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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

It's Quiet..........

Hello Friends,

I hope everyone is doing well. Anybody there???? Seriously... How are you doing on your weight loss goals. Comment and maybe we can help if you're stuck.

Well it has been 2 days since our lil Rat has been gone. If you are new here and in case you think its mean to call Olive a Rat - it is a term of endearment, I promise. Its not her fault she looks like a cute rat.

BOY I totally forgot how much Chaos she caused around here, being so little it seems hard to believe. Don't get me wrong - we do miss her but It is so Calm and quiet now. My furry girls are older and like to sleep a a lot.

I tried to keep busy yesterday - Alone again. Such is the story of my life I guess. After breakfast I dusted and vacuumed, changed the sheets, did 3 loads of laundry, ironed a bunch of Hubby's shirts, then had to vacuum out my car after Hubby used it to take Olive to Nicole. Rat hair everywhere.

Hubby is driving again for Audi all this week. He said he saw a movie star yesterday at the hotel they were at waiting to drive people around. This guy from one of the Borne movies. Anyway he got home early around 5ish and we went to that great restaurant again, The Sycamore Inn.

We shared a appetizer of stuffed mushrooms, I had 2 glasses of Cabernet Sav. wine and it totally gave me a buzz. That is how often I drink LOL.
I had Prime rib and ate a few bites of mashed potatoes, and a few bites of carrots, a small pc of sourdough bread and even 3 bites of his cheesecake.

We Love this place, the atmosphere, people, food - everything is great.

My breakfast this morning had to be fattening, greasy and salty so I made chorrizo and eggs with mushroom, green pepper and spinach in it, and a homemade grain free tortilla with queso fresco cheese in it.
Believe me this was WAY good and I couldn't wait to eat it all up.

I made a batch of these Chocolate-chip-cheesecake-cookies
I haven't made them in a little bit from always trying new recipes and I forgot how AWESOME they taste. Yeah I ate one. :-)

My lunch was a bit of a challenge. I am running out of things different to fix myself - so I improvised.
I found a can of lite cream of mushroom soup in the pantry - which I really don't ever eat any more. I used half of it and added water and cooked a 1/4 c of quinoa, then added a can of chicken and some kale of course. It actually tasted very good.

I'm pretty sure Hubby will be home real late tonight from driving - so maybe a spinach salad and wings for me for dinner.

Well have a good one. It is overcast and around 60-65 around here. It might rain the next few days.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Chocolate is my favorite taste. And I like coffee too so I prefer chocolate coffee.

    Kopi Luwak

  2. Nothing new over here on the weight loss front. Since I can't eat gluten and dairy, my diet is boring, but no weight gain or anything. Enjoy the rain....I think the chances are higher inland where you are than at the beach......I hope, because my husband has a lot of work before the holidays and rain will ruin it.

  3. I enjoy your site, and check it daily. I appreciate your food pics, conversation and recipes. We're just beginning this low carb journey. So far, we've eliminated sugar totally except for when I use honey in the oatmeal/flax/pnutbutter balls. I use xylitol sweetened honey too. I haven't lost anything, but feel better eating this way. Hubby has lost 7 lbs or so.

    1. Thanks I am glad this blog is helping.
      Whenever I see a recipe that calls for honey or agave I use Natures Hollow Maple Syrup. :-)

  4. still here,, just busy. LOL. have a good week

  5. I'm here! Do you miss Little Rat yet? :)


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