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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Year 2, Thursday wk 9 on the Belly Fat Cure

Good Morning everybody,

I am surprised and shocked to report that this morning my weight is down to 156lbs. Wow! Right? Well it might go back up a bit, but it always happens like that for me. Up then down.

Just when I have accepted that I will probably be 157-158 lbs, and this is where I am supposed to be. This goes to show you what I have been saying all along.

Just keep doing the Belly Fat Cure correctly and eventually the weight will keep coming off. It really has no choice. When you decide to make such a drastic change to your diet and your life, something good will come out of it.

So that leads me to wondering, what will happen when I DO get down to my goal of 150lbs? Obviously if I keep going the same way - I will just keep getting smaller. So I might have to alter the way I eat a bit. Right now sometimes I only eat 2 carbs servings a day. So maybe I should try to eat a little more?

Well there are worse things to worry about - right??

So the other day Hubby bought himself another computer from Best Buy. It is like a standing joke in our house. It seems like at least once a week he decides to sell his cell phone or computer on ebay and buy another one. So he had credit leftover at Best Buy and took it upon himself to buy me an Ipad. The original one was $100 cheaper than the new ones. The he found one in an open box and it was 10% cheaper.

So the new one (16 gb) is $499 - $100 for the original one = $399 - 10% = $359 + the tax of course.

So  spent at least 3-4 hours trying to figure out what the heck to do. First you have to hook it up to my current laptop to install the latest version of Itunes. Its kind of like a big phone screen to me. So I was trying to download a free app and it kept saying your Itunes ID had been blocked.

I tried everything and then got so frustrated I had to call apple. Over a year ago I noticed on my checking acct that my Itunes acct had been hacked and I was getting a ton of charges that I never made. After a while it was all cleared up. But then I found out that was why my ID is blocked now, and she got it unblocked. SO then I guess the changed my password and when I tried to sign in multiple times it blocked me again.

Well anyway after calling again they fixed it and I was able to sign in and download some apps. The bad thing about the Ipad is, flash does not work which is in most webpages. Also there is no official Facebook app, just a knock off. And you cannot play any games on facebook. I read that apple is going to allow flash and facebook soon - so I guess I will keep it for now.

What I ate:
Wednesday morning I had some Uncle Sams cereal w/ truvia and some chocolate unsweetened almond breeze. It was very good and chocolaty. Yum

Can't remember what else I ate - LOL middle heimers

Yesterday I ate:
breakfast; 2 eggs , w oasis bread w/ butter and natures hollow sugar free preserves on one and peanut butter w/1gm of sugar on the other, and my coffee, blah, blah, blah

lunch; smart and delicious wheat tortilla w/ turkey, cheese, spinach leaves and mustard

snack; just super seed w/water

dinner; shirataki noodles w/ 7 meatballs, zuchinni, mushrooms, alfredo sauce, and parmesan cheese. and some RediWhip w/ 8 blackberries on top for desert.

The about 10 pm I was laying in bed and realized I didn't eat enough food all day and I was hungry. Tummy was growling and not happy, so I went downstairs and got a piece of cheese and a handful of walnuts. Much better!

Sorry the post was so ling today.

Thanks for listening. Lots of love to all. Please leave your comments.

Don't forget to check in on all my BFC friends blogs on the list below.

My thought for the day:

Be aware that what you think, to a large extent, creates the emotions that you feel. See the link between your thinking and your emotions. Rather than being your thoughts and emotions, be the awareness behind them.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I read somewhere that we can add two fruits per day to our diet once we reach our goal. I'm going to trade those two fruits for ONE glass of orange juice, I am missing OJ so much!

    Great job on your diet so far! You are an inspiration. I even set up a blogspot of my own to join in the archiving and sharing that makes this diet so easy to follow! Thanks!

  2. Yay for the two lbs. :) I think our body will naturally stop at a certain point with the weight loss. I mean we are eating really healthy, but once our body reaches a certain weight we can just work on the maintenance I think and add a few more carbs here and there and sweets on special occasions. :)

  3. Congrats on the weight loss you have got to feel so good. Hey even if you stay at that weight you look great but I know you will lose the rest. Thanks for checking in on me...I am still hanging in there.

  4. I never thought of Choc. Almond Breeze with Uncle Sams - GREAT idea.

  5. First of all....a BIG "WHOOT WHOOT" & fist pump to Rosalie for reaching the 156 mark!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!! That is absolutely FANTABULOUS!!!!! You will reach that 150 girl...its just getting harder because you dont have much to lose now and that last 10# is always the hardest to get rid of (so Im told!) I never thought of uncles sams & almond milk either...good idea. Im not a cereal fan because I just dont feel like it fills me up enough but I will keep that in mind. I triend chocolate unsweetened almond milk in my coffee and can I just tell you, its pretty darned good!! Kind of adds yummy mocha twist!! I love cream with my coffee so this is a good find for me.
    Have a great day my friend! I always look forward to your posts!! :)

  6. I am so encouraged by your success:) Very cool. You had told me about an app that you had for your Droid phone, if you find a similar app for your ipad let me know. I have an iphone and it would work for both. (calorie counter)
    I will have to buy some of the chocolate Almond Breeze. I haven't had coffee very often because I am used to the French Vanilla creamer! I now drink tea...tea, tea, tea! Ugh!
    Great job on the weight loss!!!

  7. Great job!! I did notice you are eating the smart and delicious tortillas....they have wheat gluten, which is not necessarily bad but I lost a few more pounds by cutting out food with wheat gluten. The next time you need or want to shake things up you might try that. =0)


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