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Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday of week 30: The Belly Fat Cure

I really don't have anything new to talk about today. Yesterday I was very bored and hot. It's been between 95-100 every day for about a week now. I don't work right now and it gets lonely here sometimes. I was having a bad time yesterday because I just wanted to eat something around 3:00pm. I know I shouldn't have but, I had some clemmys  1/2 cup with a few walnuts on top and some ReddiWhip. I figured it would be better to have it in the day instead of at night.Usually I can fight those temptations, but I caved yesterday. At leas it was a Belly Good snack.

This morning I had a cup of cherrios with truvia and unsweetened almond milk and a few strips of turkey bacon and my usual 2 cups of coffee w/truvia and half and half and cinnamon and all my vitamins and barleans.

I plan on going swimming this weekend if anyone wants to come over and swim with me. And maybe a movie on Saturday.

I feel like I am kind of stuck with my weight loss right now. It's been almost 2 weeks now of going up and down and I am at the same 182 lbs. I am hoping I will continue to go down.

Thanks for listening. Love to all of my BFC friends. Please leave your comments.

My thought for the day:
If you are going to give into temptation, make it a belly good snack.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I sure hope you don't feel like u caved, u were perfectly ok in what u ate..u did better than I would of, which would of probably been real custard from the place around the corner, and topped with a BFC food, toasted pecans :) If I was closer, I'd be swimming and movieing with you..have a blessed day!
    sue moschino

  2. I agree with Sue...No FAIL!!! You made a good choice! YaY!!! I love to swim but have not in years because I wouldn't get caught dead in a bathing suit! But am rethinking some of my reasons why and maybe even going to slip into the lake ...soon!

  3. I have been stuck too for that last few weeks.. Not sure how to get through this plateau.. Still hanging in there and we can get through this together.. If I was closer i would be over for a swim.. Enjoy the weekend,

  4. Same here.Iam going to try DR NATURA Colonix Cleansing Program. Cant hurt. still staying on BFC Love it iam just stuck.

  5. I agree with the above people - no need to feel guilty for having a healthy, great tasting snack! I caved yesterday and had actual frozen yogurt at the mall with toppings! Now THAT is caving in! You inspire me Rosalie! I have heard that when you hit a plateau you have to change up your exercise because your body has gotten used to what you are already doing. It usually takes a week or two of new exercise to get going again. Hope that helps; keep up the GREAT work!


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How to convert Sugar to Stevia

SugarLiquid SteviaStevia Extract PowderConcentrated Stevia
Clear Liquid
1 tsp2-3 dropsn/a4-6 drops
2 tsp4-6 dropsn/a8-12 drops
1 Tbsp6-9 dropsn/a1/8 tsp
1 cup1 tsp1/3 to 1/2 tsp1 Tbsp
2 cup2 tsp2/3 - 1 tsp2 Tbsp

Stevia Chart

Stevia Chart

Some tips if you are having trouble

  • First make sure that you are staying under the 15/6. 15 sugars and 6 servings of carbs for the whole day. Thats no more than 5 sugars and 2 servings of carbs per meal.
  • Track all of your sugar/carbs. Add everything from your meal together and count them that way.
  • Try to stop eating whole grain carbs after 3pm.
  • Make sure you drink lots of water.
  • Count everything that you put into your mouth. Even sauces - everything , check labels.
  • Make sure that you don't eat any artificial sugars. Check labels, if it says sugar free - look in the ingredients, look for....sucralose, aspartame, saccharine in the ingredients. Those are BAD!
  • Going #2 is a big problem when a lot of people start the BFC. I have solved that problem with Clear Benefiber in my morning coffee and a scoop of Super Seed w/water in the afternoon. (you can buy the super seed on Amazon.com it is the cheapest).
  • Choose your carbs wisely. Try to pick the carbs that will give you the lowest count of carbs, sugar and calories and the most fiber.

I hope this helps.