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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

job hunting sucks, and zoomba...

HI Everybody,

Today was a strange day I started out with my breakfast of course of:
2 eggs, 1/2 avocado, berries, 2 oasis bread w/butter and natures hollow sugar free preserves, turkey bacon.

Then I started looking for a job on the computer for several hours. As I was applying online - I realized that maybe I should not apply for certain jobs anymore. I thought if it was a cashier job or something where people would look at my hands a lot they would see my hands shaking and think I am nervous, because of my ET's. I felt real bad about myself. I am starting to think that I might never get a job except a crappy one.

But even when I feel bad I never eat bad. That is the main thing I have learned on the Belly Fat Cure. I have learned to control my over eating. I have also learned that I don't need to eat all that junky stuff I used to eat before.

Lunch I ate:
in a bowl; some shirataki noodles, mushrooms, asparagus cut up, shredded beef, baby spinach, and some alfredo sauce all mixed together. It was good actually.
Then I had a piece of coconut bread w/cream cheese and natures hollow.

snack; some walnuts and string cheese. I felt I needed to eat something before I left to go to the zoomba class.

The zoomba class was at 6 and I met Laura there, I was her guest. Thanks Laura :-)
I was a bit nervous cause I had no idea what to expect. I looked silly and uncoordinated and tried to do my best to keep up with everyone else. I did OK for the first time EVER!! It was fun and hard all at the same time, and my lower back hurt a bit after. I was using muscles I never had before LOL.

I will definitely try it again. Laura and I are gonna try to find one closer and cheaper. Maybe at the YMCA.

I told Laura I will meet with her once a week to help her reach her weight loss goals. She lives not that far from me. I can do the same for anyone who lives nearby. I really love to help anyone to lose weight and feel as great as I do.

When I got home it was close to 8pm and I was hungry and had to break one of most important rules about not eating past 7pm. I took a hamburger patty and crumbled it up in a pan, cooked w/ mushrooms, tiny bit of onions, and chili powder and hot sauce. made a spinach salad w/avocado, cheese, and a spoon of fage yogurt, and poured the hamburger mixture on top. Yum! Then I had 2 squares of Lindt 85% chocolate.

Yesterday anonymous - who ever you are left a message and said he/she ?  is new. Welcome to our little blog community. I'm gonna say she - she asked what kind of exercise I have done. I have managed to lose 88lbs on the Belly Fat Cure w/o any kind of exercise except for walking fast every day. That's all I have done. I love to walk and try to go bet 1-3.5 miles per day.

The one thing about the BFC is that if you don't like to exercise, like me, you can still lose weight just by changing what you eat.

Now I am sitting here it's 9:45pm and my tummy feels too full from eating too late. URGH... I am so used to not eating so late for so long, I feel a bit guilty. Just a bit because the salad was (as my hubby would say) Off The Hook!!

Well thanks for listening. A big hug to anyone who needs one. If you are new here, don't forget to click join this site and comment and leave messages so we can all help each other. A name would help too.

Please don't forget to support all my friends blogs on the list below too.

and - WWRD?

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:


Achievement Positive QuoteAchievement seems to be connected with action.Successful men and women keep moving.They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Keep us posted on your Zoomba progress. I have never done it either.
    I have been wanting to ask you how you do the bowls of stuff like you had at lunch today. Do you put all that together out of the refrig and then microwave for how long? I know you like to do things simple, please give me the steps on how you cook the bowl meals (lid?) I am trying to add more spinach too (like Kay does). If you put spinach in egg scramble or omlet, do you need to pre cook it, or is is softened enough with the egg cooking in pan? Thanks!!

  2. I totally feel you about the job thing... I have been unemployed for over a year and it sucks! I really hope I find something soon because I am a single parent, so I am the only one my son can rely on! But yes- job hunting does suck!

    I wish I lived near you... it would be awesome to have you close for inspiration and ideas. But, the next best thing is this blog! I read it every day, even though I may not post anything. Thanks for the support!


  3. It's Kristy again...Just had an thought... have you ever thought about doing "direct sales"? Selling jewelry, Tupperware, bags, Avon? I think they have something for everyone...and maybe some of the FD wives would like it? Just an idea... I was just at a Silpada party last night and thought of it. I have considered doing it myself, but I don't know if I'd have a great customer base as it seems all of my friends know someone who sells something. But it can be lucrative and flexible... Some people set up at craft fairs and stuff. Just a suggestion :)


  4. I am sorry you are feeling bad about yourself Rosalie. You are special to all of us! If I needed a job and couldn't find one, I'd join Stampin' Up and put on scrap booking/stamping parties. And for the record, if you were checking me out and I saw your hands were shaking, I wouldn't think you were nervous - I wouldn't care at all, as long as you were ringing my stuff up correctly! And had a good attitude - attitude is everything. :)

  5. Do not feel bad about yourself! You are an inspiration to me and a lot of other people. Seeing how fabulous you are brought me back to BFC.

  6. Rosalie, you should seriously try to get a job in a weight loss center somewhere! You are such a fabulous motivator - although you might get the whole center changing their recommendations to BFC friendly, lol! Another thought would be work at the movie theaters and then you could see everything for free! Thanks for your continued support - it really helps!

  7. Job hunting does suck....my husband has started looking and they are not easy to find. Great job on trying the Zumba class you so brave. I have always wanted to but dont want to look stupid with no rythm.

  8. I hear you on the job front, I hope something you enjoy turns up. As far as zumba I am so proud of you for going, I have only done it in the privacy of my own living room. I need to get back to it, I've been lazy and full of excuses. You are awesome and very special, have a wonderful day :)

  9. Rosalie, I'm just catching up on the blog posts, but just wanted to suggest you look into something in the medical field. I would have gladly hired someone like you. There are so many offices looking for front desk receptionists, and many other positions. I would have trained the right person, so don't think because you never did that type of work, that you can't do it now. Just a thought!


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