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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday ending week 48: The Belly Fat Cure

Hello to all my BFC peeps,

So I am officially back home as of yesterday (Sunday). I was in Vegas at dad's for 1 & 1/2 weeks, and all I can say is "Boy I am glad to be home".

Well I guess I will start in the beginning. I got there on Thursday the 16th. My family from Michigan arrived that evening and I didn't see them until the next day. They went straight to my sister's apt when they got in (real late). On Friday we all had to got to the church that my other sister's wedding was at to help them set up. They let her use it for free. They were limited on money for the wedding.

Oh, when my 2 brothers and 3 of their kids saw me they were all very surprised and said how nice I looked.

So we were all at the church working, setting up, and my brother Paul says" Rosalie - you really look hot!" and his son (my 18 yr old nephew) sitting next to him, shook his head and said yup. I can't tell you how that made me feel. That was probably the best compliment anyone (let alone my own brother) could ever give me.

So we were all tired and hungry, so everyone went over to Bolder Station to eat at the buffet. There must have been 20 of us from both sides of their families. So after dinner my sister, Lisa (the one with the apt. where they were all staying) took the 3 kids to my dads and me and my 2 brothers stayed for a little bit to gamble.

Then we got a call from Lisa saying to come home now!! She had 2 little dogs and always brings them over to dad's when comes over. 1 of them got out of the gate and it was dark by them 11:30pm and raining.  We all split up in 4 different cars looking for poor little jill. But then they found her in the street smashed like a pancake. It was devastating for my sister, Lisa. Everything took a weird, bad turn after that.
RIP Cutie Jill (top on the left)

The next morning we were supposed to go with my other sis, the bride, to get manicures. Well we all decided to go anyways. Me, Kattie (the bride), Lisa, My 2 nieces, Jessica and Emily, and 2 of Katties friends. Well it took a long time and then we had to go back to the church to help finish setting up. Then I went home changed and came back.
my brother Michael, Me, and nephew Jordan
The happy couple

It was a little hard for me the past 11 days. They all eat bad and I was surrounded. I always do so good on the BFC, but this time was a little different. 

My step-mom, Maria had her sister (Margarita) visiting from El Salvador. She spoke only spanish. She was so very sweet and I had to always wait for Maria to translate. Then hubby sent me a text reminding me of this program I already had downloaded on my phone called, Google Translate. If you don't have it - GET IT! It will translate any language to any language for you and even speak it so you know the proper way to say it. I used it every day after that with her. I already know a lot of words in spanish, but now I know a lot more. It was very fun to use. I could then take Margarita out with me places and communicate with her thru my phone. It was so much fun!
Margarita, sister Kattie and of course Dad
I did as good with my diet as expected. I found myself eating eggs and corn tortillas for breakfast a lot with some great cheese that Margarita brought with her from El Salvador. I brought a bunch of my own stuff. I did eat a few bites of carbs with dinner sometimes, and to me that was cheating, but I know it wasn't. I had a few bites a couple times of  cake and cheesecake. But overall I did real good considering. I weighed myself on dad's scale and according to that one, I weighed 160.8, so we will see in the morning I will post it on our chart to the right. 

My brothers and the kids went home on Friday, Christmas eve. I only went walking 1 time, my nephew, Jordan went with me and he said he was so impressed at how great I did. He's a runner. and 18 remember. and a real cutie. But it rained a lot and I couldn't get anyone to go with me since they were sleeping at Lisa's and not very close.

Thanks for listening everybody. I hope everyone had a great holiday! Lots of love to all of my BFC friends. Please leave your comments.

My thought for the day:

Be a Do-er Not a Critic

Not a Critic Positive QuoteA non-doer is very often a critic-that is, someone who sits back and watches doers, and then waxes philosophically about how the doers are doing. It’s easy to be a critic, but being a doer requires effort, risk, and change.
Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Welcome home, and it does sound like you did the best you could under the circumstances..that's what I did while I was in disney..I did gain 3 lbs, but it's off already, I'm thinking it was water weight. I got down to 175, just 5 lbs shy of my goal, but I didn't gain weight either..so very happy. We all missed you! Sue Moschino

  2. Welcome home Rosalie! I am sorry to hear about your sister's dog. It is always heartbreaking to lose them. I hope the wedding was a happy one even so. Sounds like you did great on the BFC while you were away!

  3. It's so nice to see your Dad up, and part of the festivities. Nice pics you've posted Rosalie of you and some of your family. That was quite a get together. Sounds like you need a vacation after all of the excitement! Sad about baby Jill. She was such a cute doggie too! I would've been heartbroken if I was Lisa. Congratulations to Kattie and her new hubby! Welcome home!

  4. Rosalie, glad to see you made it back safe and sound. I am sorry to hear about your sister's dog....so sad. I am proud to hear that you did so well sticking to plan while you were gone. It is hard enough having so many events going on and then have it be in Vegas where food is all around. Welcome back! I made it to my year end goal today was 190 Yippee!

  5. Hey Girl!! Welcome Home!! Well,
    I have to agree with your brother & your nephew...you DID look HOT!!! Gosh...you should be soooo proud!! What a great pic of you in the purple dress!! Smokin HOT HOT HOT Sister!!! Just sayin...I cant wait to weigh 160 again. I feel hopeful that I can do it this year and I am excited to watch my transformation like I have seen yours through your pictures.(I need to start taking pictures, dont I?)
    Anyways, my heart broke when I heard about your sisters dog.They become like part of the family & one of your children. I have a golden retriever Toby & I always say he is the son I never had! (I know, I am sounding like a crazy dog lady now, huh?)My heart goes out to your sister.
    Im so glad that your trip was a good one and the wedding looked lovely.
    We missed you and it is good to see you are back!
    Love ya!!


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