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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Miss my Routine...

Good Morning Friends,

I so look forward to my weekends now that I work. It seems to be a bit stressful over there this week, but life goes on and I am so grateful to have any kind of job at all after trying to find one for so long. That little bit of money sure helps every 2 weeks.

I, like my dogs - love routine and miss it. I love eating at home, where I KNOW what I am putting in my mouth. Every morning when I get up to get ready, I always fix myself a healthy breakfast to eat before I go and a healthy lunch to eat at work.

I cannot get into my bad habits I had before where I eat out all the time.Even though I know what to order NOW - its just not a good habit to have.

When I was at home all the time my body was like clockwork. I know what healthy foods to eat and usually every morning I would (too much info here) have a BM. Now that I am NOT at home, and even though 90% of the time I eat my own foods from home, I am not regular anymore. Actually its about every other day now. I'm like 99% positive that is why sometimes my weight goes up a pound or 2.

I have been eating this way now for 4 and 1/2 years - almost. I realize this happens to US women. I don't freak out about it, but I DO keep on top of it and still weigh every single day!!! How else will I ever know how to adjust my food for the day to get that 1-2lbs back off.

Before I know it - that 1-2lbs will turn into 5 - then 10 and so on and that is how some people gain all the weight back. You have to be in this thing for the long haul -


My Hubby says I am somewhat of an ODDITY! That no one else can be a consistent and strict as me... I SAY - POPPY-COCK!!

If I can do this - anyone else that puts their minds to it CAN!

Now I usually spend my weekends doing stuff around the house. Today I have to do laundry and clean. It's been super hot over here for several days in a row, but I usually still go for my walks with my furry kids every night after work. We go somewhere between 2-3.5 miles down the beautiful streets and horse trails over here. I did miss Thursday though. It was still 95 when I got off at 5:30 - Yish!

Well got MUCHO stuff to do. Big Hugs... What are you doing this weekend?? Share with the class...

I'm gonna try to make this cinnammon toast flat bread today or tomorrow. I will share after I do - Promise..

This is PurpleRosy signing off...
Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I am proud of you for being able to totally change your life with going back to work. I honestly can't imagine it now, but I would love to have a pay check every 2 weeks :) I'm happy for you! Great job on staying within your goals, it certainly does creep back on quickly and takes FOREVER to lose again! Today I officially hit the 5 lb mark, but it has taken about a month, and it took about 3 days to gain :( (exaggeration)

  2. I agree with your hubby...but glad you are good at it. ;^) You might consider adding psyllium husk to your day. I'm sure that would help.

  3. thanks for the post my friend turned me on to NATURAL VITALITY natural CALM. its the best thing ever. took a while to find my right amount but works like a charm. let me know if you are interested--i will give you more info.

  4. Stopping in to say hi. I always admire your dedication and "stick to it" , and even after all this time, I still come back to you to motivate me. I am hanging in there, losing very, very slowly. On new thyroid meds now, the natural kind, so I expect some challenge. I want to find out about the probiotics you use. It think that was on a previous post. I just bought the Garden of Life kind because I thought that is what you use.I couldn't remember for sure. I just noticed however that it has maltodextrin and that's not a good thing. I guess I'll return them. I found this great blog and she said to stay away from it. What do you think? Here is the blog http://askdrpurcell.blogspot.com/2011/12/whats-deal-with-maltodextrin.html

  5. I just saw on the prior post the kind you take. They are the Garden of Life brand, but different than what I bought. These are called Primal Defense Ultra. I see yours have to be refrigerated
    . These do not. Couldn't find the ingredient list when I goggled it though.

  6. you are an inspiration. have a great day!

  7. Natural Vitality natural calm works like a charm, look into it Rosalie, I buy mine at vitamin shoppe .com.

  8. Hi Rosalie, hope your doing well. Just wanted to thank you on all your good advice that you gave me to prepare for my vacation, I just got back had a great time and the good news is I lost 5 pounds while on vacationing at Disney. Since we went camping , I prepared all my meals in our travel trailer, when eating out I did what you advice me, I stuck with some protein , vegetables and brown rice and small side salad with blue cheese dressing or ranch. I guess that plus all the walking helped a lot, I wore my pedometer and walked more then 10,000 steps a day, we also went to water parks and there's a lot of stair climbing there. While everyone was eating ice cream at the ghiraldelis store I saw some 86% dark chocolate and that's what I had. So just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you, and don't ever stop your blog, it helps more people then you think, and that's a good thing.

    1. Well I am very proud of you - it sounds like you did great.


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