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I'm Not Dieting - I've Changed My Lifestyle

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Good Morning Friends,

As you can see, yesterday morning I was playing around with my blog and changed the look to make it seem a bit cleaner. Hopefully you all like it better.

Then I was watching a show I DVR'd and saw on the Facebook feed that there was a bombing in Boston. I turned on the news and was just heartbroken. I just don't understand what is wrong with people now a days. Why do they think its OK to hurt and kill others just because they don't agree or are angry. Just tears.

On a brighter note - I believe we met all the conditions of the loan and they might be ordering the docs today maybe. That was a bit stressful gathering all the pidy stuff they kept asking for. It needs to close before the end of this month - SO hopefully...

Last night I was on my phone and saw this on my Facebook feed;
WHAT??? TheProteinPrincess on Facebook had a Jay Robb giveaway. Whoop-Whoop. Yeah I actually won something GOOD. Thanks Protein Princess.

So that was 2 things good yesterday. Things actually - might - just be getting a tiny bit better.

Lately I have been taking my Magnesium vitamin right before bedtime instead of in the afternoon. I heard it helps you sleep. It might be helping IDK. If you go to my Fav Products page I put a list of vitamins I take.

Remember the night before I posted a picture on Facebook of me having some Pinot Noir wine to relax?? Well sure enough yesterday morning I woke up 2lbs heavier. Just FYI this happens to me all the time and this is why I always say; not to listen to Jorge and drink 2 glasses of red wine a day and you will lose weight still - CAUSE You Won't!

This is why when ever I drink some wine or eat popcorn at the movies I know this will happen and I always try to account for it by skipping my lunch when I eat the popcorn and try to eat less the next day after drinking wine and popcorn to balance my system and get the weight back down.

I think where some of you might be going wrong is - you think because its a special occasion or holiday or vacation, you can eat whatever you want and then just jump right back in again. Its too hard to do that. You already bit the apple so-to-speak.

Do like I have done from the very beginning. When you are at those type of functions, eat meat and healthy veggies and pick 1 food that you used to love--- for me its always a sweet, then take bet 1-3 bites and then STOP - Walk Away. This works - trust me. You get to feel normal like everyone else.

I know I lost a lot of weight and some of you might only have a little, but being healthy is just that...Being Healthy and we all can do it.

YES Even YOU!!!

My breakfast yesterday morning was 2 homemade corn tortillas with chia seeds inside,  2 scrambled eggs with baby spinach and a little cheese inside and a few berries.
 Lunch was some riced cauliflower (about 1 cup), a can of tuna, bacon bits, mayo, feta cheese - all mixed up
OK so I had a sweet tooth and ate 2 of those cheesecake cookies that I made after.

Hubby had to wait at the DMV for like 4 hours to turn in his medical cert for his D.L. for the F.D. Of course he didn't eat and was so starving after - we went to the Hometown Buffet for dinner. I did like I always do and ate what ever veggies were healthy, a small salad and a small pc of fish and chicken with the skin removed - and a couple bites of desert after.

Hubby has to work the night shift for a bunch of days in a row - so maybe I can get some sleep. He-He.

Have a great day and thanks for listening.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Congrats On The Win!!!! What DO You Think Of jorge's New Science On Calculating Sugar Calories??? It Was On My Brain All Night!!!!!!

    1. No-No-NO, The only thing he has come up with that I like is The ORIGINAL BFC book. That's how I lost all my weight.

    2. Are You Familiar With The ....New Science????

    3. Oh yeah - I saw that and NOT interested...

    4. he tells us that the way we were calculated our sugars is incorrect, so a lot of the foods that he has recommended or endorsed the formula it is not right now

    5. So...Basically He Is Cutting Total Carbs To 25Grams A Day. I Still Need To Read It But OtherThan That...There Isn't Much Different

  2. You are awesome looking in the blue dress.I don't believe my eyes that you lost this much weight.
    Abdominal Rejuvenation

  3. I like the way your blog looks! Congrats on winning the Jay Robb - that IS a good win. So glad the loan is going through, looks like your patience and perseverance has paid off!

  4. Are you talking to me??? LOL! I have just started having Jay Robb shakes each day. they are very good. Sometimes I'm just not sure what to eat and when that happens. Or I don't have anything BFC friendly to eat I decided I'll just have a shake. hope you get some sleep soon!XO!

  5. Hi Rosalie. I agree with you, the original BFC is best. I think Jorge is just trying to get more money from people who will buy the next "new" thing.

    Can you make it so we can see the titles of the blog posts under the Recipe and other Blogs section? I decide if I want to read them based on this information. Thanks.


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