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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WE CAN add it up and do it ourselves...

Hello Friends,

So I have been going through a lot lately. Well it seems that way for me anyway. I have been letting the stress, hormones, depression of it all get to me and my weight went up because of it.

So what did I do?? Well I'll tell you what I didn't do.
I didn't go out and just eat a bunch of crap just because...
I didn't binge eat because - "well I'm up in weight anyway so I might as well go eat a big plate of Chili cheese fries and a Blizzard from Dairy Queen."
NOPE... Not me. I just kept eating what I always do and what I always have to get to where I am today in stead of where I was before.

I always try to be honest with you and myself all the time. How ever I am doing I always just spill it.

I didn't tell you but yesterday when my weight was so far up I went frantically looking thru my closets to see where I put my size 8's and 10's pants just in case. I found them but realized I was just being silly.

The Main thing I have learned now is that I AM in CONTROL of my food. Food tastes good but it will not make me feel any better or take away the stress or the depression from the stress if I eat JUNK!!

Ok - so I really want to encourage all of you to just think for yourself. Just because someone posts a recipe or diet or anything don't just follow them blindly. Do your own research and figure out if it is actually HEALTHY and what will be best for you!!! Check the ingredients on the labels.
For example; On Jorge's facebook page someone actually asked
"Can I eat turkey bacon instead of regular bacon?"
SERIOUSLY?? Do you think he will answer that question or that he actually cares if you eat turkey or regular? No...
If you think turkey bacon is healthier (like I do) than eat it - don't ask. He is NOT a doctor.

Don't be a LEMMING.....You are SMARTER than you realize...These people are just giving us the formula - WE CAN add it up and do it ourselves...

So did you notice I still have my BITCH hat on today???? I guess it is getting too comfortable on me, I better take it off soon. LOL

My breakfast yesterday was toast with my homemade butter and chocolate-hazelnut butter a few blue and blackberries and 1 strawberry
 Lunch was 3 more of the zucchini fritters I made the day before, 1 with sour cream and 2 with hummus on top.
 Dinner was blackened salmon, 1/2 zucchini and 10 thin asparagus. desert was 2 protein bites and rediwhip.
 I had twins in my eggs this morning.
 Breakfast this morning was the same toast with the eggs and a few blue and blackberries and 2 small strawberries cut up.
 Lunch was broccoli and the last 2 zucchini fritters with sour cream.
Yeah I ate 2 of those cookies I made after. I am hopeless - I  know.

At least for me I know that I am a sweet addict and make sure to have some healthy ones made all the time so I will eat those. If I didn't have those - who knows what would happen. Gotta be prepared.

Well thanks for listening to me today and have a nice day.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Always happy to listen and always happy to hear that you are forever going forward! I really wish that you would get your hormones checked, it may really help? I know, you don't want to hear it...but I care, so I will bug you, just like you bug me about white bread;)

  2. You really do crack me up Rosalie!! I agree though... sometimes, I will see someone post a question that would have taken far less time for them to google the answer to rather than wait around for Jorge to answer it. You are a great source of encouragement for all of us and it's so nice to see that even when the weight fluctuates, you are steady and on track with your eating. I love seeing what you eat, along with your photos. It has been far to long since I've made any protein bites - may have to do that really soon! Have a great rest of the night my friend!!

  3. yup, people don't always want to think for themselves. *sigh* - and I miss the protein bites too. Next free day (whenever that is) maybe I'll get out that recipe and see if i can get up the muster to make them.

  4. You Go Gurlfriend!!!!! Keep Up The Good Work.


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