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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy July...

Hi Friends,

Well its still pretty hot over here. Yeah I know it is July and we are in Southern California - what else should we expect.

I just wanted to show you a picture of one of the streets that me and the furry girls walk down all the time over here. It is so beautiful, kind of like a movie street. Notice the no sidewalks?
 Everyone over here is so nice, they smile and wave and actually say hi. We LOVE it here - well except for the un-ending expected doom from the coyotes. We always sleep with the sliding door open in the M.B. and sometimes we hear them.

Breakfast yesterday - Yum
 I went outside in the morning for a few hours and tried to clean up the back more and then trimmed all the palm trees. NO - not the BIG ones?? silly - the smaller ones in the flower beds. A lot of work, but they look better now.

Peaches is still scared to walk in the back. Mandy acts like a tiger in a jungle on the other hand, walking around and exploring.
While I was cleaning yesterday, I saw peaches Limping REAL BAD on her back leg. She was milking it and holding it WAY up in the air. I went over and checked her and rubbed it - but by that time she got the prickers out by herself.

So I have been having a hard time getting them to go potty back there cause of the weeds and prickers. I am trying to clean it up  little by little every day. But now the trash cans are full and trash day is not till Friday.

So I took them out to go again and Peaches goes over and pretends like she got a pricker and runs on the patio. So I won't let them back in until they go. Mandy is a good girl and goes, but peaches wouldn't - Pricker-shocked I guess.

So after like 10 minutes I start to get a little mad and say GO POTTY and point>>>>
So Mandy is so fucking cute - leads peaches around the yard in a path with no prickers and Peaches follows in her exact footsteps then finally went. So cute I wish I could have tapped it.

Hubby has to work the day shift all this week and his mom invited me over for the 4th but I don't think I can leave the dogs outside or even inside for too long - until we either get a doggy door or Coyote proof the fencing - so I will just stay with them I guess. They are the best company anyways.

My lunch yesterday was a zucchini crust pizza with spicy hummus and tomatoes.
 I made a batch of: Almond-butter-pumpkin-cookies -  Oh yeah - I ate 2...He-he
 When Hubby got home from the day shift we took the furry girls for a walk. Yeah I know - he actually went...

Dinner was some buffalo wings and a spinach salad. and some rediwhip and a few blueberries for desert.

My breakfast this morning - happy tummy now - but do need more coffee now.
Well I guess I will unpack some boxes of Nic-nacs today and try to find some places to put them. I also have a few errands to run. That man is supposed to come pull my weeds today - so we shall see if he was really telling the truth or not...........

Stay cool and have a great day and a great 4th.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Happy July to you too! Neat about the doggies. :)

  2. You know what? I'm going to go out in the kitchen right now and toss my plain coconut flakes in the food processor and hope that there's enough moisture left in them that it'll turn into a butter! I've wanted to since you'd posted it the first time, but just can't believe it'd turn out. I wonder if I could add just a drop of coconut oil if it's looking too dry?

    So, are people supposed to just jog down the side of the road? No sidewalks is just a bit weird to me. Heck, I cuss and swear about bikers on the road, and that's where they're supposed to be - ha ha...

    Hope you and your girls have a great 4th, whether you end up being company after all or not.

  3. I'm so glad to hear that you are loving your new place! It looks absolutely beautiful! Try that grass that they sell at the pet store for your puppies? Just buy a couple and put them together? I don't have dogs obviously so I don't know these things:)


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