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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hot and Ghosts and Zombies, not Hot-Ghost-Zombies

HI All,

So yesterday Hubby was tired from doing stuff around here and working a ton at the FD. So after he took a little nap when he got home in the morning we went to the movies. We saw Word War Z. ZOMBIES that can run like 10 miles per hour. No Sh*t- I can't even run that fast. LOL It was a edge of your seat kind of movie for sure and Brad Pitt was awesome. Of course I ate popcorn, 2 squares of 86% Girahardelis, and I put about 12 pepperonis and a cheese in baggies for us. (no lunch).

After it was over it was about 1:30 and he wanted to sneak into another one so we saw Now You See Me-Now you don't movie - it was good also. When I got home it was about 4ish and still VERY HOT. At least 95 still so no walk for us.

So you know how I MUST have a healthy sweet each day, so I made a batch of my Lemon-Cheesecake-Muffins.
Breakfast is calling them for sure.

For dinner I just ate some broccoli and brussel sprouts and a few bites of clemmys I had in the freezer.

So I have quite a few ads on Craigslist trying to sell some stuff from our old house and the free rocks too. I wrote in the Free Rock AD - DO NOT email me about this - call only - if interested. And what does this idiot STUPID FACE do?? He emails me and says "can you give me directions to your place?" with his phone number. I got really pissed!! What nerve of someone expecting me to send my address by email to a stranger without even talking to me first!! SO you know me - I am a Bitch most of the time lately - I called him - it went to voice-mail and I said "You emailed me about the rocks. Didn't you even read my AD? I said DON'T email me - call only - my number is blah-blah-blah if you want some free rocks."

OK I'm done now. LOL

You all know that I have not been sleeping too great. Hubby is working nights a lot so nobody to snore in my ear. I actually fell asleep and then at 1:15 I got woken up by - well it felt like someone took both their hands and tapped both my feet (which were sticking out cause it was hot) at the same time.

Somebody - I don't know who wanted to wake me up to say hi. That is the only time it has happened over here at the new house, but we have only slept here for 2 & 1/2 weeks. It was the same way in the last house too - after a few weeks it started happening.

Oh yeah and the antique desk we bought off of CraigsList keeps sounding like someone is inside trying to get out. Taps and pops and knocks - weird.

I am not scared at all - just annoyed that they woke me up after I actually fell asleep. LOL
I actually feel kind of honored that they always choose me to try to communicate with. I just wish I knew how to see them - cause I can't see anything. It could have been my Mom or Dad or Hubby's Dad or my 2 brothers, or My darling Aaron. I just wish I knew. Maybe they were trying to say they like the new house??

My breakfast this morning was 2 of the cheesecake muffins- 1 with natures hollow and 1 with the last of the apricot from the tree on top, turkey bacon and a few berries.
 I Hung a bunch more pictures this morning while Hubby was outside trying to fix the sprinklers so they work right.

Mine and Hubbys lunch was a sandwich on the 12 grain Alpine valley bread with tuna, avocado, cheese, bacon crumbles, onion crunch, mayo and horseraddish mayo, and jalapenos. I had a grape zevia.
Well I gotta go cause my reminder just came on my phone - I have to go to the doctors today for a Mamogram - booby squish appointment. Its so hot outside I actually turned on the AC.

Dinner tonight will be some buffalo wings and either a spinach salad or broccoli.

Have a nice day.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. So...How Do You Keep the avocado from turning brown when you put it with your tuna?

    I too have had our sofas listed on Craigslist... and the ding dongs Text And Email Me, even though I clearly stated in the ad that I will not respond to texts or emails. I take nor them then I go back to the responses that I receive and it looks like its the same person and from the same area code in New York. it has to be some sort of spam or scam. we really need to sell these new sofas because they give me vertigo...Ooh Well.

  2. The cheesecake muffins look great! I need to find a pan like the one you have to make the squares. I finally found the Nature's Hollow preserves you always use at my local store & I can't believe how good it is! I bought the mountain berry. The label says 8g carbs, but zero sugars, which confuses me because it contains real fruit and fruit definitely has natural sugars. How can there be no sugars? I made a cheesecake berry dessert tonight & it's in the fridge now. Can't wait to try it!

  3. I don't know how you aren't scared. I would be freaked out!! You're way cooler than me though!! LOL! You can handle those ghosts! XO!


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