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Monday, April 4, 2011

Year 2, Monday starting wk 11 on the Belly Fat Cure

Good Morning,

Last night we decided to go to WoodRanch BBQ. That is the place we went to one time before. I had the Prime Rib w/ asparagus, we split a bottle of Cabernet, we split a cesar salad, I had 1 tiny bit of his sweet potatoes, and about 3 bites of the bread.

I think at this stage of the game for me I can break a rule once in a while and have those 3 bites of the bread.

When I was with my sister the other day on Saturday, after the movies I kept asking her what she wanted to eat. She is SOOOOOOOOOO picky. Boy am I glad I grew up poor and learned to appreciate so much!

My mom left my dad when I was very little, around 5 I think. I remember him visiting once - then never again. When I was 16 I reconnected with him. Lisa and Kattie, my 2 sisters were raised by him and Maria their mother.

OK so that's the scoop.

So anyway back to the dinner - I kept  bringing up lots of stuff - and she was, no, no, no, yuck, no. So I decided to go across the street from where we were, there was 5 things to choose from. We went into Senior Baja, ( I think that's what it was called) I got nachos for hubby who was gonna meet us at home, she got a quesadilla, then I said oh boy there is nothing for me to eat. They didn't have any taco salads or anything like that.

So Lisa said, "you can eat anything you want, you are only 5 lbs away from your goal. We live in america and you can do anything you want, you can eat this stuff now - you are skinny now, you can eat as much as you want when ever you want".

She was really pissing me off. SO I told the girl that I have lost over 80lbs in the past over a year, and one of the reasons is because I don't eat beans and rice and tortillas at dinner. So I asked the girl if she can make me a bowl with lettuce, meat, guac, stuff like that. I told Lisa I am not gonna change the way I eat for you or anybody. I really got angry at her and didn't speak in the car on the way home.

Any way my point is to not let anyone bully you into doing what they want. Be strong! Do what you feel is best for you!!

I can't tell you haw many times I came across that same situation through the past year.

Stay on your BFC diet and you will succeed. Just take that bite or 2 only once in a while, and you will do fine.

I just had the best breakfast:
2 slices of oasis bread w/butter, then I put pepper jack cheese on top of each slice, made 2 fried eggs then put on top of each slick of cheese, then I mushed some avocado on top of the egg, put on a plate w/turkey bacon and my 8 blackberries, and coffee, and unsweetened almond breeze. Yummy breakfast!

my purple nails - jel of the hands - polish to match on the feet.

Have a great day today. It will be 83 over here.

Thanks for listening. Lots of love to all. Please leave your comments and don't forget to visit all my friends blogs on the list below.

My thought for the day:

Commit to What You Are Doing

Commit to What you Are Doing Positive QuoteIf you do not make a total commitment to whatever you are doing, then you start looking to bail out the first time the boat starts leaking. It is tough enough getting that boat to shore with everybody rowing, let alone when a guy stands up and starts putting his life jacket on.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. You go girl!! Stand up for what you believe. :) I do the same when my hubby says its just one meal, that food won't hurt you, etc. etc. I eat for me, and to feel good for me. That is what we should all do. :) By the way, love love the purple fingers and toes! Enjoy the beautiful weather. Its mid 80's here today too.

  2. Good job:) I love the fingers and toes....and the good advice!

  3. Love the purple !!!! I can see you smiling from the reflection on your toes :)
    I haven't been in touch in awhile, but I have been keeping up with your blogs.. Thank you, they have helped me get through a few tough weeks. Glad you and hubby went out and had a good time. I am very proud of you for sticking to your guns and getting what works for you. Otherwise we would all be back to where we were a year ago.. You go girl !!!!

  4. Gotta stand up for what you believe in. If we just eat what we want whenever we want we would be right back to where we started. So good for you girl! Love the nails and the color....Purple is my favorite color too.

  5. It must be the color purple! Your Sisters attitude is why most people in America is overweight. Just a little here, a little there, and this is why you are 80 plus pounds lighter because you're not a push over! Way to go!

  6. Good job being strong...it sound's like your sis can test your patience. I love your nails, you inspired me to paint mine last night.


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