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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Just Stressin................

Hello Team BFC Listeners,

  • On the job front: The bank that sent me that email about a position open, emailed me back and informed me that I did not qualify for the position... I got so mad - WHY DID THEY EMAIL ME IN THE FIRST PLACE?? They already had my info from before. Whatever--------
  • Remember I said my son was here? Problems, problems, problems. I am under a tremendous amount of stress because of his behavior. He is 28 and needs to get his sh-t together. What is that saying? The parents bear the sins of their children? or something like that. Well that feels like me.
  • I get so stressed yesterday, I even had a snack between lunch and dinner. I really didn't want it but I was so upset I had to do something. I had some cheese and walnuts. That sounds so funny to say it that way huh?
  • So I was gonna go visit Maria this weekend, (my step-mom), but I decided to wait until later on in the week instead. I have been very worried about her since the death of Dad. She is lonely and depressed, I know - even though she does not tell me all the time. I try to call her 2-3 times a week. I told her when I come over we can go to the movies - out to eat - and visit my dad (bring flowers). 
A few days ago my son asked me what this stuff was? I told him -You know the flavored stevia drops for your coffee? He said can I put this in water? I was like - I don't know - try it. To my surprise ...It was actually good in water. You should try it.......... The flavor I had was - toffee.

  • What I ate yesterday
  • breakfast; 2 slices of Oasis bread, w/butter then some avocado smashed on top, then some shredded cheese and 1 fried egg on top, with 2 turkey bacon, and 8 blackberries. I have to say that it was GOOOOD!
  • lunch; orowheat sandwich thin - wheat, w/pepper jack cheese, a turkey patty, and natures hollow sugar free catsup and mustard and some veggie chips.
  • snack; cheese and walnuts.
  • dinner; buffallo wings and sauted spinach and kimchee (spicy fermented cabbage) then 2 squares of 85% dark chocolate and redi whip.
  • On Easter, I decided I am going to mom-in-laws house and go to church with her. (even though I am Jewish). I thought it would be nice to hang out with her since hubby has to work. She is lonely too. I have a cute dress that I bought 1 time that I went to Kohls.
Well my headache is finally going away now from this morning. I didn't sleep well and woke up with a doozey.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I do have a lead for a job today - I am not gonna give up that easy.

This is PurpleRosy signing off.....

My thought for the day:

NO matters what comes your way - just know that you are not alone. Hugs and Kisses to all...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. HEy Rosalie! WOW!!!! What amazing before & after photos you posted!! You look fantabulous and are doing so great and only 5# away from that 150!!! You go girl!!!
    Sorry I havent been posting much. Just super busy here...but I have been thinking about all of my blogging buds!
    Have a wonderful Easter & good luck on the job front. God is saving a really good one for you so dont be discouraged!
    p.s Please change my weight ot 189.6. I am in the 180s now!!! Woooo hoooo!!!

  2. Hey Rosalie :)
    I love your blog! Just wondering how much Reddi Whip you usually have? Like how many squirts? I find it hard not to eat almost the whole can!

    Thanks again for your blog--Happy Easter! Bet the dress will be great :)
    Happy bfc-ing

  3. I'm sorry that you have been stressed. Kid stress is not fun. I am proud of you that you don't stress eat....like a whole bad of chocolate Easter eggs!
    Good job!

  4. Still think you should be in the field of weight loss like Sherri is thinking of. She's getting involved in Weight Watchers. Try your local YMCA and get a BFC class going. You can start a class of about 20 ladies/gents. Find a meeting room, and start the BFC with them. Take like 5.00 bucks per class 3x's a week. Then start another one. Good Luck.

  5. Rosalie, sorry things are a little stressful for you. I know how hard it can be when the kids are around. Dont worry to much about a job I know that there is something waiting out there just for you. Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Easter.

  6. I feel your stress Rosie! It has been an amazingly stressful week but I have found that if I go to the gym work out for about and hour and a half.. I feel so much better.. its like the more i sweat ..i visualize that as the stress coming out of my body.. weird but I feel better :) UPDATE: I now weight 181.8

    Patti Ashworth

  7. Sorry to hear about the stress your son is causing you,been there done that.Hey I have never heard of flavored stevia drops,where do you buy them?

  8. Kohls...get a job at Kohls..you love that place.

  9. I seriously like Kasey's idea. I hate hearing that everything is stressful and sucks. I hope your son gets his stuff together and stops looking to you when he needs to be bailed out.


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