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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Diving Back In...

Hi Friends,

How are you all doing? I do miss blogging all the time like I used to, but I just don't have the time anymore. The job is fine and getting a bit better. It's not full time - but that is fine with me.

I have to tell you that I have not slept a wink ever since last Saturday when I left my Mandy at the vet. By Tuesday she was worse like I had thought and I had to put her to sleep. She was very weak and suffering but managed to give me one last smile and wagged at me. I watched her take her last breath while I was telling her how much I loved her.

I know this sounds bad, but I feel like I have lost another child and feel absolutely terrible. That is why I can't sleep. Please don't tell me to go to the doctor. This too shall pass.

My Peaches is so lonely. The first few days that Mandy was gone, when I got home she was HOWLING at me and crying. She has never howled at anything - EVER!. I had to hug her for a long time to calm her down. While I am home she is fine.

Now she seems to be doing better - but I am sure very lonely because she has NEVER been without Mandy. I decided to just dive right back in and try to find another buddy for her and have been searching shelters.

Today I went to the PetsMart near me to see what dogs the shelters bring for adoption on Saturdays, then to the Upland animal shelter then back home. I cleaned up the back with a blower and the hose. Mandy's black hair was in every crack and I just couldn't look at it without wanting to cry.

Peaches and I have an appointment at a PetCo in San Dimas to go meet some possible matches. A shelter will have several there at 2:30.  I am open for any type of dog, prefer female so they won't pee everywhere like boys do. Don't care if its a rat or big - I am looking for the one that needs us the most.

Of course I will post a picture of our new furry friend when she chooses us.

I still and always will keep eating healthy like always. Don't worry about me on that.  I am a bit more lenient now than I used to be. I know where my limits are.

Last night Hubby and I went out to dinner at a place called The Heights. We have seen it over here near Campus and 19th near where we live and had absolutely no idea what kind of food they might serve. It turned out to be a bar and restaurant. Very loud with lots of people and much bigger on the inside than it looked on the out.

Hubby had baby back ribs and I had a buffalo chicken salad. so good - like having buffalo wings and a salad together. We each had a glass of Merlot and I had a few bites of a apple pastry desert he ordered. Very sweet - I am not used to that stuff at all.

Today my son is coming over with his girlfriend to take me out to dinner. I will take pics of that one. I found this place called Gyu-Kaku where there is a grill in the middle of the table. Should be fun. Hubby is working so just the 3 of us I guess.
This was the last picture I took of my 2 girls together last Saturday. I sure do miss my Mandy. 

Have a great rest of the weekend.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Mandy sure did have the "I don't feel good look on her face" so you definitely did the brave and right thing. Hopefully you find the perfect friend for Peaches and everyone is happy! Good Luck!

  2. Going to check out Kattie's blog. Thanks for posting the link.

    Unfortunately I know how hard it is to deal with the loss of a pet the way you did. Can't wait to see pictures of the furry one that finds you!

    I don't usually eat spicy but Chilis has a Buffalo Chicken salad that I love. Take care Rosalie.

  3. So glad you are going to get Peaches a new buddy. It isn't a replacement by any means, just a companion. I was hoping that Mandy had a turn around. With my great dane Sadie I like you had the appt., and then they sent us home with medicine, and sure enough I was back three days later to put her down. I guess it was worth the try, but the stress on her and was a lot. It's so hard to be there for those final moments, but an absolute must that our beloved pets hear our voice and feel our touch as they leave this world. Keep us updated on your search. XO!

  4. I am so sad for you loss, was wondering all week to hear. I have three dogs--one very special to me. I just can't imagine. I hope Peaches will find a new companion. Thanks for the update. lp

  5. thinking of you today. take care.

  6. I seriously replied to this yesterday??? Weird!
    What I said was, I can't wait to meet Peaches new best friend, and your new family member!

  7. Oh...keep us posted on a friend for you and Peaches!


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