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I'm Not Dieting - I've Changed My Lifestyle

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I am here to say YES YOU CAN!!

Hello Friends,

I am starting to realize that I am a rare commodity. What I mean is, I have been faithful to the Belly Fat Cure since I started over a year and a half ago. I have done it consistently and have been successful. I have lost almost the 88lbs that I have set out to do in the beginning.

It is very hard to stick to for some and with good reason. Many fall off or cheat all the time and wonder why it does not work. Sometimes you feel so deprived and different from everyone else. We feel like such a outcast. We can't eat anything that anyone else does. WHY?? That just doesn't seem fair - does it?

That is the way I used to feel. I used to say "I can never do this for the rest of my life. This is definitely a diet cause you can't eat like everyone else." The first 2 months I sat holding my tummy every night complaining how hungry I was to my Hubby.

But I never QUIT or CHEATED!!. I felt after the first week of me losing 7lbs that I owed it to myself to give it a chance. The more I did it, the more weight came off. It was very slow (if you look at my weight loss progress page above). I think that was the absolute best thing - slowly...

I have met so many people that are so amazed that my skin is not flabby under my chin and under my arms. Actually so am I after so much weight being gone that I clung on to for 20 years. I should look like a deflated balloon, but I don't for some reason.

I think it is the low sugar part, and maybe good genes from my mama and dad (RIP). But mostly the low sugar thing I think.

Now, I stay dedicated to this lifestyle because I am so lucky to have found it. I don't pout anymore. I don't feel different - just lucky to have been able to lose all this weight at the age of 52. I share with everyone I meet, literally!! I offer to help anyone, but some are to scared I think that they cannot do it.

I am here to say YES YOU CAN!! If I can do it, without ever dieting before, then SO CAN YOU!!

I went to the movies yesterday afternoon and saw Planet of the Apes. When I go to the movies I usually will skip my grain carb w/lunch to make up for the popcorn that I am gonna eat. I don''t put butter (too fattening and too many calories in that butter).

So for lunch ate:
some chicken lunch meat w/ 6 leftover asparagus from the day before and some sour kraut wrapped inside the chicken. Hubby said that is a good idea when he saw me eating it on my plate. I also had 2 chocolate coconut bread w/joseph's sugar free peanut butter on top.  S-2/C-1

dinner; broccoli, 4 asparagus, 3 turkey bacon,  and some rediwhip in a bowl for desert.  S-2/C-0

Breakfast this morning: 
2 chocolate coconut bread w/peanut butter and blueberries on top, and a chicken feta, spinach patty. S-4/C-1

Thanks for listening. Love to anyone who need some. Don't forget to visit and join my friends blogs below. We all need as much support as we can get!!

This is PurpleRosy signing off....

My thought for the day:

Saying Yes, Saying No

Half of the troubles of this life can be traced to saying yes too quickly and not saying no soon enough. 

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. You are rare and you have stayed committed. You have never given up, and you constantly motivate the rest of us to know that we can be successful too.
    You are lucky about your skin, take care of it! I look at pictures of me a couple of years ago and I see such a difference in my face:( I wish it was just the hair do:(I say this as I look forward to going to the pool with my friend tomorrow for 3 hours!

  2. Rosalie~ I think weight loss is nothing more than a choice and how badly do we want it. You have chosen to follow it and make it your lifestyle & your reward is losing 88lbs & feeling great. Kudos to you my friend & many congrats! I believe that the reason that I continue to lose on WW is becuase I made the choice in Dec that THIS TIME was going tobe different, ans it is because I am nearing 40# off now. Its all in the choices you make.
    Have a great day!

  3. Rosalie, I so needed to hear this today. I am not like you and can't say I never cheated. That's my problem. I want to be stronger. On the plus side, I feel so much better with the sugar under control, and my skin is clearer and I don't crave things. I actually can control the urge to eat a cookie or piece of cake. The carbs are just so easy to eat because they are everywhere and there isn't always a whole grain option. So I am trying to plan better and really work on that area. I'm not giving up!!! Mostly because of you!! Hugs to you my friend. ( from me and Admiral Bubbles!!!)

  4. I totally understand, because i have been one of those one's that stayed committed for about 3 months and then stress got the best of me and I gave up. I started again last week and I have already cheated again due to stress. With life stresses I seem to have no will power. But I am trying so hard. I am so envious of your will power and how much you have lost. It awesome Rosalie!!

  5. You are truly an inspiration, Rosalie! Thank you for sharing your story with all of us and continuing to stress your success factors - I know it is helpful to everyone who reads your blog. Have a super day! Is there a new Planet of the Apes out? Wild!

  6. You are amazing. I have been reading your blog since almost the beginning of it and I commend you for working so hard and making it all work for you. What I have noticed is that you continually make good choices. Even though butter is okay on your popcorn you choose to make the good choice of saving the calories and eating it plain. I started this 18 months ago and while I only had 10 pounds to lose, and it happened quickly, it has been so easy to continue eating this way (with help from reading yours and others blogs) and I have kept it off. NO more muffin top for me. I know for me sugar is my trigger and like you I just avoid it, and don't even want the fake sugar candy …the sugar craving has really gone away now. Now my lindt dark chocolate or a Walkers pure butter shortbread cookie..I like the round ones with only 3 grams sugar and 10 carbs per cookie..(nothing fake about them..red plaid box yum !) Sometime I make poor choices and buy too big a bag of healthy chips etc..and as I see myself overindulge over and over again..I am not afraid of just THROWING the BAG away. Just keep the junk out of the house! I agree with you and Kay on the wine thing. I know this is a touchy subject as I too am dealing with that issue with a family member. WINE just has a draw for people and with all the "healthy benefits" people never want anyone to tell them it can be a problem. Just try to take it away…and oh my gosh they get angry and defensive. Serving sizes are also so interesting as too many times I see people drinking out of GIANT glasses, and two servings ends up being a bottle or more..all in the name of "health benefits" and "it's only half a glass…..!" People always say..I don't need it….I could quit, but just try to take it away for even one day and it gets ugly. Sorry for my rant. Your blog helps so many people. Jorge "borrowed" all this information from other sources and I am grateful I found him, but you have made it real and doable so many are grateful to you. Rosy…WALKING is exercise! I have been walking with friends for over 15 years now a couple times a week, best exercise ever and I am pretty sure that has helped you too..mentally I NEED it! Congrats on your wonderful accomplishment. YOU DID IT ! So many times people get stickers and praise for "good tries", which makes rewards not mean very much…but YOU earned a TROPHY for a job well done! M

  7. Its funny that you wrote this today, because just this morning I was looking over your weight loss page. I was frustrated at not losing this week even though I stayed true to the diet and wanted to see what your losses were like when you had reached about my weight. Like you told me, some weeks you didn't lose anything and a couple weeks you even gained a pound. Eventually the pounds came off and that was what I needed to see. Your mantra was "never give up" and that's also how I feel. It's really not that hard to stick with this diet if you find things on it that you like to eat, and maybe it was the slow weight loss that helped with the tight skin at the end.

  8. Thank you, Rosy! You are such an inspiration to me. I read your blog nearly every day and it keeps me motivated.

    I started a blog, too: http://blobba.blogspot.com. Blogging also helps keep me on track because I know there are people reading it, so I feel accountable.

    So far, so good! Thanks for helping all of us BFC'ers!


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