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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Year 2, Saturday week 1 on the Belly Fat Cure

Good morning ,

Well this is the weekend and once a week I say its French Toast time. So here is a picture of my breakfast this morning.
2 slices of Oasis, low carb, sprouted flaxseed bread, made w/egg, a little bit of unsweetened Almond Breeze and cinnamon, and a little butter on top, 2 slices of turkey bacon, 7 blackberries, Josephs sugar free syrup, coffee w/benefiber, truvia, powdered cream, cinnamon, and of course all my vitamins.

Oh yeah - I forgot the glass of chocolate unsweetened Almond Breeze.

Yesterday I was having one of those days where I felt like my hormones fell off a cliff. I just felt down and bad. I realize that is probably part of the change starting in me. I am 52 and still get my period. I know right? So now I am getting good at spotting the hormone thing. I just cleaned the bathrooms and walked with the dogs and ran a bunch of errands yesterday. Nothing really much to speak of.

Hubby is working days so today I just finished my breakfast and I am just gonna vaccum and maybe go to the movies and watch that real scary movie that just came out yesterday w/Anthony Hopkins called the Rite. You know I love me some scary movies!!!

You know that means popcorn, so I will probably not eat carbs w/lunch. Sometimes I just take some turkey lunch meat rolled up w/cheese inside and some spinach or romaine lettuce inside and wrap in plastic and put in my purse and eat in the movies.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm probably not gonna blog tomorrow  - cause I feel lazy today. I really have no idea what that has to do with tomorrow. ha ha - lol! 

OK - so Kasey on my next film debut, I will do the shirataki noodle thing- stir fry or the soup one??

Well thanks for listening. Love to all of my BFC friends. Please leave your comments. 

My thought for the day:

Time to Move On

Time to Move On Positive QuoteHow do geese know when to fly to the sun? Who tells them the seasons? How do we humans know when it is time to move on? As with the migrant birds, so surely with us, there is a voice within if only we would listen to it, that tells us certainly when to go forth into the unknown.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Great breakfast :) I just got back from Zumba...but I'm having a salad for breakfast. Not feeling like the norm. LOL

    Love your new picture by the way :)

  2. Just wanted to say Thank you!!! Thank you for the encouragement & inspiration! I started BFC the beginning of January, I lost a few pounds & felt great. I decided to join the Sweet Rewards Fast Track that started on Jan. 10. I had a really hard time on the fast track program. I lost a few pounds but felt horrible, I felt to much better on the regular BFC program. The past 2 weeks I have not been following the program (vacation/flu). Reading your blog gives me the inspiration I need to start back up on Monday! I am so excited! I have 60 lbs to loose. It will be a long journey but I know I can do it! Thanks again for the inspiration!!

  3. Hey Rosalie! Looks like a yummy breakfast girl!! I love french Toast too!! Question...is the Josephs syrup good and does it cause you to be gassy? I know, TMI, but that mallitol really does a number on me and I cant do much of it. Its just not worth it to me to deal with that discomfort. Was wondering about the Josephs brand.
    I tried posting to your last entry 2x and wasnt able to...not sure why.
    Please cahnge my weight on the right to 197 now. Down 1 more pound. Slow & steady here.
    Have a great wekend & let me know how the movie was. It looks really scary...not sure if I could sit through it.

  4. I'd like to see how you make the stir fry, but the soup one sounds good too. I'm a big fan of stir fry, but haven't tried to make it using those kind of noodles Rosalie. Hey I'm past all that hormone stuff at age 55, and it wasn't that bad because I think I have always blown hot and cold. So I never noticed much, except for a hot flash or two. I still have days that come on that make me feel really moody. Other days I'm outgoing, and nothing bothers me. I told my bf today that I wish I could stay on an even keel, but we all know that ain't gonna happen:) Thanks, think happy thoughts as they say!

  5. Wow the breakfast looks delicious!!! I need to order some of that sugar free syrup next time I order things online. If you make another video soon, I would love to see how you do your stir fry. My stir fry wasn't that flavorful when I made one time. I do like the shirataki noodles for the filling part, I just need to learn more recipes with them.


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