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Thursday, April 9, 2015

I've Got News For You - They Want Us To FAIL!!

Hello Friends,

As I continue on my Healthy journey I have met MANY people online and in person who want to get healthy and loose weight. And most of them have dropped off or given up or tried different things to try to loose the weight.

After eating this way for over 5 and 1/2 years I have learned so much. One thing is that I can NEVER eat the way I used to before I lost all this weight. I am not perfect - by all means. I do eat occasional bites now and then and I eat a bit more fruit now.

If you think that anyone you know will be happy for you - YOU ARE CRAZY! People will ALWAYS be trying to tempt you or get you to eat foods that are not healthy.

They want you to be like them. Mostly everyone at my work knows my story and why I don't eat their Devil food. That's what one of my coworkers said yesterday. Oh Rosalie won't eat our "Devil Food" LOL

But let me tell you how happy they get when you do take some. It makes them happy to see you eat BAD - Fattening food. I don't know why they want us to fail.

Just be strong and don't listen to their negative CRAP!! Eat the way YOU need to to be healthy. I can never have a WHOLE cheat day or even eat a FULL CHEAT MEAL!!  That would throw my whole body off and make it too hard to recover and get back in the healthy groove again.

So its easier to fit in my taking a few bites in those situations. Never any juice or soda or sweet drinks.

I usually weigh between 145-150. I continue to weigh myself every single day to make sure I will never get fat again. If I don't keep checking, how will I ever know if I ate too much or got too carried away with my bites?

But the past few months I have been getting little to NO sleep and have been having HOT flashes all day and all night. I am under tremendous stress  at work - and NO don't say to quit. At my age I will never get another job. There are just too many young people willing to work for much less money. I actually found myself snacking on this nut mixture on the way home in the car the past 3 days. Not like me at ALL!!

So therefore I noticed my weight go up a few lbs. For me if I go over 150 I freak out a bit. I was actually at 153 this morning. WHEW - I hope this is just from Menopause or stress or lack of sleep or all of the above probably.

Well tomorrow is Friday and I am looking forward to the weekend and having 2 days away from work.

Chime in and tell us how much pressure you have to endure from people waving their BAD FOODS in your face. Share your stories - and how you overcome them.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Rosalie, I also experience others who try to encourage me to eat like them - anything and everything. Sometimes I think they just don't understand. And other times I think they want to feel more comfortable with how they eat so they want me to join in. I enjoy bites of sugar sweets sometimes but NOT because of what others say or do, just because I want to. It does get old having people who know how I eat constantly offering me stuff I can't eat!!! I want support not sabotage! That's why I read every one of your blog posts - you always tell it like it is, inform and encourage. Thanks! Sorry work is so stressful - they sound like unappreciative self absorbed people! :-(. You are loved here for sure!!!

  2. Stressed spelled backwards is desserts....I use to have that sign up in my gym:) You are true to your lifestyle and it works perfectly for you! That's a good thing. I hope you find sleep soon...I found it again and it makes me so much nicer!!!

  3. I have a quick question for you, do you ever have like a small baked potatoe with real butter? potatoes any way you fix them are my downfall. I hate bread,pasta, and milk if I had my way they wouldn't take up room in my refridgerator...

    1. I never drink real milk anymore only unsweetened - almond, or coconut or cashew milk.
      I never buy potatoes any more and are never in my fridge. I do occasionally have a bite or 2 of Hubby's when we go out - or when I every eat a burger out - I eat it wrapped in lettuce and then have a few fries - not the whole order.
      Hope that helps.


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