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Monday, September 16, 2013

Too Hot - go to the Movies........

Good Morning to you all,

I hate to be a broken record - but YISH!! It's gonna be 100 again today. That's many-many days in a row now. Isn't this the middle of September?? You just kind of have to hibernate and stay inside with the AC on.

So yesterday my breakfast was a new concoction again. I made this new muffin and it was good.

Hubby was working day shift all weekend and I really wanted to see that new scary movie and like always had no one to go with me so I went by myself yesterday instead of Saturday.

**When I got there and went to buy popcorn I realized that I left home without my cell phone. OH-WOW!

How weird that we are so attached to social media, smart phones, texting, email... We feel like life can't go on without them. Our whole lives revolve around social media now a days.

I remember - once upon a time when we actually took out pen and paper to write people. Now we just email-text- and lastly call, hardly ever in person any more.

Well anyways - I lived thru the no phone thing, although I did not know what time it was. LOL Had to ask a kid.

**I saw Insidious 2, but first I went in to see the Percy Jackson movie. to my surprise - I LOVED it. I Love Fantasy type movies as much as the scary ones. I love when they have monsters and made up stuff, a bad guy and good guys with plots that in your wildest dreams could NEVER happen. To me - they are FUN movies.

It was lunch time and I brought some turkey pepperonis and a cheese in a baggie in my purse, water and I got a medium popcorn, no butter between the 2 movies I ate half.

Then I snuck into Insidious 2. Scary for all you wooses out there - you might pass. Movies about ghosts could and do happen. Ha-ha, for those of you that know my background the past year. YUP - it happens.

It must have been that other creepy house, cause its been clear here except for the once. Love it here.

**When I got home it was still HOT so I waited until 6pm and then took my furry girls for a walk. Yeah - I still get looks walking 3 dogs. LOL

When Hubby got home before 7pm he actually brought us home some steaks he cooked at the FD for us. He's a grillin fool. We still can't use the one he cleaned yet, he needs to order a couple parts for it first.

I ate a little of the steak and a spinach salad  and 2 of those Pumpkin-pie-cheese-bites with redi whip for desert.

My breakfast this morning;
Eggs, avocado, Alpine Valley 12 grain toast with homemade coconut butter and blueberries.

**So this month is Hispanic Heritage month and on the news this morning they showed some great foods that I used to LOVE and they showed how to make home made Empinadas. I LOVE those but I know the dough is not healthy or BFC friendly. Probably made with regular flour.

Does anyone have any ideas how to make dough BFC friendly that will be equivalent and will bend without cracking or breaking??? I want to make some and bake them instead of frying in oil.

Please Help US with this very important Dilemma. LOL

Thanks for listening and Have a GREAT DAY!!

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Now that the kids are all back in school we may head to the movies. I wish I ate my popcorn without butter! I would make the empanada out of one of your wraps. At Taco Time, they make them with flour tortillas. Unless I don't know what you are talking about, which could be, because I'm not bright today;)

  2. It was even hot at the beach, yesterday....but definitely not 100 degrees. Now you know why I paid so much to buy a house at the beach :) I don't like the heat. Right now it's 8am and kind of foggy.


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