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Friday, August 16, 2013

Much Better Already...

Good Morning Folks,

It's gonna be hot over here for several days around 95-100. But I don't care cause I am in here. LOL

Surprisingly yesterday it was only 2 days after my surgery and I did not take any pain meds all day. I learned how to get my own water and stuff. Actually Hubby was surprised how good I was hobbling on the crutches. I told him it didn't really hurt that much - only like a 2 out of 10 and not enough to take anything.

Actually I could have gone without the crutches to tell you the truth, but I'm supposed to use them until my next docs visit on Tuesday. The doctor told hubby and Maria that it would be like a night-and-day difference to me, and I guess I have been living with the pain for so long - IDK. It feels great today.

Yesterday Hubby tried to help me take a small shower w/o washing my hair. Did good - did not get it wet. We wrapped it in a plastic bag, then a towel, then another bag, rubberband, another bag, and another - then wrapped a towel around the top - it worked fine.

Breakfast yesterday - my beloved Alpine Valley 12 grain toast w/my homemade chocolate-hazelnut butter and blueberries, Hubby made the eggs and bacon and I made the toast.
 Lunch - I did myself. Remember I said I made the cauliflower-cheese pancakes and put them in the freezer - did not work too well cause after I thawed them out - they cracked - so I could not pick them up - had to eat them with a fork and knife. Still very good though.
I put some avocado, turkey, tomato and horse-radish mayo on top and  some cucumber slices with tajin-spice on top and a blue skies mandarin-lime soda (sweetened with stevia) great flavor.
 I pretty much did everything for myself yesterday even though Hubby was there. He was not much help at ALL. LOL

My snack was some raw pumpkin and sunflower seeds in a little cup. Maybe 2 oz total. I think.

Dinner I made myself a salad and 6 wings in the toaster oven.

Oh - yeah - and of course I hobbled and ate some desert. 2 protein bites and some rediwhip in a bowl.

I did take 1 pain pill before bed. I thought it might help me sleep - but NOT. Still tossed and turned a little.

Even though I didn't do anything except hobble from 1 room to another I took a shower by myself - no hair. I just wanted to see if I could handle it by myself. YUP-did good.

My breakfast this morning - all by my lonesome cause Hubby is working days for 3 days.
I made a muffin like I always do but added a bit more milk and made it into 2 pancakes and cooked them on my grill with some blueberries inside.
I put my homemade coconut butter on top and cut it up and dipped it in a little Natures hollow maple syrup - SO GOOD that way. I want more...YUM
You see I am using my BIG heavy bottom mug since the surgery. It helps with my ET's cause I am afraid I will spill or drop. So far - so good.
Yippee!! Today the oven repair guy is coming back to put on the new thermostat. So no more burning stuff - I hope. Well that has been my excuse since we moved here anyways.

Also the other day my washer started leaking - Oh happy DAY! Luckily I paid to renew my warranty thru Best Buy where we bought it many years ago and they will be here today too.

Our Water heater started leaking so I  called the home warranty people last week and they will be out here today also. $60 each visit so not too bad -- right?

My handyman was supposed to be here today too to do a couple things for us - but his dog died and sad - he said he will be here Sunday instead.

So I will be busy hobbling around today. Hope I don't get too tired. Anybody near me want to come visit this weekend? call me- I'm not goin anywhere. LOL

Have a great day. This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Glad you are getting around ok. Have a great weekend Rosalie.

  2. I knew you would do well! Can't keep a great Gal down :D

    You and the furry girls will be walking again before you know it.

    Keep feeling better, Dear Friend!

    Linda in Western NC :)

  3. Gurrrrrrlllll...Don't Push It!!!! My Dh Will.Sit On Me And Not Let Me Do nuffen'! I'm Impressed With The Water Tight SeAl. Four Years Ago I Broken My Ankle, AfterTheSwelling WentDown I Was Put Into A Cast After A Boot. When We Taped Garbage Bags It Worked. Then One Night I Sprang A Leak. Totally Soaked The Cast. It Was A Nightmare!!

    Take It Easy!!! Catch Up On Your Sleep.

  4. I swear my comments disappear! I just want to say I am proud of you for your perseverance! It's exciting to think how much less pain you have and will have when you are fully healed!
    Just be careful and don't do too much!!!

  5. So happy that your surgery went well and you are doing good! You are an inspiration to us all, as always, with your courage, determination and sense of humor! Take care :-)


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