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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Some ways to be successful...

Good Morning Everyone,

Well I feel like I am just about back to normal now. As you know I have lost 90lbs and my weight usually goes between 148-150. People we can't be that hard on ourselves. Our weight is gonna fluctuate a bit. My goal (if you want to call it that now) is to stay with-in 145-150lbs. I am 5'7" and I feel I look and feel great at this size. I don't ever want to be below 145 so remember I said this and if my weight ever goes below that - you have my permission to come over and slap me and feed me cake. LOL

I am one of those people who weigh-in daily. I have always done this. I feel it is the best way to tell what or if we did wrong or what is working. Why wait till the end of the week and get a big fat surprise. It has been a great way for me to be accountable for what I eat.

Another way that I have been so successful is from all the support. You really need to chime in with others that are doing and going thru similar things. Lets face it, we all started out FAT (I can say that now) and we all  have that in common. And the fact that we are all trying so hard to be healthy now.

So if you are new here, click on the button that says join this site, start leaving comments and we can all help -  support - and give love to each other during our Fat to Healthy journey.

There is a list of blogs below, Please go to their sites and do the same for them. If you have started a blog; tell us about yourself and leave you blog address in the comments below and I will add it to my list.

A couple things that have saved me many times from eating wrong while  was out is to keep a baggie of nuts in my purse at all times. I only eat almonds, and walnuts. If you get hungry between meals or anytime eat some nuts.

I also carry some of these in my purse all the time too as long as it is not too hot so they won't melt.
Intense Dark Midnight Reverie Singles Stand Up Bag
I buy them at Wal-Mart and they are individually wrapped. I put about 4 in a baggie in my purse so when I get a sweet tooth (which is a lot) I just grab one and eat.

I also keep a case of bottled water in the garage and if I am going somewhere that takes more than 30 minutes - I grab one. We need water and lots of it. I always sneak one in my purse if we go to the movies too.
I made a batch of Pumpkin coconut flour bread yesterday and made them into 8 mini loaves. It  was delicious.  (on recipe tab, under coconut bread)
My breakfast this morning, the rest of the coconut pancakes w/cream cheese, strawberry natures hollow,  eggs, and berries. ( remember that I would never eat that many berries before while I was losing. Maybe only about 6-8 total)
I was talking to my babies yesterday and they are such good listeners.
Peaches, just a cutie pootie.
Mandy, such a good listener, her ears go up when I talk to her.
You know the way we think we look is not the same as what others see when they look at us. I have realized that now. On Saturday when I went to my old neighbor's house, her Sister in law hasn't seen me in a while and said she thought I looked too thin now. I think maybe she was so used to seeing me so big.

Well I hope everyone has a great day today no matter what you do.

Thanks for listening. Big hugs to anyone that needs it (XXXXXXXXXXXXX)

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

MY thought for the day:

It’s Time To Stop Struggling

Fear Positive QuoteA further sign of health is that we don’t become undone by fear and trembling, but we take it as a message that it’s time to stop struggling and look directly at what’s threatening us.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Great post! I stopped weighing everyday now, I felt like I was a slave to the scale and it determined my self worth :( Im trying to go by the fit of my clothing in maintenance. I KNOW if Im eating right or wrong. My clothing all "fits" now and doesnt have a ton of wiggle room, so I will know!

  2. I weigh every day too. I was up to 185 again but have been sticking fairly well to BFC this week and this morning was 181.1. Yeah!!

  3. I also love those ghirdelli chocolates, the indivdal ones are perfect. Yesterday at the mall with my friend I was eating dark chocolate when I got hungry too. Thank you for commenting on how our weight fluctuates you have really helped me to have a good mindset and not freak out if the scale is up a lb or two. Have a wonderful day :)

  4. Hey Rosie!
    I too weigh every day. I am compelled to do it and always have been. In Feb my hubby stepped on my old scale (that I LOVED!!!) with a packed suitcase before our cruise and he broke my scale! OMG! I was so mad!! I ran out that night at 8:20 pm & bought a new one. Thats how bad I am with the scale. Im thinking thats pretty pathtic, eh?
    I personally think you look great where you are at so dont let that person get into your head & make you think otherwise. If you feel great & are happy at that weight, it is the only opinion that matters!
    Have a wonderful nite!

  5. I weigh every day too. I forgot to this morning...hmmm? I think I was afraid to! It's almost the new year and so many people are going to try Jorge's plan and you will be such a big part of that! Good job girl. The pictures of your breakfasts and the ideas for food trade outs are great.

  6. Great job Rosalie! I think you look awesome, and it's good to have a five pound range to be your end weight. I weigh in every day the same as you, to keep accountable. You are right, though, we don't see ourselves quite like everyone else.
    Great post! Have a great night!

  7. I need to get back on track and love this blog for inspiration! While I haven't completely fallen off the wagon, I have been less careful this week...but I continue to make better choices than I would have in the past. I don't post comments all the time, but I read this blog every day and find it SOOOO helpful! Thanks for the support!


  8. Great tips (as usual)! I need to try those chocolates, but think I need to stop eating the Dove SF peanut butter candies. Those candies are sweet (as you know), but I think they are ruining my taste for dark chocolate. I have never gotten into the dark chocolate even though I'm off sugar and I think it's due to the sweetness of the Dove SF candies!

  9. how do I post myself to the list that follows the progress you're making w/your weight loss?

  10. So nice to check in with you all. I think one of the reasons you have continued to be successful is that you stick to the basics, and continue to do what helped you in the first place.
    Thank you for sharing-


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