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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Day After...

Hello Friends,

Well I made it thru the surgery. My tummy was doing flips yesterday morning for sure. I was nervous and my blood pressure was a tiny bit high for me anyways. I think they said like 130ish over something.

When they took me back to the bed to get ready - it reminded me of the time a few years ago when I picked up Aaron (my son who passed in Sept) at the hospital when he had back surgery. It was the same Kaiser hospital but a different location. I saw the numbers over the beds and thought of that time. Sad...

They made me put on a gown and get naked - LOL. They said I had to take off even my undies in case I pee on the table. Good to know - right? They gave me an IV and asked me the same questions like 5 times. While they were rolling me to the operating room, I said "you know I get car sick, and sea sick, and air sick" They giggled and said they would slow down.

Before I knew it they were waking me up and said it was over. I said did I snore? or pee on the table? They laughed and said no.

The doctor told Hubby and Maria after it was done that he had no idea how I was walking on that foot before without a ton of pain. He said he removed a huge bone fragment and buildup.

They asked me at the hospital what kind of juice I wanted and I said NO. I don't drink that stuff too much sugar - just water. They were surprised.
This is me laying in bed after we got home up on some pillows. I got crutches and have an appointment for 1 week next tuesday. He said to stay off of it completely until then.

Maria made me some toast and eggs and a few berries to eat around 2ish. I was hungry and thirsty in the beginning but after so many hours it wore off. But I felt better after I ate.

They gave me Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen pills to take for pain.

Later I hobbled in the kitchen to tell Maria what I wanted to eat and tell her what to put in the bowl. I ate a tuna salad with stuff in it. But after standing there for a few minutes I got dizzy and sweaty and had to go sit down and put my foot up.

My desert later was 2 of the creamcheese cookies I made crumbled up in some RediWhip. Yum.
Mandy was just sitting there staring at me wondering why I wasn't taking them for a walk. I felt terrible and kept telling her I had a Boo-Boo. Hubby finally took them around the block after 7.

So that's it and I tried to sleep the best I could.

This morning Hubby took the dogs for a walk again and then I was ordering him around to help me with my breakfast, LOL

How to make Coffee - I am pretty sure that was one of the reasons for the all day long headache yesterday - that and the anesthesia wearing off.
I wanted some Oatmeal-Protein-Pancakes. SO I told him what to put in the bowl and I made the first one in the pan but got too achey and sweaty again and went to sit down and he flipped the second one for me. Well he tried his best.

I ate half and gave the other half to Maria when she woke up.

Maria has to go back home today and Hubby has to work day shift on Friday - so I have no idea how I am gonna eat or get water or anything by myself. I will try to find a way tomorrow when I feel a bit better. Maybe I can stick a to-go mug down my bra or in my back pocket. Ha-ha. IDK.
I feel kind of helpless and not used to this.

Have a good one - This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Aye!!!! Mujer!!!! See If Your Insurance WIll cover for somebody to come and stay with you for few hours or at least cook a couple of meals for you. There is a reason the doctor said to stay completely off... if you happen to stand up or something and fall and injured even worse you could be up a major Creek. If I lived closer I would certainly be there for you.

  2. Glad all went well. It's hard to stay off it, but try. Hope you heal quick so you can get back to your doggie walks! xo!

  3. So glad everything went well! Be careful tomorrow when you have no one to help you. Poor doggies! From miles long walks to around the block! Hope you're back on your feet soon!

  4. Glad it went well and that Maria came over to help. Hopefully you will heal quick so you can get back to life. Maybe the Tylenol w hydrocodone will help you sleep tonight. Good Luck!

  5. I'm so glad that Maria was there to help today. My sister was on crutches for a very long time and she had a bag with her everywhere she went to carry everything. You are a smart woman, you will figure out how to get around! Take advantage of any help you can get too.
    You are brave!

  6. Sounds like everything went well- so glad to hear it. Rest up and feel better soon!! :)


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