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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Fresh Start Coming up...

Well Good Morning Folks,

I Miss you Carey so I changed the comments back to anonymous - just for you. :-) Be warned you people that try sneaking in your comments with links to you crazy websites that have nothing to do with us - they will be deleted.

So after over 5 months and so much stress and a lot of arguing about it - we finally signed the papers yesterday. Come Monday we will have to bring the rest of the deposit and hopefully if all goes well, it should close by Friday. Yeah we actually get a fresh start.

I was just chatting with Kay on FB and told her - but I will tell you too. Hubby has been working nights and Thursday night I got woken up to a car driving by the street behind our house and heard them shoot a gun 4 times out the window. It sounded like it was straight at our block wall behind us. My window faces that way and was open. When Hubby got home in the morning I told him and he said "why didn't you call me?" I said why so you can worry all night?

We will will both be so glad to be out of here. We will be broke cause we have to put 20% down but at least we can be happy. I will start packing next week I guess at least the stuff I don't need like nic-nacs and books and stuff. This happens to coincide (Is that the right word?) with the week that Jorge wants a few of us to try his new The 100 book. I'm pretty sure I will NOT be able to do it and this time. Sorry

This was my breakfast yesterday morning;
berries, turkey bacon and a muffin made with all the usual stuff-
1 egg, 1tb of coconut oil, cinnamon, stevia, bkg pwdr, USVAM, then 1tb of each; coconut flr, flaxseed, and almond flour- I added in some crushed walnuts and blueberries and put my homemade butter on top and the last bit of the coconut butter on 1 half and some sunflower seed butter on the other. Such a good muffin.
Lunch was 1 zucchini sliced lengthways in 4 slices, rubbed EVOO on both sides and put in toaster oven - browned on both sides then added a little hummus, cheese, tomato and turkey bacon.
We were running out the door to go sign the papers so I ate 2 of my cookies on the way out the door.

It was so hot yesterday - about 95 and up. It was even so hot 93 at 5pm. But at 5:30 me and the furry girls went anyway. My poor Peaches who is 13 now I guess is getting a bit slower lately and tired faster. But I make her go and she still loves it. I'll keep dragging her if I have to every day - we all need the exercise to stay healthy.

Dinner was a spinach salad with a bit of feta cheese and bacon bits and some 1g of sugar dressing and a left over pork chop hubby brought home for me from the FD.
OK - confession - I ate 2 more of those cookies and a little rediwhip. Well they are super small anyway. He-he.

Thanks for listening and have a great day.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. congrats on the house....about dang time right? I haven't been able to get myself eating right so I haven't left any comments...but I still read your blog every day and hope that I can start eating right....Linda from va

  2. Congratulations on your new house! So happy for you and your hubby! I love your blog, have read it for 2 years, and I look forward to it every day! You are such an inspiration for everyone to eat healthy and be real! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


  3. add my congrats to the list! Sylvia

  4. Thanks for allowing anonymous comments :)...I've still read all of your posts, even though I couldn't comment. I also look at your blog when you don't post to see all the other Girls blogs. It's just easier to save one blog and then look at it to see who has a new update. Also, I just made your Kale chips (where you turn the oven off so you don't burn them......because I ALWAYS burn them) and they are awesome!!!!! Actually, I made 2 batches and my 10 yr old son ate a whole batch! Classic because he isn't a big veggie fan! I seasoned them with olive oil and some chili lime salt....Holy Cow they are good!

    I'm crossing my fingers for you on the house....we've been through atleast 5 escrows in the last 15 yrs and I know how they go, so I won't jinx you by congratulating you, yet ;) So scary on the gun shots! That would've totally freaked me out. Here's to positive thinking on a quick move!

  5. Yaaaaaaaay House!!! Keep Us Posted.....yaaaaay

  6. I check your blog every day, but rarely comment. I wanted to comment the other day, but can't remember my google password. So thanks for letting me post anonymously! :-)Congratulations on the house! It sounds like it's time to get out of there! I'm definitely going to try your muffin recipe - it sounds so good! - Jill

  7. Glad you are getting out of the neighborhood! Reading your blog is part of my daily routine even though I don't comment. So glad you keep blogging. Good luck with the move!

  8. YAY!!! So happy that the house worked out. I now you will be so happy to get out of where you are. Wish I lived closer and I'd help you move! I'll send you love and hugs instead!!


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