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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Year 2, Saturday wk 4 on the Belly Fat Cure

Good Morning to all,

I have to tell yo what has been going on the past 2 days. I had a 30% coupon that came in the mail for Kohls, one of my favorite stores. I like it because its in between Target and Macy's. They have great sales and good quality clothes.

I went over on Thursday while hubby was at work and took my time looking thru all the clearance racks and found a bunch of shirts for hubby and myself. Then I went over to the junior section and thought I would look, maybe there was something there by mistake.

I found this wool tweed jacket that went just above my knees, with my favorite color PURPLE, and cream colors in a plaid pattern. I tried it on (a large in junior size) and I can't believe that not only did it fit, but I looked so skinny and cute. However there was a problem, no price tag and nothing else like it in the whole store.

I found a girl and she said just take it up to the register and they can look up the price by the numbers on the tag.  So I was done shopping and went to pay. The lady at the register said, Oh yeah I remember that jacket and looked it up and said the regular price was $100, and it was on sale for $70. I said COME on, it was on the clearance 70% off rack, can't you do better than that. She said OK hold on, then she said how about $25. I said thank you and took it. I still had the 30% off coupon and I got like, 8 shirts and the jacket for $97, and that made that $100 jacket for only $20.  WOO HOO for me!!
My cute new purple jacket.
This is one of the new t-shirts I bought. Hubby kept saying how skinny I looked.

I had so much fun that I went back yesterday and got some more tops and even a pair of jeans off the clearance rack in - guess what?  SIZE 8.

Then this morning I was wearing one of the shirts I bought, its just a teal colored long sleeved t-shirt, tight fitting. Hubby kept saying how good I looked.

But yesterday I decided to go thru my closet again to get rid of all the tops that won't fit anymore to give them to Maria. As I was trying them all on I just wanted to cry, Heck I am crying telling you about it right now. I looked at myself in the mirror and said WOW! I remember that this top used to fit me way to small and now I am swimming in it.

I am so grateful that I found the Belly Fat Cure and that It really worked for me!

It can work for you TOO!! Just be faithful and DON'T QUIT!!

Thanks for listening. Love to all of you. Please leave your comments.

My thought for the day:

Sorry - I am thoughtless today, hey its Saturday  :-)

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Yeah for Kohl's 30% coupon..just love that store, Eddie Bauer, and Nordstroms Rack..they can get me in some serious troubles..u must post a few pictures in ur new duds!
    Love ya Sue Moschino

  2. OMG, that is amazing Rosalie!! I will be in tears in the store if this ever happens to me. I know I can get there, this week just is going rough and I don't seem to be losing weight, but I guess that is the stress, because I think I have been holding onto everything (you know what I mean) for the past couple of days. Not usually like this for me, but it has been lately. I am so excited for you to find all those good finds at Kohls. That is one of my fav stores. :) Have a great weekend !!

  3. Sounds like it was a lot of fun!! I can hardly wait to get to that point and buy myself a whole new wardrobe in size 8 instead of 20 or 22. Please do post some pics as you are very inspiring along my BFC journey; thank you for all that you share!

  4. I love Kohl's too. You have nailed it, they are between Target and Macy's in terms of selection, quality and price. How nice that you fit so well into those new clothes! And that purple jacket sounds like it was made JUST FOR YOU! Have a great weekend!

  5. I love Kohl's to you can find so much great stuff and great prices. Looking good!

  6. Rosalie, you look amazing. The jacket is so cute, and in the teal shirt you have such a small tummy...you have come such a long way, I am so happy for you. Good job, your persistance has paid off!!!

    And I just wanted to say to my bfc friends that I have joined the bfc blog club :)

  7. You do look amazing in your new clothes! We don't have a Kohl's here, and I've never been in one. I do go to Ross Stores because here they have some great brands, but you've got to really search for a good deal. Cheers!

  8. Hey Rosalie!! Can you even stand it??!! A coat in the JUNIORS Dept??!! THAT is nothing short of AMAZING!!! I would LOVE to wear the same size as my 15yr old and Im telling you all....come Sept, this girl is gonna be sporting a size 10....Just sayin... You look adorable in that coat and look at your hourglass shape!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!


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