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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What a couple of days...

Hello Everyone,

Well I am back at home, and boy am I glad. I feel like I have had a tough couple of days. It started out on Saturday where I just went to Wal-Mart to get some extracts to bake with. They are much cheaper there. I was only gone a few minutes and almost home when I got into an accident. I was waiting to turn left and someone came in front of us thru a red light and I could not stop on time and hit the car in front of me.
Not too bad and it was not my fault at all, but now I have to get a new bumper.

Sunday I went with my sister Lisa to Vegas to pick up Maria to bring her back for 2 weeks to help Lisa prepare to move. I decided to be nice and packed snacks and made us a Almond crust pizza and cut it in 4 pieces and split it up on 2 plates for us to eat on the way. I put it in a bag with a bunch of other stuff and Lisa put it in the back on the floor.

Did I tell you her 2 dogs were in the back seat?? Well I thought it was too quiet back there and sure enough her little but head opened up the foil and ate 1 plate. I said well that was yours.

It was one thing after another - I tell you. We were almost there and Lisa was talking on the phone to Kattie my other sister the one that got married to that shithead asshole right before my dad died that we hate? She was telling her not to come over cause she was REALLY SICK, and that we didn't want to get sick also.

That created a big fight. Kattie called Maria and tattled and well they came over anyways. Oh YEAH! it was at 8pm at night and they stayed until after 11pm. I was Pissed! After they left Lisa and I got into a fight about that. I said it was RUDE and disrespectful to visit someone at 8 at night and she thought it is perfectly fine and I am wrong. I went to bed upset and got absolutely no sleep - just tossed and turned. Lisa and Maria stayed up till probably 2 or 3 am.

Monday morning, I woke up did the dishes and made myself coffee, ate 3 almond cookies that I brought and waited for them to wake up. They finally did at 10 and I made eggs, turkey bacon and a carb chopper tortilla for me and Lisa some eggs. (she said she can't cook anything at all and she is 29) I said do you want the eggs hard or soft? She said soft. I gave them to her and she says of I thought it was gonna be scrambled. DUH...I said hard or soft... What do you think that means?

So she says oh these are sunny side up. I said no they are fried and tried to tell her what sunny side up means, but she just yelled and argued with me, cause she is right you know. And - well she went to college and I didn't and don't work so I guess in her mind she is right about everything and I am always wrong.

I said I know what kind of eggs I made, and these are not sunny side up. Any way I wound up looking it up on my phone and read it to her to shut her up.

Then we went to run a bunch of errands. The Sams club in Vegas up the 215 is the only one that has Truvia in the 300 count box for only 13.57 or close to that, I can't remember so we made a trip there to get a bunch of boxes for me.

We went to lunch at Jason's Deli and I had the salad bar. It was good.

So we are at home later and 1 of her 2 dogs is peeing everywhere ever since we got there. She thinks he is the good one - NOT! So I tell her grab him and stick his nose near it and smack him lightly on the nose and tell him NO - BAD DOG!! She proceeds to argue and scream at me again saying that she took her dogs to many obedience classes and they all say not to do that. Well I said you have to do some thing, not just let him do it! Her: well its already been like 30 seconds so he forgot now. Me: Well do something!!! Don't just wait a minute then pet him and reward him for being bad!!!

It's a never ending battle with her and I don't know why.

This morning, I got up and did the same thing again. Made my coffee, did the dishes, packed all my stuff and waited for those 2 to finally get up. I ate a piece of my lemon bread with my coffee and waited.

When they got up finally - I made us each a carb chopper tortilla w/cheese and turkey bacon inside. We finally left after 10:30am. We stopped in Baker at Del Taco and I got a taco salad but did not eat the crunchy bowl.

I am now eating a spinach salad and buffallo wings - my favorite. I am glad to see hubby and be home.

That's it... Sorry it's so long - but I have been a tiny bit stressed. haha.

Thanks for listening - love you all. Have a good day. :-)


  1. sounds like a big bummer. I don't know if I would have been all nice and made them breakfast two days in a row after all that. :) Hope your stress level falls to acceptable levels here on out.

  2. Hi R,
    Your blog friends/family miss ya!!! Reading through your weekend I am proud that with all that tension, aruging, etc you didn't dive for quick bad snacks!! good for you.
    I hope you have a better rest of the week.
    I really missed your blogs!!

  3. Holy crap your sisters can bring the drama. All that stuff with her doggies would piss me off big time. It's funny how she likes to act like she knows everything because she has a degree and she is a nurse. You are awesome and we love you so much, I'm glad you are home with your own WELL BEHAVED doggies. :)

  4. Awesome job at staying on track; there's no sense letting someone else's issues get in YOUR way!!

    I say kill 'em with kindness. ;-)

  5. Rosie, What a last couple of days you've had! Families! Nothing makes us appreciate our own homes as much as staying a few days with the extended family!! I think because your sister is your "little" sister she is trying to prove that she knows more than you - sort of like what kids do with their parents. I wish someone would get up early and make me that awesome breakfast!

  6. Wow! Sorry you had such a stressful time! I'm really proud of you for staying on track with the BFC, even though you were out and super stressed! I agree with Dawn! You are so nice to make breakfast for your sister when all she did was argue with you! I don't think I could be that nice :) I hope things calm down and get back to normal now that you are home!

  7. Sorry to hear about your car and your trip....families can be so stressful. I could not spend long periods of time with my sister without not wanting to kill her. I am sure you are happy to be back home so you can de-stress.

  8. Isn't family fun??? I laugh so hard when you tell stories. You are a funny girl! I bet the dogs loved the pizza:)
    Do you guys have a Macy's anywhere close? I just got hired tonight for the Holiday's. I could try and remember the interview questions for you, wait....I don't remember anything???

  9. Aye yi yi Rosalie! That is some drama that Lisa brought to the table. Glad you are home now & hope the normalcy returns. Its a good thing that she doesnt live with you. Hang in there girl!
    p.s so jealous that you can get Truvia in that quantity & price at Sams club out your way. I have to buy it in the 40 pks box for $3.49-$3.99 range. Wish we would get that up north here. I love Truvia & dont use anything else now.

  10. HOLY CRAP!!! That was one BAD road trip!!! Sorry! :( At least you're home now. And...you got to go to the Baker Del Taco, which is the BEST DEL TACO EVER!!!!! :) Hugs!


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