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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Knotts yesterday

Good Morning Friends,

Yesterday I started off my day with breakfast like usual.
I had some leftover stuffed peppers that Maria made. She used the long green chilis a bit tangy but not spicy to me. Real good. I had 2 poached eggs and 1 pc of the zucchini-cheese bread.

Then I waited for Kristee (Hubby's sister) to call me with the details for Knotts Berry Farm. She is always kind of late, being at her mom's house and with her 2 girls. So she calls me and says she is ready to go out the door at 11:30 but her mom's car has a flat tire. So she had to go take care of that first and we finally met at Knotts at 2pm.

Right before I left I made a Carb Chopper wheat tortilla w/cheese and turkey bacon inside and had 2 gingerbread cookies.

It was $14 just to park and I had to walk about 2 blocks worth to get to the front entrance. We got discount tickets for only $17 pretty cheap compared to the $46 for southern California residents.

I am not a ride person so I just hung out with them and they had a blast on the FAST rides. I brought some walnuts and almonds in a baggie and some squares of Girhadeli 86% (I always keep some in my purse) and had some when  got  hungry.

Hubby's 2 nephews were there also and we caught up with them.
Brandon, Theya, Michael, his girlfriend Jessica, me, Kendall, and Regan  
We all went to Johnny Rockets to eat. Now I hadn't been there since I started the BFC almost 2 years ago. I had a route 66 burger wrapped in lettuce. I didn't know they would do that. It had swiss cheese, mushrooms onions grilled and mayo and I had some of Kristee's fries with cheese on them. I don't recommend that cause it was not even real cheese. Like velveta, sank right in my tummy.
one of the kids took this pic, terrible

It got real cold after 5pm and the park closed at 9. I got home around 9:45. I made some candy cane tea to warm up and went upstairs with my 2 babies who missed me tons.

Ok so this was my breakfast this morning and it looks horrible. Coconut flour pancakes w/cream cheese and natures hollow. They kept falling apart when I was trying to cook them but they taste good.

So Kay; wanted to know if I had a omelet pan. Nope. I do it the old fashioned way, cook and flip, fill and fold.

In case you didn't catch it, this is Minichick's new blog address: http://glutenfreelosingweight.blogspot.com/

Please go and visit, it's on my list below of all my friends blogs. Support one another. That is a real key component in this.

BTW, the new Quick Meals book that I am in is out today!!! The Amazon.com link is to the right.

Thanks for listening. Lots of love to you all. WWRD??

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Greatest Glory

Greatest Glory Positive QuoteOur greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Knott's is a fun place to go. I love California...such a beautiful state!

    Thank you so much for posting my new blog address in your post. That was an unexpected, much appreciated, surprise.


  2. Bet it was fun going to Knotts with family, sounds like an exciting day. :) The pancakes look yum, but I thought it was toast, but still looks good to me. I joined the recipe page yesterday and looks like it is really good, I love seeing food recipe videos. I think I am only going to join for the first quarter though. I don't need too many different recipes, just a few really yummy options. Have you cooked much from the recipe page yet?

  3. Sounds like lots of fun to me! I have to go on all those fast rides with my boys! :) Congrats in getting in the book!!

  4. I look at all of the blogs you support and was looking at the WheatBelly blog. I've been making the one min. muffin they list for breakfast everyday and it's pretty darn good and fast. Since I'm not much of a morning person, I love anything fast AND have been trying to incorporate flax in my diet so Im excited that this muffin is working for me! I used two packs of Truvia instead of the xylitol (I did use xylitol first time and it was okay). It tastes great with cream cheese and Nature's Hollow ( I LOVE the Apricot Natures Hollow)and IT makes me really full and is filled with fiber. You already saw on facebook that I bought the new book. I was in TacoBell eating my chicken taco and beans when I came across your picture. I'm so glad that Jorge put your blog address up to support people! I think it will really help with all of those New Year's resolutions. I know that going out isn't as healthy as cooking at home, but since I'm running around in my sales job and then have to pick up kids from 2 different schools, I need fast food more than I would like! This book really helps me with that :)

  5. Looks like you had a great time Rosalie! I love Knotts Berry Farm!!! Thanks for posting the pics!

  6. Great pictures and it looks like you had fun! I don't really like scary rides either. My favorite ride at Disney Land was the Peter Pan ride:)
    I am excited for you to be in the book! You deserve it and I know you will be there to help a lot of people in the future!

  7. Hi Rosalie. Looks like you had a great day! I think your pancakes look great. I have stayed away from them, ever since I ate the whole batch and didn't realize that I shouldn't have! MIne were the almond flour ones though. I can't wait to see you in the book. I haven't ordered it yet, but I know I will. Hugs from me to you!


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