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Sunday, July 14, 2013

SHOW them who's BOSS.

Hello Friends,

We are all friends here - right?? I went to bed a little angry last night and still woke up this way so I thought I would rant about it here. I guess I need to shake my finger a little.

OK all that stuff yesterday was bad, but did it have anything to do with us-personally? I hate it when some post NASTY-MEAN stuff on Facebook. I hide and delete those post right away. Its different to say, " I feel bad for the family - yada yada yada." But when you like STUPID NASTY pictures that come up on my wall like; of a big guy saying-Oh darn I wanted to Butt rape you... That's just ignorant and mean and stupid of YOU..

I would never Un-friend someone just because of a difference in opinions. But a bunch of people said they were going thru their list to do that because of prejudice. SAD - I could talk about this more but I'm done and I hope people remember that we are adults and we can all feel what ever way we all want without being NASTY to others. OK Done..


I am so happy to see new support groups on Facebook for the new 100. We really do need support especially in the beginning while trying to get healthy and lose weight. That was a big help to me. But I stopped leaving comments on those things a LONG time ago. I would always have someone come behind me and contradict me - ALWAYS. So I mostly don't now. But this morning I did because I was getting tired of this one post where people were saying its OK to cheat sometimes.

Lets face it, I would NEVER be where I am today if I was going to eat a whole CHEAT day or even just a cheat meal once a week. It will not work!!

You are gonna throw off your whole system and everything you are trying to accomplish.

I was so stupid before. YOU are too...and its not our fault. I was told that low fat - low calorie - diet - foods are better and healthier. I believed it. and WHY NOT?? NOW I KNOW - its not...

I just didn't know what I do now. I listened to others all the time.

What do I keep saying?
STOP listening to other people and
do your own research,
learn how to figure out stuff yourself,

Don't do or eat something just because someone on that group says its OK. Look it up and figure out if its healthy or NOT!! Jorge wrote the books and gave us the knowledge and told us what to do. READ THEM!!

Remember...It's up to US to do it right!! If you cheat - you are only hurting YOU and no one else. Those people trying to get you to eat bad, are laughing at you.. YEAH they are. They don't think you can do it. They want you to FAIL!!

SHOW them who's BOSS.

You have to be consistent, strict and most of all - NEVER Give UP!!

I am just a regular person who used to be FAT and un-healthy. Now I just share what I have learned with you. You can NEVER go back to the way you ate before - PERIOD...

If you think I'm being a bitch - say so. If you don't want me to say this stuff - say so.

I just have lots of LOVE for you all and want you to be healthy and successful in your weight loss.

Have a nice rest of the weekend.
Oh not my dog - just  thought it was cute
This is PurpleRosy signing off...

KEEP ON BFC ' n  :-)

BTW Dawn - I can't comment on your blog anymore ???


  1. Thanks for this, Rosie. And this just confirms for me why I don't do Facebook. Totally agree with you on the cheating. I can't cheat and have it not throw me off. I get all "wanty" and just start eating everything in sight. And your doggie is just too cute! He/She? looks kind of a like a seal in that picture!

  2. You ARe So Right My Friend!! ,Thx (Love The Photo!)

  3. Amen sista!! Love the post dear friend, and I'm so trying not to be a cheater. It always catches up with you!! XO!!

  4. High-five Rosalie !! You hit the nail on the head again...you are a wise woman my friend !

    I try each & every day to do better than the day before. I went to a Bday party today and ate no cake & no ice cream because I knew the sugar would set me off into no mans land & you wouldn't find me for days. I ate the salad (that I brought) & a slice of pizza and it was enough.

    Have a great day ! Hugs...Dot :)

    1. Good post :) Rosalie
      @Dot I'm sad that your blog is gone, I truly enjoyed it. I wish you well :)

    2. @ Amy...aww, thanks. I was having problems posting (must be my dinasour computer). I am still going BFC strong.

  5. Thanks for sharing this Rosalie! I tell people all the time to do the research but they don't really want to. They say everything in moderation is ok, but they still have weight and health issues. I love eating the BFC way! I'll never go back to eating sugar or high carb foods. Any ways! Good word sista!
    ~ Francie ~

  6. Sometimes I just cant believe some of the stuff that people say on FB! I did unfriend people on FB during the election only if they called me stupid for believing in what I do. You tell them, Girl!!!........ I, also, don't comment anymore on the facebook BFC pages because someone always said something stupid after my post....I actually took myself off the original BFC FB page...... Anyhow, I hope you are staying cool....It was even pretty hot over here at the beach.

  7. You tellem' Rosalie! And keep on blogging!

  8. Rosie, I can't see comments anymore, is there something I'm doing wrong?


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