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Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Deserve it....

Hello everyone,

I hope everybody has a great weekend - considering that the world is supposed to end today. That guy is a kook!! No one should ever have that kind of knowledge even if it was available. Why would you want to know that?? That just goes to show you that we should all make the best out of every day that we have.

Like Being Healthy!! Doing the BFC 100%. And getting down to the weight and size that we are meant to be!!

Yesterday I was chatting with my very good friend that I have never met in person, Mayra. We met a long time ago on Facebook, I think, thru both of us doing the BFC. We talk on the phone all the time and chat on Facebook, either one just about every day.

I was telling her how I said to my hubby that I felt guilty about spending all that money lately having my nails done and the last time I got my underarms and legs waxed. I don't work as you know and I am trying to find a job - which I am starting to think is hopeless for me since I have been self employed for sooooo long.

I told hubby that I will do my toes my self and stop the legs waxing, but I just want to do my fingers and underarms. If you have never done the underarm waxing - you should!! I felt so guilty about spending so much money I was crying to him.

Do you know what he told me??

He said NO - I want you to keep having it done - your feet look so nice. I said but I don't work...and it's a lot of money every 2 weeks, $110. He said It costs a lot of money to look so beautiful.

My friend Mayra said he is right and to practice what I preach. She said that is what I would say to her.

So - my moral to all this is, that I have felt so bad about myself for so long being so big, that it is hard to change my mental attitude sometimes.. I have got to keep telling myself that:


So that is my thought for the weekend........................

Yesterday I ate:
breakfast; 2 oasis bread w/butter on each pc, some avocado smushed on it, pepperjack cheese, and a egg on each pc, w/8 blackberries  4/1

lunch; stir veggies of; baby bok choy, celery, asparagus, zuchinni, mushroom, onion, and a salmon patty cut up, shirataki noodles, and some braggs, and a little alfredo sauce. YUM! 5/0 ?

snack; some pork rinds 0/0

dinner; spinach salad, w/feta cheese, bacon bits, 1 gm of sugar dressing, 7 meatballs, 6 brussel sprouts, and some seeds of change pasta sauce. 2/0

That's it for now. Lots of love to all. Please leave your comments and visit my friends blogs on the list below.

This is PurpleRosy signing off......

My thought for today:

Where Your Thoughts Have Brought You

Your Thoughts Positive QuotesYou are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Whoo Hoo!!!! I bet you felt so good when your hubby said that to you. I know what you mean about feeling strange spending money when you don't have a job... I used to feel that way a lot before I had a job. My hubby always made me feel better too, he would say it's our money and you deserve to spend some. Keep on taking care of yourself you deserve it :)

  2. What a great post Rosalie! I especially like the quote at the end. And, it is hard to see yourself differently after losing weight. Hard to give up the negative images of ourselves, hard to be good to ourselves, and just plain hard to feel beautiful. I am so glad that things in your life make you feel beautiful. YOU ABSOLUTELY DESERVE TO FEEL THAT WAY kiddo, because you ARE! (()) to you

  3. You are right, you do deserve it:) We all deserve it! My splurge is having my house cleaned. I don't work so it isn't like I couldn't do it myself, I just love having it done and my husband loves having it so clean. Win, win:) I do think of what I could do with the extra money, but knowing myself, I would just waste it on frivolous things anyway!
    I really wish I had a million dollars!

  4. Your husband has a good looking chick on his arm, he's so happy for you becoming healthy, and he's definitely a keeper. You also take care of his castle, and he takes care of you, and life is good to the both of you! Each of us have our own lives to live, and enjoy it everyday, because life marches on way too quickly.

  5. I am so glad I did not go out and buy that sports car today thinking that I would not have to pay for it if the world ended....lol maybe I should of had my nails and legs and underarms done like you huh? It is nice to be kind to ourselves and we deserve to be treated every once in awhile. If it makes you feel better and your husband is all for it then go for it!


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