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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Doggie Door and Curses....

Hello Friends,

Well not much activity lately here. That makes me a little sad because I do this only for you. To help you get healthy and lose weight like I did. So no activity means that no one wants to get healthy?

Google tricks you in the beginning by letting you have a free blog and then at a certain point - like it did for me, they tell you that if you want to keep posting pictures on your FREE blog, well now you have to pay - which I do now for a while. It's not very much and I don't mind I guess.

**OK so I'll fess up about my mini-melt a few days ago. Since we moved in to our new home I told Hubby from the first day that we need to get a doggie door for the furry girls. At the other place we were renting had 1 and they NEVER EVER did anything wrong in the house having it. They loved it.

When we first moved in here all of a sudden I noticed the living room where the fireplace is  - spots all over the carpet. I said "OH SHIT - those look like pee stains and if they are - no matter how long its been there the smell will never come out and my dogs will eventually pee there too." The other owner had it covered with furniture and plants - never saw anything. BITCH!

So you know I have been leaving the girls inside a lot when I go out because I am afraid of the coyotes. 3 days ago when I was vacuuming and barefoot and I felt wet spots in the living room - OF COURSE like I said would happen, hence the mini melt down.

We knew we would have to replace that carpet in there but now it has to be right away. I yelled at hubby and said I don't care what you say I am getting a doggie door NOW. So Home depot has a website that they recommend for home repairs called; redbeacon.com

I went on there and got 4 quotes in a few minutes and had a guy come out yesterday and installed one in the wall - which we purchased at Home Depot.
This is on the right side of my sliding door next to the kitchen.
Now I can close it off at night and peaches loves it, Mandy not as much cause it has double flaps and I think it confuses her a bit. But at least no more pee in the house while I am out.

What I have been eating;
Yesterday breakfast, Alpine valley 12 grain toast, eggs, turkey bacon and 2 strawberries.
My daughter called me right when I was going to eat this and I told her what it was and she said, "How can you be so passionate about food and not BE FAT." I thought that was funny.

 Lunch; Hubby brought me home a hotlink from the FD so I sauted some onion, mushroom, kale and cut up the link and made 2 homemade corn tortillas with chia seeds inside. So good.
 Snack I ate 1 BFC thin mint from the freezer. still 2 left. Whoop-LOL

Dinner was broccoli, a few turkey meatballs, shirataki noodles, and a spoon of buffalo and alfredo sauces.
 desert was 2 of the other cookies from the freezer and a bit of rediwhip.

And of course tons of water all day like usual.

I am hoping to get hubby to go with me to see the Conjuring today before he goes to work tonight. He won't let me go without him. LOL

Tomorrow we might go to the O.C. Fair and see if there is anything we need for our new home. Don't worry if we do go, I will watch out for all the fried foods they concoct. On the news the other day I saw they had fried pickles wrapped in bacon - a must try - MAYBE?

Oh yeah - only a little over 3 weeks and YUP got the curse AGAIN this morning. What ever Eve did all those years ago to make us women get this - I - AM - SORRY.....

Thanks for listening and have a great day.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Have fun at the Fair! My daughter has been, twice, but didn't want to pay for the food so she took a baggie of chicken nuggets....LOL. I think the bacon pickle sounds kind of good, but salty. Anyhow, I'm glad that I'm not the only wife that has meltdowns on her husband. I had one on mine, yesterday, about what a hoarder/slob he is and how he never cares about what I want (Seriously, do the freaking taxes that were due in April!!!) Hormones bring out the best in me.....Hehehe!
    Have fun today!

  2. I really want to hear what you think of the Conjuring! I didn't know you had to pay for pictures on your blog? Thank you:)
    I think the pickle and bacon sounds yummy!
    I wish there were more people commenting and engaging too. I guess I am holding myself more accountable when I am actually blogging, so it helps. It is also fun to go back and see where my head was years ago!
    Thanks for being around!

  3. I want to go see The Conjuring, too. But I'm a big chicken and will wait for it to be on dvd so I can keep getting up and leave the room at the scary parts. Let us know how it was if you end up going.

  4. I'm way too scared to see The Conjuring! But please do tell us how you liked it. If you were scared I will know there's no way in heck I will see it (big chicken here).

    I really think I need to make some thin mints now!

  5. I know it may be frustrating to see less activity some times, but I read your blog all the time, just don't post. I recently feel off the "BFC wagon" and am hoping to get back on!! I have been struggling, but I love coming to your blog for ideas, inspiration and support! Hopefully you keep it up!! Read it just about daily!!

  6. I WaS Thinking About The Lack Of Activity, And I'm Guilty Of BEing Lazy But Because I'd Have To Do It On My Phone Like NoW And It Oomes Out Wonky.Then...It's Summer...PEople Being Buzzy Etc. But, I Greatly Appreciate Ya!!

    LovE The Doggie Door. We Have The Removeable One Thst Attaches To The Slider Doors.

    Skeery Movies...I Don't Bother With Them Because I KnowIt Is Real Spiritual Warfare And I Refuse To Allow It In My House.

  7. I personal have been very uncommitted to much but keep sane this year :-) But its nice to see what you are doing and it very inspiring :-) Really appreciate all what you do here! I am finally back on track for the past 14 days! and reducing! Thank you for blogging!

  8. That's weird that you get charged for photos. I never did. Do you think it's because you post more? I thought anything you put on blogger was free?? I would so eat that bacon wrapped fried pickle. You could fry cardboard and I would eat it!! LOL!! XO!!

  9. Sorry about he doggie pee - nothing worse than animal pee in the house!! I use a natural enzyme when I need to and it gets the smell all the way out, so they don't feel the need to pee there again. You can look in your grocery store in the cleaning supplies. have a good week!

  10. ok ladies..im gonna vent if its ok..ok with u rosie?? i hope i see a comment or two about it..did you all hear the best diet three years in a row is the dash? well i dont understand something..they use milk ok skim it has sugar...baby carrots...sugar...tomatoes grape tomatoes sugar..so how does all this fit into the bfc??? and ppl are losing wt on that diet and apparently getting healthy ..i was going to try it as ive been running into some plateaus but i can see jorge standing over me wagging his finger at the sugar...any comments? thnx carole

    1. IDK everybody's body is different and I know that not everyone can do what I have. I see that now, but I still can't see eating all that sugar. If you do try it - let us know.

    2. im sure i can monitor the sugar i probly wont have cereal or milk...but a whole three oz bag of baby carrots only has five g sugar and i only had like a third of it..so not much sugar there..i been following chris powell carb cycling..and the way he eats is a lot like the dash..good stuff..only difference is five meals a day and each meal has some good fat...every other day..so thats like 15 fats a week where the dash only has one fat a day...and u allowed some kind of a sweet treat lol...so i dont know we see cuz rite now im on yet another plateau..my body loves those lol...will letcha know..how are u in your new house? if i havent said congrats yet...CONGRATS and i love the doggie door!carole

  11. oh a side note to you ladies..i saw the conjuring and it was really good...scarrryyy! sorry bout those rug stains etc..blah..i hope the door works for the girls.. carole


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