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Sunday, October 30, 2011

If a Fireman will eat it, Then it IS GOOD!

Happy Sunday to you all,

First I would like to welcome Melody. She is new here and her and her husband are starting the BFC this week. She has been following Jorge's Facebook page and see's that no one gets many answers there. Everyone, please give her all the support you can, she has over 70lbs to loose and I know she can do it with us to help her.

Friday I went to the new mechanic and he was so nice. He changed my oil for only $20 and rotated the tires for free, and said I will have to replace the rear brakes maybe next time in 3 months or so. I asked him if I had a leak underneath cause the other guy kept telling me that he needed to replace a gasket and it will cost like $300. He said: do you see a leak in your driveway?? I said no but- they said... Again he said do you see spots in the garage or driveway??? NO- well then there is your answer. He said no everything is fine. SEE! that other guy is a crook.

Hubby took a bunch of stuff with him to work at the F.D. Friday night. He took Lemon, and pumpkin muffins and almond cookies. I said: what are you doing??? Cause he had a ton of stuff. I said well it doesn't matter - take what ever you want and I will make more.

He told me the next morning that all the guys loved them. HAHA - you know if a Fireman will eat it, Then it IS GOOD!

Diana was asking yesterday what the vinegar is for in the coconut breads??
I saw it in a recipe online for coconut flour stuff and the baker said it helped keep it moist, so there you go.

I am lovin the square muffin pan. It is real heavy duty and non stick, so when I spray it with a little pam the stuff just slides right out and makes for easy clean up. It was only like $11.99 at Wal-Mart. Go get one then we can all be muffin twins. :-)

Yesterday I had 2 Oasis toast (on products tab) for breakfast w/pepper jack cheese, butter, avocado, and 2 poached eggs on top w/some berries. Sorry it was too good to take a picture I was hungry. Here is a picture of the egg poacher I used. OK-so don't ask me where I got it??? I have middle-heimers and can't remember, LOL. But I think I got it from a magazine a million years ago, it goes in the microwave. Easy Peasy..

Then we went to the movies at around 1:30 and saw In Time (AWESOME) I packed some lunch meat wrapped with cheese in the middle in my purse and had popcorn. OF COURSE.

Then I came home later and had a cauliflower crust pizza and could not resist 2 pumpkin muffins for desert.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday and Halloween and stay away from the candy!!!! GRR I mean it!! Have your own BFC snack ready so you will not be tempted. Make some coconut and Almond stuff.

Thanks as always for listening to me today. Lots of love comin your way from me. If anyone has any questions or need any help, here is the place to speak. Leave a comment below and we will all help you I promise.  and remember WWRD??

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Power to Choose

power to chooseIf you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Thanks for giving me the info on the vinegar...I will try that the next batch. I will have to check the pans out next visit to walmart. I am trying to cook a few more things on the weekends so I can have during the week. Happy Halloween and I will be staying away from the candy!

  2. Hi Rosalie! I have one of those microwave egg poachers and I got it at Bed Bath and Beyond, I think. The only prob with it is that it always explodes in the microwave and makes a mess. I want to try the new As Seen On TV hardboiled egg maker called Eggies. I guess you crack eggs inside each little egg and boil it like hardboiled eggs and then it comes out and you don't have to peel the shell. I like that idea because sometimes I miss peeling little pieces of shell and then eat it! Yuck!!!
    Very cool that the Firemen like BFC friendly stuff! Did they know it was BFC friendly? Who cares, they liked it and it was good for them! Hahaha!
    Happy Halloween!!!!

  3. I agree with some of your posts about not going grain free. I think I was getting too low on carbs because I started feeling so tired. I don't like taking a lot of vitamins because I think real food is better. I researched and being on a very low carb diet for too long can slow down your metabolism (not a good thing for us over 50 gals). I started back on the BFC like it's supposed to be and getting a little exercise and I feel so much better and the scale went down 2 lbs. I think it's ok to alternate between 6 carb servings and 2-3, but I think it's pretty tough on a person to stay on the lower end for long periods of time. Just my thoughts...

  4. Thanks for the update Rosalie. You're the very best at welcoming newcomers. And having support is critical-I know that for sure.
    I welcome Melody too, how do we contact her?
    Yep...I need the square pan for sure!

  5. I have square muffin tins too - they are fun! Happy Halloween!

  6. You know, I've never even had poached eggs before. I wonder if I'd like them. My husband keeps eating all the stuff I'm baking too. Sometimes I get a little irritated because I think I bake enough to get us through the week and then he starts eating way too much of it and I have to make more stuff. If only he could bake!
    Hope you have a Happy Halloween!! (and don't worry - the candy isn't even tempting me)

  7. "Muffin twins" "Middle-heimers"----started my day off with a great, big smile!! :D

    I LOVE poached eggs. My southern Grandaddy used to make them for me every Saturday morning...wonderful memories. (okay, now my day started off with a tear *sniff, sniff*)

    Sending you some love for all you do for all of us!! {{{HUG}}}

  8. I got my egg poacher at WalMart for about $2. I don't cook the eggs as long as it says. About 53 seconds in the microwave and they don't explode and the middles don't get overcooked.


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