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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Been Busy...

Hello Friends,

I know many of you might be wondering where I have been. As many of you that have followed me for a while know, I don't work and have been looking for a job. I believe because of my age, I will never get hired. Everything is done online now. I told Hubby that the only way for me to get a job is to know someone who knows someone.

Well Hubby is a captain of a Fire Dept and also is a loan officer with a loan license. The man he works for has called me and asked me a couple times if I want to work in his office. Although I AM a Realtor, the loan stuff goes way over my head. Well he told me to come in on Monday to start training and see if its something I would like to do. So I have been there the past 3 days from 9-5.

Hopefully after a week or so we can discuss the job part.

I probably won't have as much time to blog or facebook. But I promise I will not leave you and try as much as I can.

I do see how hard it is to eat the way I WANT. I love staying at home and trying all sorts of new healthy recipes. I have to make sure that I NEVER get off track and keep eating the way I always have.

I've been making sure I eat a good breakfast before I leave so Here's what I've been eating;

Monday, a egg and cheese omelet and alpine valley 12 grain toast with coconut butter on top and 1/2 avocado.
Lunch Monday I just ate some nuts and berries I brought with me and around 3:30 I went to Five guys burgers with a girl from the office and I ate a burger wrapped in lettuce and a few fries and water.

When I got home I was not hungry but ate 2 cream cheese cookies that I had left in the freezer and some redi whip and decaf tea.

Tuesday I ate 2 pcs of pumpkin cheese bread that I had in the freezer and spinach and eggs and berries.
 I made this zucchini crust pizza in the morning before I left and ate it for lunch.
 When I got home I ate some broccoli, brussel sprouts and wings for dinner and 2 protein bites and redi whip for desert.

Breakfast his morning I ate the last waffle in the freezer and coconut butter on top.
 For lunch today I ate a chicken salad from El pollo loco.

This morning before I left I made a batch of these raspberry-lemon scones but I added in some cranberries also. I brought a few in to the office with me and we ate them for a afternoon snack and they liked them.
I stopped on the way home tonight at Sprouts to get a few healthy things. I am beginning to HATE that store and wound not go back accept that its the only healthy store sort of near me. They don't carry Sprys gum anymore. I LOVE the cinnamon. ARGH!

Dinner tonight was a few wings and a spinach salad.

In the morning I plan on making a grain-free-tortilla with cheese and turkey bacon.

Lunch I am going to bring in a container some shirataki noodles, meat balls from the freezer, and multe bene low sugar pasta sauce. They have a microwave downstairs I saw.

Oh Yeah - I am running up and down the stairs over there a bunch!! the office is upstairs and the bathroom and kitchen is down. LOL

So I am NOT used to being gone all day - but love it and at the same time worry about who's gonna do all the stuff around the house? When will I have time??

Oh Well...

Have a great day - this is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I Often WOndered How I Had The Time To Work ....Too Much Other Stuff To Do. Take It easy

  2. Wow!!! your all dishes are seems very tasty. I like your pizza the most. I will cook tonight this pizza.

    Kopi Luwak

  3. Buy the gum online..its prob cheaper..good luck on ur new venture sue m

  4. Congrats on your job opportunity! So happy for you Rosalie!

  5. Good luck on the job, I know you have wanted one, but it is a lot of WORK! God Bless all of the people that work full time and still get things done!
    When you are busy, you don't have as much time to think, and sometimes that is a good thing:)

  6. So exciting about the job! I hope you are loving it and that it works out for you......AND great job on still eating BFC even though you have been so busy. I'm trying to eat BFC mostly, but going gluten and dairy free means I didn't have a lot of options for food so I may have upped the sugars just a tad eating pumpkin everything just for the vitamin A :)
    Good Luck!

  7. Forgot to mention that I chew the PUR gum, but it does have 2 carbs (I'm not a cinnamon gum girl so I always get spearamint, peppermint or wintermint. I just bought some XyloBurst gum in peppermint and it's good and only 1 carb (plus it's around 30 cents cheaper than PUR), but I can't remember if I got it at Sprouts or Mothers. I just popped a piece of the XyloBurst gum in my mouth just now to verify that it was good......hehehehe!

  8. Congrats and hope the job works out for you and your family! You are an inspiration - just post when you can, please.

  9. good luck on the job, sounds fun & thanks for the post

  10. Good for you. Hope this works out the way you want. It is hard to work ANC blog and cook and eat right. But if anyone can do it, you can. Keep us posted ! XO!!

  11. Congratulations, Rosalie! It sounds perfect! Eating-wise, you will be fine, I am certain. Just look at the past few days you've posted already!


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