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Friday, June 14, 2013

Having fun Sewing today...

Hi Friends,

Well things are coming together over here slowly but surely. Its kind of hard when Hubby has been working tons of OT, which is good - it means more money - but he is gone at nights and then he needs to at least take a nap in the day.

It really helped having the curtains in the bedroom but I have not trimmed them yet - tomorrow I will. This morning Hubby and I hung up some rods in the family room and kitchen. Then we decided on which curtains to hang and I got out my sewing machine and took them up quite a bit.

I was like a bumbling clown - I actually have not used my horribly expensive (Elna) machine in about a year maybe? I actually forgot how to thread it. LOL - It is so new fangled with a computer screen, does embroidery  and threads itself - Duh I forgot and had to get out the manual. Silly me.

No matter how I tried to take the pictures - they kept coming out dark.

I cut some off short for the kitchen window.
I made these curtains a while back and hubby loves them. We used some bamboo for rods and brackets we bought at Bed bath and beyond and I used some cheap brass bracelets I bought at Michael's to put on the bamboo rods to slide the curtains. I made button holes at the tops of the curtains and made some ties to make bows.

We like this way better than the dark shutters that were on there.

Tomorrow - the dining room window and for sure I will have to sew those too cause they are way too long also. Our other house that I made them for had high ceilings and this house is standard.

My breakfast this morning was a pc of left over steak from hubby with some mushrooms in eggs, berries, avocado and homemade corn tortillas with chia seeds inside.
Lunch we were both hungry and went to El Pollo Loco. We have not been there in forever and they have a lot of new stuff on their menu. Hubby got chicken nachos and I got the new carnitas soft tacos. There was 3 and I ate 2 and gave the other to Hubby. He was hungry. They were very tasty by the way.

He went to take a nap before work and I snuck in the freezer and ate several bites of chocolate So delicious coconut sugar free ice-cream. BFC friendly of course.

Me and the furry girls went for a walk. I forgot the bat - DUH. The houses are just gorgeous over here. I went down this street that I was warned about a pit bull that lives there and gets out some times and attacks and is very vicious. So I was scared the whole time - but beautiful walk.

My dinner was a salad and pc of the steak and the last 2 lonely protein bites and rediwhip for desert.

Our insurance guy cam thru big time with some new insurance and even cheaper than the first one that canceled us. Whew! So now the only thing I have to worry about is the coyotes eating my furry girls. We gotta secure the back yard thats for sure.

Hubby and I were talking about how lucky and blessed we are to have gotten this house - at this time. If we tried right now to do the same thing all over again - it would NEVER happen. The housing market is going UP. The prices are UP. The rates are going UP. Even though there is a big list of things to fix - we are so grateful!!! One thing at a time - right?

I am still not sleeping good - but I'm feeling luck tonight.. He-he ya never know.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. It sounds like your mind is starting to slow down and you can enjoy the ride! I bet it just feels so good to be in your home.
    Great to hear that all is well!

  2. Yaaaaaaaaay...Yaaaaaay. Check Into Carrying Pepper Spray

  3. What beautiful curtains, you are so talented. I can barely thread a needle! Hope you have a relaxing weekend & don't forget the bat next time :)

  4. Glad to hear your your new home is working out sounds like a nice place to live. its good you know how to sew saves on going to buy new curtains. you sound upbeat so keep thinking positive thoughts everything will fall into place. also I tried the oopsie bread recipe didn't care for them very much but the psyllium in them worked really fast on me (not good) I was out shopping. everything else is going good I love the meals I've been preparing. so talk to you soon hope I can stick to this plan without going totally broke.

  5. Amen to feeling blessed! ():-) It's great how God works everything out! I am SO happy for you! :)

    You are extremely talented. Your curtains are beautiful! Sewing is a wonderful talent to have.

    I am still praying that you will find the answer to your sleep troubles. Hopefully everything will calm down now and you will get the rest you so badly need.

    Enjoy your new home, Rosalie and thank you for continuing to blog. You are most definitely my favorite blogger! :)

    Linda in Western NC :)

  6. Yay! I'm so glad things are looking up for you! That's awesome about the insurance...Sometimes these things happen for a reason ;)

    The curtains look super cute, too.

    Enjoy the house and your weekend!

  7. glad you are doing better, and you sewing your own drapes is awesome! I always think I should be able to do that and then I end up buying them. LOL.


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