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Monday, October 7, 2013

Almond Butter Bread, Yard work and Bloggin...

Hello All,

I am taking a break now and decided to write a little post to you.
 After my breakfast this morning of Kale and eggs with my Alpine Valley 12 grain toast,
I went outside and cleaned up a little in the back then to the front and spent 2 hours cleaning the flower beds and trimming palm trees - the little ones and the big ones too.

Whew- that is physical work for sure.

For lunch I whipped up a bowl. I like to cut my food up  and make a bowl dish because it is easier with my ET's. I can eat with a spoon and hold it up under my mouth to eat  - it's less embarrassing then shaking and all the food falling off. Well, there was no one around - but still.
I cut up a 1/2 chicken breast, some black beans, kale, avocado, bacon bits, and alfredo sauce and grated parmesan cheese on top.

Then I was gettin an itchin to make some kind of baked goodie. I remember how much I LIKED the Cashew-butter-bread I made a while back, so I made another loaf - this time I used almonds instead.
It came out Awesome. Almonds have less sugar and carbs then the cashews so this one will be even healthier. Of course after it cooled completely I cut it into 12 slices and had to taste test a piece.

It tasted like it had butter on it already - so GOOD. You MUST try...

Now for the BLOG................

I am reading posts and comments for lots of you of how you are having a hard time sticking to what ever diet you are doing. Some are even gaining some of the lbs back.

First I want to say that as a women - my weight goes up and down over night. Sometimes even 3-5 lbs. YUP - that's right. It happens, so expect it.

Next I have to say that if you don't stick to it - whatever - "your IT" is, than how do you expect "It" to work.

Stop listening to other people and don't let them influence your food decisions.

All I did - and STILL DO is **Just keep going**. That is the big secret.

And whats up with the blogs??? I used to post every day and now sometimes every 2 days or so and still very little hits and comments compared to before. It makes a person wonder why I am bothering if it APPEARS that hardly no one is out there.

You NEED to be accountable in some way or another. Whether its blogging yourself or doing it with someone. You need to be honest with everyone else and especially YOURSELF..

So have a blog - then keep doing it and I will post a link on here for you.

If you don't and really don't want to then, join this blog and all the others on my list and COMMENT and CONFESS or PUFF yourself up if you are doing well. Whatever you need to do to get you thru the day.

OK that's all - I'm gonna take my furry girls for a walk - they are giving me the smiley-furry-evil-eyes. Gotta go.

Have a great day.This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I Plan To Try This Bread Soon. I Was Gaining Since Being Down With My Knee...But Today I Was Ordered To Walking And Biking!!! Yaaaaay!!!! It Sucks Getting Old. Ha! But Hopefully Thursday I Will Kick In Gear And Get Moving. Finally. I'm Having A Procedure Tomorrow...And It Usually Takes Me Two Days To Be Ok. So....The Plan Is...Dh Will Bring Home Chipotle For Dinner Tomorrow And Wednesday. I Boiled Some Eggs, And BOught Deli TurkEy To Hold Us! Yaaaay.

    Thxxx For You!!!!

  2. So true. I am in total agreement that you have to stick with whatever plan you are doing. I had that thought today...maybe this isn't working for me. But the truth is, we know what is crap for our bodies and what is good for us. Baby steps in the right direction will get us there. Slower for some of us, but better than going in the other direction! XO!

  3. I hear you girlfriend! I think I had 2 comments on my blog post:( I guess I am getting boring and since I don't post about food, why read it? You my friend do help a lot of people figure out things that are good to eat. Don't let the lack of comments fool you, you are important!
    Now that bread does look good!

  4. I read every blog of yours Rosalie! I wonder if things changed since you started the Facebook Group? I read several blogs, including Pattie's and Kay's. I love all of your blogs or I wouldn't keep coming back :-)

    You are right...whatever a person is doing..they need to actually do it. I've been doing nothing but reading and thinking about it! Need to kick it in gear.

    1. You know the ONLY reason I started the Facebook group was to try to reach out and help more people. I had so many complete STRANGERS friending me on Facebook. I mean like 100.
      That way they can follow me and not have to friend me.
      IDK - maybe it was a bad idea.

    2. I don't think the FB group was a bad idea. I think with the holidays coming up and weather changing, more people will be in front of their computers too!

  5. Agree with "it"! When I do it, it works! Thanks for always blogging and keepin it real while inspiring us all to do better and eat better. The Almond bread looks good - gotta try!

  6. I agree, I'm the worst for not sticking w it!! I go on WW, then off, on wbelly, then off, on atkins, then off, on BFC, then off...and I wonder why I can't lose these 10lbs!!!!!! Not sure why I can't stick with it?????

  7. I've been sticking to the BFC and a Paleo-like eating program with no gluten and no dairy. The dairy part is more of an elimination diet and then I add it back in to see if I'm sensitive to it. It's making eating tricky, but I feel good and I guess I look good because everyone keeps commenting on how good I look. My husband says I'm too skinny so I had to add some grain carbs in (which isn't very Paleo, but more BFC) Anyhow, I tried to add cheese back in and got all mucus-y and stuffy....allergies started coming back.....Aaaagggh! I've added a little bit of butter back and seem to be ok with that so we shall see. yYour bread looks good. I just found out that I have a food processor attachment to my blender (see what happens when you actually cook and look in the cabinets) so I may try to start making some almond butter (baby steps).
    Enjoy the cooler weather (It supposed to rain tomorrow!!)

  8. love that bread! I agree - whatever you are gonna do, it doesn't work if you don't do it! And lots of people have dropped off the blogs, I don't get any comments anymore. But when I check my old blog, where I don't post, there are tons of hits. I wonder if people aren't checking blogs anymore, but doing pinterest instead? IDK. They are different things, I think..


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