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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Visiting Maria...

Good Morning to all,

Well I have to say that I am loving this scale over here at Maria's. This morning it said 153.2 lbs. I know when I get home it will probably still say 155.

So the other day when that stuff happened I told Kattie for her to leave her mom alone and stop coming over so late at night. Her and Lisa would always come and visit late at night and stay till like 1or 2am all the time. Well Maria used to work till 10pm and she would get home at 10:30 then do stuff, clean the kitchen cook, stuff like that.

I told Kattie that if her mom wanted to go to bed at 10 let her. So last night - I got ready for bed at 10pm and went in the other room to read, cause the TV in there doesn't work. Then what do I hear but Kattie at 10:10pm, just when Maria was getting ready to go in her room to relax. after about 10 minutes, I went out there and ripped Kattie a new one. I told her she was rude and selfish and to not come over that late. You just don't bring your dogs to other peoples house and you don't visit people at 10 at night. I told her to grow up.

So I hear her whispering to Maria that Maria never goes to bed so early anyway. I yelled - I CAN HEAR YOU!! AND IT"S RUDE TO VISIT THIS LATE AT NIGHT!!

Well anyway - now that I got that off my chest. Maria and I went to visit Dad's grave and put some flags and flowers.
They still don't have the grass around it yet because they said they have to wait until all the spaces are full then they will do the whole thing. It was nice. I feel my around me all the time not just when I was there. I see the pictures of him on my cell phone, computer and on facebook and I feel like he is looking right at me.

Then Maria and I went to this little hole in the wall restaurant we found the last time and had lunch. I had a salmon salad and ate half and 1/2 piece of garlic toast and iced tea. Maria had a chili salad that was to die for. It had tortilla chips and chili and I guess there was lettuce under there somewhere. I had a few of the chips w/some chili. Yummy.

Today we are going to find this Sam's club that when Lisa lived over here - was near her house. They have big boxes of truvia there with 300 in the box for like $13. I hope the still have some cause I'm gonna get like 4 boxes. Then I'm gonna take her to a movie and maybe out to eat again.

I hope you all have a great day. Love and hugs from over here in Vegas.

My thought for the day:


Listen Positive Quote
The willingness to listen, really listen, when someone is speaking, is the foundation of understanding, upon which good communication is built.
Keep on BFC ' n  :-)

1 comment:

  1. You girls are staying active in Vegas. I don't get why anyone would visit someone that late. I take it Maria doesn't work, so she's home in the day, why aren't they visiting her then? I know if I heard someone at my door at 10:00 pm it would probably scare the living daylights out of me. Doesn't Maria tell her not to come over so late. Did she get mad that you spoke up? Vegas must have some real night owls there!


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