carbs. I am pretty sure the diet would have failed if I didn't change my own rules to aim for under 60g/day of carbs, perhaps just because of my own body's requirements. Now I usually have under 40g/day of carbs, 20-25 of which are fiber, and my weight loss has been consistent and measurable every week.

    Anyways, thank you! You inspire me and make me feel like I have support out there if I need it.

    ~ C

    1. Wow, that's great. Congrats to you. I'm starting to reevaluate my carbs. I know many have lost eating the 6 carbs (120gms) a day. But it's not happening for me. I lose so slow. I'm beginning to think my body needs way less carbs. Continued success!!

  3. From Deb on Facebook:
    well, rosalie i have lost all ability to communicate on bloggspot, so i will just do it on face book. well, you had quite the busy weekend, and i can almost taste those cinnamon cakes. i wanted to tell you in that picture you are smiling so radiantly, no make up required! thanks once again for all your encouragement as well as recipe/menus...i would share w/you i have entered into the realm of blogging w/my own site, but i haven't quite figured out the address yet:)

  4. How fun for you and Gina to meet up! I hope you'll have a good week.

  5. It was so fun Meeting you today Rosy ....... even though I feel like I know you already!! LOL You look amazing ...... and you are beautiful even without makeup!! g

  6. You had quite a busy day. those cinnamon cakes tase great. I just realized when I woke up in the middle of the night, that I forgot to put the butter in my coconut bread. I know Dawn had blogged that she left if out. i can't believe I forgot it. Well, with how things are going lately, I guess I can. My brain is not functioning normally. Take care and sending big hugs as always!!

  7. Oops, I meant to say "look" great. I need to get my contacts in asap!!

  8. That's great that Gina met up with you, and you look great! Did you get a hair cut? It looks shorter in this picture; I like it!

    Hubby and I saw War Horse, and I'm sad to say that we did not like it at all. We were both expecting to like it so were really disappointed and felt let down once it was over.

  9. I need to look at that muffin recipe. Do you think the Nature's Hollow honey would work? I just bought some because I saw a coconut bread with honey, but haven't tried to swap the NH honey for it yet. I have been a little backed up in the potty area, but had my coconut muffins and it seems to have Finally done the trick. It's funny because I've been eating a ton of flax, and have been having probs, but the coconut flour really helps! Sorry for the TMI, but I'm baffled that flax didn't work. Anyhow, I still want to meet with you and it would be fun if we could get Gina to go to lunch, too. I just need to set down a day to make it happen because my kids schedules will always take over!

    1. HI Carey, That recipe called for honey but I subbed it for the syrup But I have never seen the NH Honey. What is it made of??
      Anyway call me :-)

  10. Those cinnamon cakes DO look good. One of my favorite things, pre-BFC were those cinnamon rolls with nuts on top. Maybe this would be a suitable replacement. As for your picture, I think you BOTH look great!

  11. Here's Deb's blog address Rosalie: http://ontdeb4jakeb.blogspot.com/

    Add her to the support list! ;)


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