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Saturday, December 21, 2013

My Heart is Breaking...

Hi Friends,

I for one just hate the holidays this time of year. I don't know why society dictates that we have to buy everyone we k now a present whether they deserve it or not?? Well anyways - almost done with the shopping.

You know I have talked about Mandy a few times lately.
I thought she had arthritis because she started limping a few months ago. Actually she has been going WAY down hill ever since we moved here to our new home 6 months ago. A few weeks ago I told my husband that I thought she was dying.

She is only about 9, don't know exactly cause I adopted her 8 years ago. She seems to be in pain and can't enjoy our walks any more. She lags behind and limps with her head down. She has a little cry-puss coming out of her eyes all the time that I have to wipe.

But the real reason why I thought that is because she has lost a lot of weight and won't eat hardly anything.

I am so sick of these stupid vets who don't really care about our furry girls, all they care about is how much money they charge you for stupid SHIT you can't afford and the dog never needed anyway.

I made an appointment for yesterday - Friday to get a blood test and exam done. You know I am working now so Hubby took her, which was a mistake cause they talked him into a bunch of crap. $300 later he comes home with some food that made her throw up last night in 2 big puddles that I had to get up and clean.

I was PISSED at Hubby and the vet. Hubby for being so gullible and the vet for not caring.

This morning the vet called and I chewed him out about the excess fees and said I wanted a refund on some (which he agreed to).

Anyway - I was right. Mandy has Kidney failure and I'm pretty sure NEVER arthritis. Remember all the money he made me pay for anesthesia and x-rays a little bit ago??

Then he said Mandy should come in and stay for 2 days with a IV (which he refused to tell me on the phone how much that would be), then another blood test for another $150. I said HELL NO, she will die before I pick her up being in a cage for 2 days alone and feeling so bad.

I should have known that it was kidney failure... Before I adopted Mandy I had the best dog in the whole word that died from kidney failure. I saw the same signs in Mandy but thought - SHE is just too young.

I feel that no matter what I do - I already knew she is dying and when they throw up  like that, its too late already.

I am completely heartbroken, depressed, sad and just bad. Now that I am working, I am afraid that I will come home and Mandy will be dead and Peaches will be howling with grief.

I just got back from Sams club and brought a big pack of sliced turkey meat to give her. she ate a couple slices. I am just gonna try to make her comfy the best I can until she gets too weak.

For those of you that love your furry children the way I do - you know how my heart is breaking right now.

I am happy that I did rescue both my girls from being thrown out like a piece of trash. I know they have been happy for these 8 years and even though they can't talk people talk - they know how much I LOVE them.

Take care - have a Good Christmas and don't over eat.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I'm so very sorry Rosalie!!!! :( I lost my Saint 8 years ago and it still makes me cry to think about it. Our animals are our family!!! Sending you Big Hugs!!!

  2. Dearest Rosalie,

    I am SO very sorry about your precious Mandy. Being someone who loves her dogs more than most people, my heart is literally breaking and aching for you.

    I know beyond the shadow of a doubt how much you love her and in return how much she loves you back. No one could have treated her better than you have. I know how loved she has felt with you.

    Enjoy every single second that you have left with her and know that my thoughts and prayers will be with you.

    Blessings and Hugs,

    Linda in Western NC

  3. Sorry to hear you are hurting. I saw this post from facebook on my vacation. Take care. Dawn

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about Mandy! Some of the worst memories I have are having to put my beloved doggies down because they were dying. Hugs to you and Mandy! I hope she doesn't suffer for long :(

  5. This makes me so sad. I know what you are going through. I don't think the vets really think about the happiness of the animal these days. I think you should just make her as happy and comfortable as possible. That is the most important thing for her. My heart is so sad for you, but you gave her the best life that she could have had. Take comfort in that. XOXO!!!!

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your girl. :-(

  7. :( breaks my heart...you are such a good Mom to your furry girls.

  8. Argggh....I Feel Your Pain. We Had Two Lhasa Apso That Are In Heaven. But I Have To Tell Ya ... Ya Need To Find A Different Vet...They All Are Not Like You Describe Yours. Ask Around ... From The Groomer, To The Store You Buy Pet Products From.

    Sigh...I'm Very Saad For You..

    I Totally Agree With Your Stance On Christmas...The Commercialism Of It All Really Did Me And HubbY In A Few Years Ago. We Have Since Put Everyone On Notice That We Have Canceled Christmas And Only Adopt A Family R Two In Need.Thus No One Is Obligated To Us, NoR Are We Obligated To Others. Before DOing This...Hubby And I PRayed Over ThIs, And The Lord AgReed With Us...But We Asked The Lord If We Could Celebrate Jesus Year Around...He Said Yes...So, We Bless PEople During The Year In Jesus Name.

  9. Aw, sorry Rosalie. I feel your pain for this ailing or dying fur baby. We've had pets through the years that, most often, have just disappeared (we are rural) and we've had a couple that got sick and passed. Most recent was a Siamese cat. She lived 18 wonderful years before a tumor on her head had taken her down. Watching these poor pets get sick hurts, plain and simple. Thinking of you and Mandy this morning.

  10. Hi Rosalie, so sad that Mandy is ill. I know you will love and comfort her and you'll cherish every moment with your babies. Wishing you love and peace during the holidays and always.


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