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Friday, August 30, 2013

Labor Day Weekend - Cinnamon Yam Fries

Hello Friends and Happy Friday - Labor Day Weekend,

Whew - that was a long intro. Do you have any plans? If so - share. It has been super hot for a couple weeks now. At least 95 or more every day. I have been alone most of the time cause Hubby has been working a lot.

I still can't sleep that much - EVER! I seriously kind of give up on that subject now. I don't want to have to take something every night.

BTW, Peaches is doing much better. Mandy is always fine - just a permanent scardy cat. She is so funny, any little noise and she jumps a mile and runs. Who knows what happened to her to be like that before I adopted her.
They are pretty Fat, Happy and Spoiled for sure.
I am trying to convince Maria to come over and go with me to the LA County Fair tomorrow (saturday). It opens today and all weekend its only $1 to get in between 10am-1pm. Of course it will cost $15 for parking LOL. I am hoping I can get around enough with my foot to see stuff. We shall see.

I went to Home Depot and Sprouts today. I remembered seeing some colored and patterned duct tape at Home Depot. Look what I did to my cane today.
Here's what I've been eating;
Breakfast yesterday was healthy pancakes with my coconut butter on top.
 Lunch was the other half of the cauliflower crust pizza I made the day before. I ate it cold and it was awesome.
 Then I made those DELICIOUSO Pumpkin-cream-cheese-muffins and had to test one of them after.
Dinner was a spinach salad while I waited for Hubby to come home. He said he had to fight off the guys at the FD to bring me home a steak they made. Of course I ate that when he got home.

I was still craving desert so I had some rediwhip and 2 of those cream cheese cookies from the freezer.

Breakfast this morning was AWESOME!! 2 of those Pumpkin Cream cheese muffins, turkey bacon and berries. Even better the day after right from the fridge.
 Lunch was turkey meatballs and some sour kraut - OK - don't ask me why? I was craving sour kraut.
 I also made these cinnamon Yam Fries. Very Good.
I took a medium sized YAM (not sweet potato) I am not sure why or what the difference is between the 2, but they both have about 2 servings of carbs (around 40g give or take). so be careful of all the carbs.
The sweet potato has about 14g of sugar - where the YAM has only 1g of sugar. 
I cut up the Yam and placed it on foil lined cookie sheet, sprayed with coconut oil spray and sprinkled some cinnamon and sea salt.

Place in the oven at 425 for about 15 min - then take out flip and spay with a bit more coconut oil spray and more cinnamon ans sea salt.

Place back in the oven until done. 

These were very good and I'm sure your family will like them.

Please remember during this LONG Holiday weekend to watch what you are eating. 

Remember my 1-3 bite rule and pick one food that you really miss and love and then have ONLY 1-3 bites.
THEN STOP!! This way you will get to taste it and not feel guilty.

Watch the sweet drinks and sauces on the meat - Not good for us.

One more pic for your weekend - My Daughter's Mini-Me

Have a Great weekend. This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)

1 comment:

  1. Happy Labor Day, Rosalie! :)

    We have no big plans either. Just enjoying having my sweet hubby home today.

    Have a great day!

    Linda in Western NC :)


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