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Monday, August 26, 2013

So if you're squeamish - LOOK AWAY!!!

Hello Friends,

Well anyone out there? Whats Up? Today is a boring day. Hubby had to work day shift. I changed the sheets on the bed, vacuumed, and mopped. I was gonna bake something new today, (I saw this picture on Facebook of Pumpkin-Cheesecake) and you know me - I am gonna make it BFC friendly. I love a challenge.
But my oven is still not fixed yet. When the repairman can to replace the thermostat, it turned out that was not the problem. So the home warranty company sent out another repairman - a clean up guy I guess. He said it looked like the computer board and said he will order it.
I don't want to burn anything else - so I will wait. I'll post and let you know when I  do.

This morning I made a muffin the way I always do and tried to make it a pancake, but it broke when I flipped it - buy it still tasted great.
 Lunch was a cauliflower crust pizza - also very good.
 It started raining over here today a little - still HOT though.
So remember I said last week after my 1 week check-up after my foot surgery the doctor re-wrapped my foot? Well I hate to say it but he did a crappy job and the next day it started falling off. I email him to see if I could take it off and re-wrap it myself - so I have been waiting all weekend. The bandage kept falling off like a sock.

So after the cleaning was done today - I pulled it off.

So if you're squeamish - LOOK AWAY!!!
 So now I have a 2 & 1/2 inch scar - and jagged to top it off.
 I still can't bend it up by myself like the left one.
 I had some gauze and an ace bandage and wrapped it back up.
And put a white cotton sock on it. VIOLA!!

I warned you!!!!

So last night was the VMA's - who watched it? We did because my step-daughter is back dancing with GAGA again (since her hip is fixed) and she was going to perform on there.
There she is right next to GAGA on the right. We are very proud of her.

Loved Justin T. and N-sync was great to see with him, but lets not even talk about Miley Cyrus - she was disgusting. OK that's enough.

I hope you all have a great night and day tomorrow.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I Hate To Tell Ya This...But Most Doctors Don't ReSpond To Emails. The WAy To Get Response Is To Call And Ask To Speak To The Doctors Nurse. Usually The Front Office Will Take A Message And Worst CaseScenario The Triage Nurse Will Call Ya Back.

  2. Yes, as one who is married to a Dr., call the office if you need a response. I thought Miley Cyrus was disgusting too. Why did she need to act like that? That is so cool about your step-daughter. How is the little Rat doing these days? XO!

  3. I guess I forgot to say that after I wrapped it - the nurse called me. LOL - too late but at least she did. He wants me to keep it clean and dry and wrapped.
    And I do miss my Rat, haven't seen her in a little bit.

  4. I think your foot looks pretty good.

    Agreed about Miley Cyrus!!! It's so obvious this was a PR stunt to change her squeaky clean Disney image....Oh well, I guess it worked :)

    So I'm working with a nutritionist who has me on a dairy free and gluten free diet and will then reintroduce them slowly to see if I have any reaction. The gluten part is easy, but I'm soooo missing my daily cheese. Anyhow, I hate to say it, but in the 2 weeks I've been off gluten, I haven't taken a single allergy med (I usually take 2-3 meds for allergies per day!) We shall see. This nutritionist is also testing my adrenals and the rest of my hormones. I've been having some serious sleeping probs and no energy and have known that my hormones were whacked for quite awhile!

  5. Glad you are doing well. I have no trouble with email from my doc office. Either the nurse or the doc email me pretty quickly. :)


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