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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I Actually ate a Apricot...

HI Friends,

Well It's supposed to be real hot the next 4-5 days or so. Today 95 and sunny. Yesterday I started hanging pictures in the house. Its not easy deciding where and what to put where. Hubby was so surprised of how good of an eye I have. I have done this a few times - the moving and rehanging and I am getting good at it I guess.

I first place the pictures I want against the wall of where I want to hang it, Then I eyeball it, measure, then I guess the trick is to not over-think it. I could do most of them myself - but the big heavy mirror in the dining room I had to call him to help me pick it up. He saw I had the hooks in the wall already and said "if that is level I will eat your shorts". We hung it up and stepped back and he said "well I'll be dammed" LOL
Yeah I'm good.
This kitchen window looks so much cuter this way then with those dark shutters.
So some people came over twice and took a bunch of rocks - but it seriously didn't even make a dent. I called 2 Iron works companies and they came over to look at the fencing situation to help us make it coyote proof. IDK might be way too much money - we shall see.

My breakfast yesterday; eggs, turkey bacon, berries and toast.
 Lunch was a almond crust pizza in honor of Dot. He-he
 After I ate the last 2 lonely cheesecake cookies that was in the fridge.

The furry girls and I went for a nice walk and my dinner was a spinach salad and the 1/2 eaten dinner of spinach and turkey from Boston market the day before.

I hate repeating all the stuff I put on Facebook but looking out my kitchen window to the house on our right, she has fruit trees and this apricot tree kind of hangs over a little.
 So the other day I picked up 1 that fell on the ground on our side to throw away and refused to wash my hand cause it smelled so good for hours.
 So yesterday I reached over and picked a couple and pitted and skinned them and made one of my
berry-cheesecake-desert and put some of the apricot on top - was a good desert.
I haven't even tasted a apricot in over 3 & 1/2 years since I started the BFC and it was Yummo.

My breakfast this morning was one of my 3-flour muffins with some more of that mushed apricots on top with a few berries.
I just want to say that the main thing I have learned in the past 3 & 1/2 years since getting healthy besides the right way how to eat is, Not get comfortable with how you look or how much you weigh. I don't mean be compulsive and annoying, but don't EVER think that you can eat like EVERYBODY ELSE or the way you used to anymore.

This is how they ALL GAIN the weight back. For me - this is a way of life now. For me - there is NO SUCH THING as a cheat meal or CHEAT day...that will throw off my system - big time!! This has to be an everyday way of life!! Or I will just get FAT again!

I do have the occasional 1-3 bite rule. When you ARE at those times at parties or get togethers or holidays, just pick 1 thing that you really want and have 1-3 bites. I have done this from day 1 and it works for me because I get to taste the things I used to love. This is not for every day...

OK have a nice day This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I used to be able to hang pictures perfectly too! Working in the Thomas Kinkade gallery that's a lot of what I did all day. I think I may have lost my touch after all these years. Practice truly does make perfect!
    How did hubby like the taste of his shorts?;)
    Ask around the neighborhood and find out how many dogs have actually been eaten by coyotes?

  2. You are a pro at hanging pictures ! Looks good :) We have an apricot tree in our yard but I have never picked & eaten one. Glad you are enjoying your FREE apricots ! LOL. And thanks for Pizza shout-out, I already planning on making it again next week !! Now, what are these 3 Flour muffins you are talking about ?! Time for me to search your recipes again :)

  3. Your home is really coming together! Great job and you're so talented sewing your window coverings! Those apricots look sooo good, lucky you! Good luck with the rocks and the fence.

  4. Everything looks great! You are a pro at decorating and picture hanging! Hope you are getting some sleep these days! XO!

  5. I'mGladYou Are Making Progress!

    So...Don't put Everything On Facebook. Maybe Just One Of Your Daily.Food Intake And Then Say...ToRead The Rest...GoTi My Blog. ;^)

  6. I love apricots when they are right. I bet off the tree they are to die for. Stay cool, hopefully it will warm up here soon.


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