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Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor day

Happy Labor Day Friends,

It's been a long weekend - it seems. The weather is still so hot over here bet 90-100 each day. IS this September already or what?

Yesterday I started my day with a good breakfast - like I always do. Its the best meal of the day to me.
Alpine Valley 12 grain toast with my homemade coconut butter, eggs with kale and some berries.
 Hubby had the day off so we decided to go to the LA County Fair. This weekend if you get there between 10am-1 you can get in for just $1. So we got there around 10:30. We went to a special parking lot where sometimes they let him park free because he works at the FD. Well it worked. He-he. That saved us $15 for parking right there.

My foot is feeling good but I am thinking if I didn't wear that black boot thingy - it would feel better. But my other shoes really don't fit with the bandages - so the boot and my blinged out cane it was.

We walked around I think for 3 and 1/2 hours, and yeah my foot didn't like it too much at all. We stopped a few times for me to rest. got something for baby Chloe to mail.

When we stopped to eat, I got my favorite turkey leg and Only ate like 1/3 of it. Hubby got a BBQ rib plate and only ate half too. I ate a couple of his fries and actually ate 1 bite of his cole slaw. I brought my rolly bag and put a small portable cooler inside with some waters and blue ice. You are not allowed to bring ina ny cans AT ALL - but I snuck a Zevia for me under the water. SHHH

We left early cause both my feet actually hurt. My surgery one and the left one too from putting so much pressure on it - I think.

Around 6pm I said I was gonna take my furry girls for a walk - and hubby said NO. Your foot hurts! I said well the digs don't know that so I am taking them anyways. He actually got up ans walked with me, and the world didn't end or Anything!!

My dinner was a leftover pork chop he brought home for me and some broccoli and brussel sprouts.

So my delicious breakfast this morning was some turkey, spinach and eggs, avocado and 2 homemade corn tortillas with chia seeds inside and a little cheese on top. I think I woke up hungry. I really LOVE these tortillas making them fresh like this, but they are WAY too good to eat all the time.
Sorry my pictures are blurry sometimes, my ET's get the better of me a lot lately. Yesterday when I was trying to take a bit of hubby's cole slaw, I tried 3 times and my hands shook so much I couldn't. I felt embarrassed - so he helped.

I have no idea what or anything we are gonna do today. If you do something fun - come back and check in with us and let us know how you did.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Happy Labor Day Rosalie. I'm at the shore this week. Not that hot here, but humid and cloudy today. XO!

  2. Happy Labor Day! Sounds like you did a lot of labor a the fair. I bet it was hot! It has been hot at the beach, although it's cooled down a lot today and got really foggy last night. Back to school is tomorrow so we've been preparing for that. This crazy gluten and dairy free elimination diet is killing me. I hate to say it, but I really do think I'm sensitive to gluten (I haven't taken a single allergy med in several weeks), unfortunately. I can muster through with no gluten, but the dairy thing is killing me!!!!!!
    PS should get my horomone testing results in the next week or so.

  3. Happy Labor Day!!! It would feel more like a vacation day if I had a job!!!
    How do you like your page? I noticed that because it's a page and not a group, it doesn't show up on the side of my news feed when there are posts in it? Like Sandy's?
    I wish I could get myself to the "sweet spot" you are in with your weight. I am so frustrated!!!


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