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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday of week 49: The Belly Fat Cure

Good morning to all,

I have been kind of busy running errands and stuff Monday and yesterday.
Yesterday I woke up and made myself some french toast with Josephs syrup and some turkey bacon, coffee with benifiber, powdered cream, truvia, and cinnamon, and of course all my vitamins.
Then I had to return this Coach purse hubby and I bought for his 25 yr old daughter. She told him that she is not really into purses and although she appreciated it, it was too much money. I was raged to say the least when he told me that. I got it from the coach outlet store in the mall. With all the discounts and everything it was only $100. I was very disappointed about her attitude. It took me 45 minutes to get to the mall to return it, so I kept the money and told hubby that if he wants to do anything else for her, he can do it.

After that I was hungry!! I called my good friend Margaret, and met her on the way home at this little taco place in Chino. I had 2 tacos, 1 beef and 1 fish taco. I haven't had any fish tacos for 11 months since I started the BFC. Not because of the shell, that is corn tortillas, I thought that I shouldn't have the fish because it is covered in batter and deep fried. They were both good.

I have been very strict on myself through-out the whole time that I have been doing the Belly Fat Cure. I know it is a new way of eating, but I still tell people that I am on a diet. I realized early on that for me, I needed to be that strict. I never strayed. Only once in a while I ate a bite or 2 of some cake or something that I shouldn't. But, I for some reason, could stop after that 1 or 2 bites. I know that some of you can't.

Let me tell you, from my experience of doing this for 11 months, I see so many give up because of that. If you stray and eat a whole serving of frozen yogurt for example, instead of 2 bites, that will lead to something else the next day. Then 2 more something elses the day after that, and so on.

So you have to allow yourself to take that 1 or 2 bites - BUT YOU MUST STOP AFTER THAT!!! That's all there is to it. That 1 bite makes me feel normal like I am human like everyone else.

So, after the tacos I went to Kohls to spend my Kohls cash I had $50. If you don't know what that is, certain times of the year, like before christmas, when you spend a certain amount they give you back a coupon for $10 back to spend between certain days. Mine said bet dec 26th - jan 1st. So it was a good time to look around at the clearance rack while hubby works night the next few days at the FD. Before I knew it - I was there for over 2 & 1/2 hours. Boy was I tired.

Went home and ate some fried zuchinni in some olive oil, 2 eggs, crumbled some of that El Salvador cheese on top of both and some left over chicken. After dinner I had some clemmys and a cup of decaf chia tea with truvia.

I hope everyone has a great day today! Thanks for listening. Lots of love to all of my BFC friends. Please leave your comments.

My thought for the day:

Everyone smile at a stranger today. You never know what impact that will make to someone who is feeling down or alone.

Keep on BFc ' n  :-)


  1. Wow sounds busy, busy! Your still doing great though! Those tacos sound yummy. : ) And tonight I am going to use some Kohl's cash as well, because only have til Jan. 1st to use up. Have fun shopping.

  2. Hey Rosalie!
    I would have gladly taken that Coach bag if I received it and I would have perhaps turned a cartwheel too!!....just sayin. I LOVE a nice handbag!! I have a huge LOVE for Dooney & Bourke bags....they are just FAB O in my book but so expensive. Never had a Coach purse....she doesnt know what shes missing.
    Sounds like you had a fun day with your friend and shopping. Good for you! Hope you bought yourself something nice with that Kohls cash. I have some too...better get out & use it! I think I only have $20 though.
    Keep up the good work my dear!! That 150 is right around the corner!!!
    Love ya!

  3. p.s Would you cahnge my weight on the right please? As of this morning I weighed 201.5. Since I started eating again after my flubug a pound found me again! ((sigh)) Oh well, its moving downward & thats all that matters, right?

  4. Sounds like you have been busy since you have been back. I wish I had some Kohls cash to spend. I really do love that store. It is hard to believe the year is almost over. I am so excited to have met my goal and plan on losing more for the new year. Can you believe you are only 10 pounds away from your goal weight. That is so awesome.

  5. Hey Rosalie....Did you buy your dress at Macys? I think I saw it there. I was looking at it...so pretty. The one I was looking at was a size 10 and I thought to myself, "man, this sucker is tiny" and you got into an 8? 3 words...YOU GO GIRL!!!! Woo hooo!!!

  6. Yep, taking a bite or two is pretty satisfying. Dr. Oz just gave Jorge a tip. He said if you do take a bite of something sweet, right after drink a lot of water. Then if you're going to take another bite drink more water right after. This is on one of Jorge's new video. I still need to finish watching it all the way through. SO GIRLS, DRINK YOUR WATER AND HAVE DA KINE NEW YEARS!


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