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I'm Not Dieting - I've Changed My Lifestyle

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Forever and Ever...

Hello Friends,

I was talking with my friend Mayra yesterday and we were discussing the  Belly Fat Cure and how it is not easy for some after they have reached their goal. You know, during the maintenance part.

I saw a comment on Amber's post, and the person said that we should not call this maintenance. That this is a lifestyle. I agree - this is a FOREVER thing! You have to understand that once you start this way of eating, This is the way we will eat forever and ever - Amen.

I have no problem with the maintenance part now. I figure - I did ALL THIS!! I actually lost 90 lbs and I am NEVER gonna do anything to mess this up or go backwards.

I eat the same way now that I always have. I read may comments from people saying they want to know how to add this and that back in their diet? I say; The BFC way of eating is how I got this way. Why would I change anything now?

You know my dad just passed away in January and my mom passed almost 9 years ago. My dad was so proud of me to see me lose all that weight. I am so happy that he got to see me skinny before he went. In the end I was going back and forth to Vegas a lot, remember?

The very last time I ran back over there, I was wearing a pair of size 10 brown cordoroy pants that my sister gave me for christmas. He looked at me and said " you left too quick". I said I know but I am back now. ( I just got home like the day before). Then he said " why are you wearing Boy Pants?" I laughed and said these are girl pants.

Now I keep them and every time I wear them I think of him and it makes me smile. I would never do anything to mess up how far I have come, he would come back down here and kick my ASS!. HAHA.

I always tell everyone wherever I go about the Belly Fat Cure and how I lost 90lbs. I am not trying to have a big ego, I just hope I can help 1 more person feel as good about their self as I do now.

I know this is a lifestyle now, but when I talk to others about the BFC - I don't know what else to call it but a diet when explaining it. If any of you have a better word, let me know. I can't say "I started a new lifestyle and lost weight" I have to say I started a diet in 2010 and lost 90 lbs. See my point?

In the beginning when I started the Belly Fat Cure, I thought I could never do this forever! I thought all that food that I was not allowed to eat anymore was something I could never live without. Now all this time later, I feel like a new person with a new outlook on life and food.

Thanks for listening. Free Hugs today to you. WWRD??

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

It's a psychological thing. Once you get past the fear in your head that this is it, then you will be fine.

We eat to LIVE - not live to EAT!!

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Rosalie - You've just started maintenance AND are still losing. Maintenance IS different, you'll understand a year from now, really. There are different stages of dieting, and you are still in the losing stage. But at abt 18 months of maintenance, for me, it is mentally very different. A HUGE percentage of dieters who lose all their weight gain it all back. Happened to my Mother after losing 100 lbs and I really don't want that to be me! Honest to Pete, losing weight was easier for me on the BFC than maintenance. Must just be how I am motivated.

    Love, love, love your Jorge photo! You both look so relaxed and happy!

  2. I'll take that hug-I'm a hugger too! It most certainly is a lifestyle. If I think of it only as a vehicle to lose weight-then I know I will gain this it back. So we're learning as we go-how to incorporate all this into this new life we're creating. Just keep swimming (I love Dory from Finding Nemo"...she's wise).
    Thanks for being my cheerleader-and I know you're that for many others.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. It really doesn't matter what one calls it as long as they know that it's a lifestyle change that they are making. I would hate for the issue to get hung up on wording. The reality is, for the majority of people, maintenance (long term lifestyle change) can be difficult to internalize. I truly hope for your sake that you are one of those people who doesn't have a difficult time with that adjustment. The time frame for that process is different for everyone though, and from what I've seen, and experienced myself, for most people it takes a considerable length of time for the process to complete itself and become second nature, and the length of time will be different for each person.

    As long as we have each other for long term support and focus, we can help each other to get to that point in our own life. The support is needed for the whole process, not just while we are losing the weight.

  4. Hi Rosalie!
    I lost alot of weight about 10 yrs ago (1/2 of it on WW & the other half on a christian weight loss program) and I was able to maintain my weight loss for over a year. ITs when I lost my focus & stopped exercising that the pounds came back & I gained every pound back! It was so saddening that I had worked so hard & then to gain it all back. But when you get wrrapped up in other things, it can easily happen. Thats why I have devoted my whole heart to losing weight this year and I believe it is the reason I have had success. You too were very determined & never lost your focus & look where you are now too. So my thoughts on maintainance are, "Dont lose your focus". Remind yourself daily of where you are & have come & dont allow yourself to step on the slippery slope that leads us back to weight gain. I really dont think you will have any problems with maintainance.
    Have a great day!!

  5. When I tell people about the BFC, I like to say that I started eating differently and have lost 10 lbs. I just can't spit out "diet" because I don't feel like I'm on one!

  6. I know what you mean by having a mindset that this is how we eat forever, not just until a certain point. This weightloss thing didn't work for me until I changed how I thought about "dieting." This is how I'm going to live and eat forever. With this thinking I don't get mentally tired of this lifestyle and want to go back to eating whatever. Eating whatever = how I was before. I don't ever want to be how I was before. No turning back now.

  7. I agree with you on the "this is how I eat now". I've lost weight in the past and gained it back because I stopped what I was doing. I think I always felt that once I was back down to a good weight I would start eating normally and just be "careful". I guess I was never careful enough, and going thru menopause really added the weight on and is making it much harder for me to lose this time. I think because it's taking so long I am getting into the habit of eating this way. I hope when I reach my goal it will just be the way I eat. Of course now I'm getting a little worried after hearing how hard it is for some people.

  8. I think you will do fine on maintenance because you are sharing with so many people your success. It will not be easy for any of us! I was asking my hubby today if he ever missed all of our desserts. We always had dessert after our Saturday night date night. He said he doesn't miss them, but I do sometimes. That's why I have to find another source. I know a lot of you got used to the dark chocolate, but I have had 2 full bars sitting right beside my chair forever and never bother to eat any. It is still too bitter to me. I need to melt it and make the nut clusters.
    I do call it a "cure". I always use the example of skim milk for sugar content. I'm tired and rambling:( Good night:)

  9. Rosalie....I totally understand when you say maintenance is easy though....Ive been on "maintenance" if you want to call it that for six months now and its really easy....I have gained like 3 pounds over my goal weight and then lost it again but that is mainly because my water intake went to the crapper so nothing else was...lol! Once I got my fiber/water intake back on track..poof...the 3 pounds were gone again. I just eat like I have since day 1 of the BFC. I am not interested in adding things back in or whatever....I just eat what I eat and that is that. The holidays have been really easy so far because of my mind set....its not about denying myself food that I want....its simply just eating "my kind" of food is all. No excuses. So yep, its easy. If I find something I really would like to have....if find a way to make it that is BFC friendly, like my Egg Nog for example. So now that I have rambled on....in short, yep I get it. ;)

  10. I'm happy for you if you are mentally and emotionally already on board with your new way of eating. Others of us are just simply saying that it's not that easy for everyone. Everyone is different and the path they're on is unique to them. For some, the mental and emotional aspect of a change in lifestyle/eating takes longer to catch up with the eating changes they have already made.

    Also, I think there needs to be clarification that the difficulty some have is not necessarily because they are trying to figure out how to include foods back into their diet, etc. I think the majority of us know that this is the way we are going to eat for life, but the mental and emotional struggles that come with food in general is the challenge; it's not because we make it to goal and then suddenly decide to change how we're eating. I maintained for the year I did because I continued eating the way I did to lose the weight. My problem came when I went on vacation and decided that since I had done so good maintaining that I would be fine for just those two weeks to eat whatever my mother-in-law provided and I would just get back to my regular eating once I got home. What I had not anticipated was the backlash of intense cravings that my temporary change in eating caused me. I learned a lesson from that, but it took me a long time to get my cravings back under control. These are the types of challenges that some of us face and have to learn how to deal with throughout the process of maintenance until we figure out what maintenance looks like for us. For some, eating off plan for a little might not cause them trouble and out of control craving like it did for me. I learned otherwise for myself, but didn't know that until it happened, and now I know what I need to do/not do in order to have a more successful maintenance experience this time around. So for some, it's just a matter of learning what their pit falls are and adjusting their life accordingly until they figure out what works for them, therefore making maintenance work for them.

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to write a book, I just wanted to help clarify why maintenance can be harder for some. It’s not always because one is giving up, giving in, or trying to figure out how they can change how they eat, or because they have not accepted it as a lifestyle/way of eating change.

  11. Hi Rosalie. Love the post today. You are so right. This is a lifestyle, but I know what you meant about trying to describe it to someone. It doesn't matter what it's called, it matters what it's done for you. You changed your eating habits and how you live your life. I'm glad you had a great time with everyone and finally got to meet Jorge. Hugs from me to you!


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