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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Miracles DO Happen...

Good Morning Friends,

** I miss all of you so much not blogging every day like I used to, now that I work. Don't worry - I will do as much as I can.

** I do realize how hard it is being around regular eating people, the temptations and all... YES I do give in occasionally with a few bites. I am Human after all. But we must remember to not get carried away.

I Never want to blow all my hard work by eating too much junk. I have always indulged in just 1-3 bites on occasions of 1 item that I really missed at a party or get together. That way I get to taste it - but you MUST STOP after that...

I know some of you are not like me, I weighed myself every single day and night to make sure I didn't screw up. I STILL DO!!! How do you think I can stay like this??? I ask you???

If you stop weighing yourself because it is to SPAZZY, then after a little while you realize that your pants don't zip anymore, then before you know it you are up 10 or even 20lbs...

I LOVE the new ME!! The way I look and Feel... I NEVER want to do anything to reverse this MIRACLE of LIFE!
I am living proof that Miracles DO Happen!!

That can be you too - Just NEVER give up or quit!! If I CAN do it - so CAN YOU!

** So yesterday Hubby and I went to the movies and saw the Kevin Costner movie - "3 Days to Kill". Love him..

You know me - I always have popcorn at the movies and bring in water and 2 squares of 86% dark chocolate in my purse. Something funny happened to me.

We went to the cheap $5 theater which happens to have about 5-6  different of those cheese's to shake on your popcorn for FREE! So I know that the caramel and kettle corn ones have WAY too much sugar.. I usually use the White Cheddar, but this time I picked up  Cheddar Jalapeno one.

In the movies I began coughing - then sneezing the entire TIME! But I kept eating it anyway - cause it was GOOD.. After I finished - what do ya know - the coughing and sneezing STOPPED! Funny I guess I was allergic to that flavor..

** Conan is doing very good and hasn't pooped in the house this past week. He did it 4 times in the 3 weeks he has been here for some reason - but never pee.. Hubby and I have become very attached to him. He is so FLIPPEN CUTE. He had a first visit at the vet yesterday for a checkup to make sure he is healthy. He has a 2nd set of dew claws on his back feet and should have had them removed when he was a pup - but now it is left to us...

He is over 4 so I was told. On Valentines day, hubby and I went out to dinner after I got off work - remember? He was only gone for like 2 1/2 hours. When we got home Peaches met us at the door but not Conan. We heard him crying -  told Hubby to go find him. He claw was stuck in the ring in his collar. Poor BABY must have been stuck like that the whole time.
The vet told us to have them removed and a teeth cleaning would be $750. Yeah its a real operation cause they are attached. So that will have to wait till next month.

** Today I am gonna get caught up on bills and paperwork, maybe a run to Nordstrom Rack for a new pair of black flats and a few shirts, and of course a long walk like every day with my furry kids.

Have a great day. The weather over here is too awesome to even mention. Sorry..

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I'm so glad you still fit in time to blog. I guess I just got lazy about it. Never thought it would happen. But I am happy to report that I have really been following the wheat belly way of life and I have lost a few pounds. I am on a facebook group and we are doing a clean eating challenge. Only clean food, protein, veggies and fats for now. similar to the Atkins induction. I realize I can't have the nuts, nut butters, nut flours and even healthy low sugar fruits right now. It has given me a jump start. I really consider all of this a variation of the BFC. Jorge got me to watch carbs and sugars, Fast Track got me to learn to eat without carbs and wheat belly follows along those same principals of low sugar, low carbs but omitting the wheat. I realize for me personally at this point I cannot eat the almond and coconut flour treats as it stalls any weight loss. Hopefully I will add them back when I get closer to my goal. Let's still stay in touch through FB and the blogs and one of these days, I'm going to make myself post again. Just don't feel like I have a lot to say. Take care! XO!

  2. Hi! Glad All Is Well!!! ANd Glad Conan Is Family!!

  3. For those who don't have much to say on their blogs... That's okay-I love to just see pics of what others are eating, even. I'm not expecting to read a novel, after all... ha ha.
    So happy to hear Conan's feeling more secure and not potty-ing inside.

  4. I'm so glad Conan is fitting in well. Miracles do happen, you are proof that you can keep the miracle off too:)

  5. You always have good advice, you go girl!


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