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Monday, January 23, 2012

In the Beginning...

Hello Everyone,

I thought I would look back at my earlier posts just to remember what I was feeling and what I posted. I started reading thru with tears in my eyes. I remember those feelings like it was yesterday.

I complained a lot about how I never got answers to any of my questions on Jorge's page on Facebook. No support what-so-EVER! I felt like I was thrown out in the middle of the ocean and didn't know how to swim with no life preserver.

That's why I started this Blog, to give and get support.

The Main thing that I noticed is how OH-SO-Slow my weight was coming off - but the difference in me and other people was - that


That is the key people. That's it - it's that simple. Even though I went MANY, many weeks not losing a pound, I Never Gave UP!!  And now look at me - 90 lbs lighter..

From the beginning I cut down my carb servings from 6 to 3-4 and never ate carbs with dinner. If you new on the Belly Fat Cure and haven't done so yet, I recommend you go back and start reading my earlier posts. I think it will help you tremendously.

Here's what I ate today;
2 of those Sinful Cinnamon cakes (on recipe tab) 1/2 avocado, and 2 scrambled eggs w/sauted  baby spinach  and cheese, and of course some black, blue, and raspberries (a few of each)
So Hubby and I always disagree about eggs. I use a bit of water in my scrambled eggs and feel it makes them much moister and he says milk. What do you all think??

meatballs, 6 brussel sprouts w/some alfredo sauce on top and a whole grain tortilla (on fav products page) w/cheese.
snack; a pumpkin-coconut flour muffin

Blackened salmon (I got at Sams Club) and asparagus
Desert; 2 squares of 86% dark chocolate and rediwhip in a bowl.

I'm still waiting for the pictures of all you that don't have your own blog to make that page I talked about. Send me your info w/a small line about yourself - starting and current and goal weight, age, a before and current pictures. It will encourage so many others to do this with us. To let them know we are all not alone, we are in this together. Send everything to my email - click my profile and get it there :-)  Waiting....................

BTW; Deborah has a new blog, so lets support her and everyone else on the list below.

Thanks for listening and lots of love to ya all.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Courage And Strength

Hard things are put in our way, not to stop us, but to call out our courage and strength.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I love you! youre a success!

    I hav ebeen off the bandwagon latley, I just dont feel like anyone supports me and withut support from my family, i always end up eating crap and feeling bad, so i eat more crap..It's hard to not have support from family and they always try to sabotage me, my sister especially :(

  2. I currently weight 102lbs, but please before you say anything, I know it may sound like i am annorexic or something, but im only 102 because i am a really petite girl, but with a belly i cant lose. I am a pear shape which means all the fat that i have is in my belly, not my ass, not my hips not my thighs, and not my boobs,,, unfortunatly! but theres my weight.. At the beginning when i started this, i went from 110 to 98lbs! it worked sooo good at the beginning, and i felt great i never starved myself, but then i am stuck with 102 now because i am sabotaging myself lately :(

    1. Hi Ashley Mae, first off, good for you for wanting to take control of your health and nutrition. I bet the people not supporting you are suggesting you shouldn't be losing weight, perhaps calling you anorexic? I can't say whether you are at a healthy weight or not, but here is something to consider: how tall are you and what is your bone structure? Unless you are under 5' tall, and small-boned, your body will probably not like you weighing under 100 pounds. (Just google "BMI Chart" to get your healthy range.) Also, take into account your bone structure: if you have medium or heavy bones, then you are likely working toward an unhealthfully low weight.

      But wait! Let's say you really are at a healthy weight (or that 98 lbs is healthy for you, at 4'8"), then you might want to approach this from another angle: resistance training. If you want a flat belly, doing a good ab workout will help, in addition to a healthy diet. In particular, look for exercises that include all 4 parts of the abdomen: Upper rectus abdominus, lower rectus abdominus, obliques and transverse. Don't just do sit-ups (they will help, but won't do as well as working the rest of the muscles.)

      And finally, traditionally a "pear shape" wears fat on the hips, thighs and bum. An "apple shape" tends to have fat on the belly first. You sound like an apple. (Be glad, because apples are easier to dress to cover "flaws".) But apple or pear, you may want to also spend some time loving your body as it is. :)

  3. Rosalie, of all the blogs I read, I turn to yours for the same consistent message and format. I like that you tell us over and over not to give up. I like that you show us what to do and how to eat by your examples. I like that you give us encouragement without making us feel bad when we fail. I am not the biggest or fastest loser as you know. I probably could follow things alot better. But I am not giving up and I think little by little my stubborn ways are giving way to the right way, your way of doing things. I thank you for that. And as usually, you are getting big hugs and lots of love from me to you! Love ya!XO

  4. Rosalie, Keep doing what you are doing!! Love reading your blog everyday, you give me so much hope and strength and information!! And this post is exactly what I needed to hear this week as I have not lost on the scale, but yet I feel like I have lost and have had several comments about how thin I am getting!! I struggle with the scale, because when I did atkins weeks would go by with no loss on the scale, but yet I would go down a pant size. So I just need to remember that and just keep plugging away!! I am trying to get some pics together today for your new page. Thanks for all your support!!

  5. Rosalie, I made your cinnamon cakes and wrote about them in my blog today. SO GOOD! Also I recommend to everyone starting out to read your beginning blogs - that's what I did and it really, really helped.

  6. How much redo whip do you use?
    I usually have 2tbsp..

    1. I fill up a small bowl, its about 4 " wide. I love it :-)

  7. The very message I needed today girl! As for the eggs, I always used milk to make them fluffy and softer but did try the water recently and couldn't tell much difference. But then I can't tell the difference in coke and pepsi, so I'm not the best judge..lol Gotta go fix a good breakfast so I came here for some sample ideas. By the way, made the coconut bread filled with chopped walnuts. Had it with butter on it last night with the Tuscan chicken. So YUMMY!

  8. I find it so useful to be able to look back and see what I was eating, losing and how I felt! I'm so proud to have made it through that stage, but need it as a reminder to not go back. Thanks Rosy!

  9. This blogging community is such a great place to be, no matter waht plan you are folling. I feel like I belong here, and have always felt welcome. I also feel like I have known many of you all my life.
    As for the eggs, I dont add water or milk. I like my eggs scrambled hard with no moisture in them. I usually use egg beaters. I am not a huge fan of eggs so I only eat them maybe once or twice a week at most.
    Hope you are doing well. I havent been on the blogs becuase of my posting issues. I have been very frustrated with that but tonight I have been able to post on 3 blogs. Maybe a fluke? I dont know. The true test will be Pattie & Minichicks blogs. Those are the 2 I have the most trouble with.
    Thanks for all you do Rosie!


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