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Saturday, December 14, 2013

I'm a Workin Girl...

Good Morning Friends,

How have you all been? I DO miss blogging and Facebooking every day, however I just can't do that and work full time. I have been trying to post things by phone if I can.

Well last night was 2 whole weeks of me working now. The first few days I was a bit panicked. Wondering how I was supposed to still do everything I did in the daytime and be gone all day and be so tired when I got home at night.... How the HELL did I do this when the kids were young??

I am more used to it now and feel a bit better. I still don't sleep that well - you know me... I was supposed to work there for a week or so to see if I wanted to do it and after the first 3 days I told him that YES I would do it. Even though it is very hard and confusing doing something that I don't know that much about. I am a Realtor and now I am learning to be a loan processor. Some of this stuff goes WAY over my head. But I am learning how to do it correctly - which is the main key in getting loans approved.

Well he was supposed to have a talk with me after that 3rd day to discuss job details and never had time until Tuesday of this past week. I am a bit neurotic and it bothered me not knowing how much I will get paid. He said I start as REAL employee on the 1rst of the new year, which I understand because of taxes and stuff and I will get cash until then.

But alas, none yet. He said the pay period is from the 1rst - the 15th, then they get paid for that period on the 20th and the same for the second half of the month. So that might explain the no money for me yet - it sure would have been nice though.

Remember I kept trying to get a job and couldn't even get an $8 an hour one. Everything is done online now and I'm pretty sure they were looking at the part where they ask where you went to high school and figured out how old I was and - well discrimination!!! So when he told me he would start me at $12 an hour - well I almost cried. I filled out the paperwork to make me official yesterday - but for some reason I just keep thinking that he will come in and say not to come back the next day, but it hasn't happened yet. LOL

My weight is good - 148 this morning. I thought it might go up by working, but I  have been eating a good breakfast before I leave, and bringing a lunch with me. I made some healthy chocolate chip cookies last weekend and have been bringing 2 in a baggie or some berries in a small container for after my sandwich or what ever I am eating.

One day I made breakfast for lunch,
yesterday I made a chicken sandwich on Oasis-low carb bread,
one day I made a zucchini crust pizza the night before and warmed it up at lunch,
Thursday a bunch of us went to the Mexican restaurant 1 block away - (it was one of the bosses birthday) and I ate 3 tiny little chicken soft tacos and a side salad instead of rice and beans and a few tortilla chips and salsa.

I am still eating the way I always do - I will just have to make my breads and sweet treats on the weekends.Tomorrow - black bean brownies.

Today is Saturday and I just ate a delicious breakfast;
Chorrizo, mushrooms, spinach and eggs and a homemade grain free tortilla.

Maria invited me to a Christmas party tonight at 6pm at her church, and all though I am (Jewish) not MORMAN and very tired - I am going anyways to support her and so she can have some family to show off. It will be fun I am sure. Or at least FREE FOOD!

Tomorrow Hubby and I will most likely go to a  movie, Hubby is having withdrawals of  like 3 weeks of none. Yeah popcorn!!!

Have a lovely weekend. You already know its GORGEOUS over here.
This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Keep Up The Good Work!! Keep Us Posted As You Can....We Understand!!

    Ya Gotta Go See The New Madea Movie...It's A Scream!!!

  2. I am so very excited for you, but a bit sad not to see a post from you every day. I don't know what I would have done without our little blogging community when I was on my way down the first time.
    I would work if I could make 12.00 an hour! Our minimum wage in WA is the highest in the Country and I would make the very same as a 16 year old:( No thanks! Who knows, maybe I will have to someday, but for now, I will just spend wisely.
    Please don't go away!!!

  3. Congrats, Rosalie! They are so blessed to have you ():-)

    I 100% agree with Kay. Please never go away totally.

    Blessings and Hugs,

    Linda in Western NC :)

  4. Rosalie, you sound happy and I'm glad. It is hard to work and blog and keep up with everything else, I know. I hope we all keep in touch because we are all so busy these days. Keep us posted on how things are going. XO!


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