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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Where has the Time Gone...

Hello Friends,

Things are so different for me now than when I started eating healthy. I did not work then and made it much easier for me to stay healthy and lose weight. I could eat at home all the time and go to the store when ever I wanted,  Make my sweet treats when ever I wanted.

But Alas...now all I have is the evenings and weekends.

We moved our little group at work to West Covina to a new office. It much nicer and bigger - so more room and a bit less stress, HOWEVER I have to drive now 35-45 minutes to get there now. But that is only by using my Hubby's Electric car going in the car pool lane. With out that I think it would take me 1-1 1/2 hours easily.

So I am more tired now I think. That and the fact that I haven't  had my period for 5 months and am in Pre-Menopause and still can't sleep unless I take some kind of pill and even then I just get a few hours.

I try to make my lunch the night before and Always make my breakfast in the morning, but because of having to leave earlier now, I sometimes make a egg and cheese sandwich on Healthy bread or make a homemade grain free tortilla and make a burrito with eggs and spinach and bacon and cheese or something like those and wrap it up and eat it when I get to the office.

So Every evening I can't wait to come home and walk with my dogs. Usually I try to go at least 2 miles, but lately that has been a big challenge.
These are my 2 furry kids. Conan on the left and Peaches on the right. She is 15 1/2 years old and she gets tired now and slows me up tremendously. She is about 30lbs and her little legs look like they are going fast but she is not hardly going anywhere and she pants the whole time real bad (which I don't make a big deal of - I don't want to make her feel self-conscious). LOL

Oh Yeah - and she stops about 10 times, and not just stops - she pulls real hard like a horse...ERRT!! I don't know how that 100 year old little girl does that. And sometimes when she stops - she forgets why she stopped. She just looks up at me - like "Oh crap!! I can't remember why I stopped this time".

I feel like it has been another job for me now because it takes me twice as long and I feel like I am going half as far. It like I am dragging a 30lb - No scratch  that...60lb sack of potatoes behind me. But I feel like I have to keep doing it for HER! I think its keeping her going and I won't stop until she just CAN'T go anymore. I did that for my Mandy until the last day too.
My weight has gone up like 5lbs because of the Menopause thing I guess. I can live with that as long as it doesn't go up more than that or I freak out... I still keep very strict watch on my weight and always will. I never want to look like my before picture again.

Since I don't seem to have very much time to keep up with all this, I probably won't keep doing my PurpleRosy Facebook page. I will keep trying to blog once a week on here. Sorry I took off the Anonymous commenting --- I was getting BOMBED with Spam commenting, so you have to log in if you want to comment.

People who friend me on Facebook need to send me a private message for me to accept - PLEASE... I love to help anyone who would like to get healthy.

Well I have tons of stuff to get squeezed into to these 2 days. Have a great weekend.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n


  1. It's Good To Hear From Ya!!! Your Furbabies Look Well Too!!!!!

  2. You keep your dogs healthy, and they do the same for you :) Very cool! I'm glad you have a new office and a little less stress! I miss the old days when we all used to "blog", but time goes on! Thank you for not stopping completely!!!

  3. Rosy, you've always been an inspiration to me! Every time I get back on the BFC, I come back and read your blog again. You amaze me! Keep on doing your thing. Every time you do something hard, remember there are people out there who are cheering for you! Way to go, eating right and exercising while you are so busy!! It is so hard to do and you're doing such a great job.


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