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Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Mandy Update...

Good Morning,

First the news about my furry girl, Mandy.

Hubby is out of town so Maria (step-mom) and Lisa (sister) came over to help me. Lisa stayed at home with Peaches and Maria and I took Mandy to the vet to get her put to sleep.

SO HARD. But this Vet insisted on doing a kidney blood test and urine test first - just to make sure she can't be saved. So I said yes.

We waited for over 45 minutes for the results. - Oh and did I say that Mandy when she was healthy was about 60 lbs. Yesterday she was 40.

He finally came in with the results and said that the urine was fine - and the blood results he was not convinced that she had Kidney failure. He wanted to try to save her. He said to keep her there for 3 days with fluids and meds and by Monday we will see.

So there she sits in the doggie hospital. I called yesterday at 5pm when they were closing and they said she was stable and fine. So that is not worse - right?

When Maria and I left I stopped at Sprouts for a few healthy things, then to Red Robin for lunch. I had a burger wrapped in lettuce and some salad and a few fries.

Then I stopped at Hobby Lobby to get some yarn. I started a new scarf - this time for ME.
Then to PetsMart for some food for Peaches - then home.

When we got there Lisa said Peaches was frantic the whole time running back and forth - in and outside, crying. Well not just crying but waling - WOO-WOO.

OMG - I just knew she would react this way without Mandy. As soon as she saw me she was fine, as long as I don't leave.

Lisa and I went for a long walk with Peaches down the horse trails and I showed Lisa the horses. She loved it. Peaches was so happy to go for a longer walk again, me too. I couldn't go more then 2 blocks with Mandy the past month - she was just too weak.

I came back and made Lisa help me make a batch of Chocolate-chip-cheesecake-cookies
This was my breakfast this morning. A homemade tamale Maria brought me and some berries.

Just FYI - for those of you that are new to my blog, I did NOT eat this while I was losing weight.

I only ate raspberries and blackberries (they are the lowest in sugar) and usually NOT tamales either.

BTW my sister has started W.W. and started a blog - so if you want to give her a little support - I'm sure she will appreciate it.

Have a good rest of the weekend.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Keep us posted. I thinkt he vet sounds like a responsible vet to check if he had any suspicions that she could be helped. If nothing helps, then you will know that you exhausted all things that could help her. Hang in there! XO!

  2. The blood results he was not convinced that she had Kidney failure. He wanted to try to save her. Wow!! burger wrapped in lettuce and some salad and a few fries, it is very healthy and delicious.

    Kopi Luwak

  3. I hope that Mandy is feeling better and poor Peaches too! How nice you spent some time with Maria and Lisa. Tamales look good!

  4. Dearest Rosalie,

    I saw your Facebook posting about losing sweet Mandy. I agree with Kay, there are NO words to express how very sorry I am or how badly I feel for your loss and your pain. I know that you'll agree. People who love their dogs like we do, simply think of them as "four legged kids." To lose her and be left with this kind of grief is unspeakable. Time and sweet memories heal all things. Please know that my prayers are with you, your hubby and Peaches too.

    God Bless You Always,

    Linda in Western NC


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